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  1. IK no one probably would be selling this but might as well ask anyways. Anyone got a FC RX7 for sale, or know someone that does? I don't care if its NA or Turbo, I want it as a daily driver, even though the engines unreliable and gotta rebuild every few years. FC's are my favorite and I have been looking for months. FB is fine as well, but I prefer FC more.

  2. Who gives a project in the 2nd last week of school? 

  3. Winter Break coming up soon. Gonna play all day.

  4. One year on HellsGamers. Yeet


  5. What should I get a 1995 BMW M3, or a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo? I like older cars a bit more than the newer ones for some reason.

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Nightwing909976


      Yea, I might as well research. I wont buy it asap, prices will prob go down by then.

    3. BOSCH


      good luck @Nightwing whatever you choose, I hope it works out for ya and makes you happy buddy +1

    4. Nightwing909976
  6. Bro please can I hit your Juul just one time please.

    1. Pongo


      bro its at 50 nic you cant handle that shit

    2. bert


      pods are empty D:

  7. OSRS is on Mobile Devices now btw.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Nightwing909976


      What do you mean? I got it on android. Maybe not compatible to yours. Idk

    3. Boxsnake


      Where you get it from. I'm looking on Google play store and it says it's coming soon so pre register to know when it comes out

    4. Nightwing909976


      Google Play Store. Maybe try and preregister, something might happen. Your call

  8. Just noticed I haven't even wore jeans in 4 years. I don't no why I never put any on.

    1. Zeused


      because they don't feel good

  9. First week of high school almost done. Not what I expected.


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