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  1. the audio was delayed at the 15 min mark for some reason but the audio wasnt delayed by much
  2. looks like im not leaving hg.now this is epic


  3. im back and im tired

  4. well 10th grade here i come <_<

  5. fucking lol lthere was a person trying to impersanate a steam admin

    1. Boxsnake


      Scamming is dumb, not about the person trying to steal but in general and if you even fall for it, that's mega dumb

  6. theres been alot of script errors when compiled the map and started testing it / the boss was glitching it wasnt doing the animations/ it wasnt spawning < I fixed that issuie today there were also problems with map itself the death traps wernt getting triggerd the tower wasn't collapsing and some of the parts in the map didn't even load in so I NeEd To FiX ThIs itll come out either August or early September so YeAh.
  7. the silenced pistol/stealth pistol and the eraser
  8. are we gonna whatch happy tree freinds lol
  9. its more like everybody won santassnation since the all the zombies helped at the end to the kill the kliener so no it really wasnt a duo win big gays
  10. yeah but there was only 40-45 peeps so it was kindive a win
  11. im probably going to replace questionable ethics with my own song then

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