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  1. this kid is a mega weeb just warning you guys
  2. Wardrobe doesn't work as it causes massive server lag
  3. You have been given a couple of chances but I think you are serious this time, If there's an issue again there wont be another time to appeal and you will be perma banned again
  4. June 2019: (01/06/2019) - ADDED zs_abadmap_v2 zs_ancient_sand_v4 zs_blastdoors_2019_v2 zs_danzig_docks_v2 zs_homer_vspeter zs_obj_upward_v24
  5. im done with high school now what a joy

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. EddieCam




    3. III Tunoc_Production III

      III Tunoc_Production III

      Admin I have a problem with my account signing off by itself when I click on the ban forums... I am trying to appeal a ban here.:(

    4. Skyrunner


      Still in it at 10th Grade

  6. ZS is back up if you somehow didn't know til now 

  7. Nice truck, roll tide feller
  8. That's not how an abuse report works, he wasn't the one who banned you and he showed the evidence. You also were ear raping in the mic, which technically is against the rules even if you didn't say it. You can't write an abuse report on somebody for taking a screenshot Not abuse
  9. it would be a lot easier to catch people who troll if people didn't purposely encourage it, get angry when we punish people who troll and then harass mods and other players, and plenty of other things. If you are to immature to not say the N word in game then its your own fault you get banned, its easy to catch someone saying a banned word unlike determining if "trolling" was really trolling or not. I guarantee you people would get banned at very high levels if "trolling" was defined very very easily. I would also argue that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get good feedback from 99.9% of the player base as they purposely troll with ideas, whine instead of explaining why a change should be implemented or how things could be changed. The people who actually contribute I thank greatly.

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