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Lynxx last won the day on March 12

Lynxx had the most liked content!

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90 Excellent


About Lynxx

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      HG Veteran, GMOD Division
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      HG Veteran

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  • Location
    Middle Of Nowhere, CO
  • Occupation
    leeching of parents

Computer Specs

  • CASE
    Barely held together
  • Motherboard
    Snapped in half
  • CPU
    Who needs this?
  • CPU Cooler
    I just blow on it like a cartridge
  • RAM
    Downloaded 4 gigs
  • Graphics Card(s)
    NVIDIA GeForce 470.
  • Sound Card
  • Power Supply
    Wall Outlet
    enough for my porn
  • Cooling
    I pour water in my PC
  • Operating System
    Windows 9
  • Display Monitor(s)
    A Dell and Samsung
  • Headset
    2 speakers duct taped to my head
  • Mouse
    Logitech G300 Series
  • Keyboard
  • Misc Other
    Dusty fan

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  1. Still Alive?

  2. Welcome! Congrats to becoming an ambassador!
  3. ur still bad btw

    1. Lynxx


      ur still dummy btw

    2. BOSCH


      ur still smarter than @brgr.btw

  4. Congrats on vet, well deserved!

    1. Lynxx



  5. Congrats on vet nurd

    1. Lynxx


      Thanks Naurd

  6. congrats on vet buddy!

    1. Lynxx



  7. Stop jumping on your bed!!! I know your excited LOL
    Gratz on Vet promo buddy!!!

  8. Congrats brother

    1. Lynxx


      Thanks man!


  9. 6. Lynxx (Mormon gaming makes him strong) My bible next to my desk gives me a 110% damage boost to all creatures from hell.
  10. Seymour, sorry to tell you, but your 4 days late from the first, good funny joke! (For real tho Congrats!)
  11. Congrats Niels! Smh my head I hope to seem some great events from you!

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