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  1. So every time I crash and reconnect I lose all the positive traits I have but I still keep all the returns one and I dont think thats fair TBH
  2. Cant wait till zombie survival is back up

  3. medkit card is something I really want but I feel like faster cooldown might be kinda op?
  4. I would love to see it at +4hp since i feel like 3 was kinda bad
  5. Yeah but just how people can upgrade zombies I feel like we should be able to upgrade our humans
  6. Can we make the health card +4 and not +2 per upgrade? I feel like +2 is a bit too little and +3 was kinda close.
  7. for some reason I cant grab props and launch them anymore and I just wanted to know if its me or the grav gun that got bugged.
  8. So I thought it would be cool if we could have an option to see our resupply timer on the hud somewhere. Maybe cool down times on healing items and have it show a a time and not just a bar option.
  9. My suggestion to make dart cool down 4 seconds was just a way to try and make it a bit better at healing and not shooting but the equip time should be fixed. Maybe after the equip speed is fixed it wont need a dart cool down buff
  10. The medic assault rifle is slow to use. It takes about 6 seconds to be able to do reload/shoot/heal when you switch to it and another 5 ish seconds to use another healing dart. I feel like the equip speed should be faster and cool down on darts should be 3-4 seconds.
  11. Will you update the guide since we have new healing gun?
  12. I've been waiting for like 3 maps to join the game

    1. Lady Luck

      Lady Luck

      WHat game?

      HG has other servers besides ZS that are populated?

    2. Biohazard


      I was waiting for the ZS server

  13. We first lost the ray gun (from what I know) then we lost cards, but we then got the cards back. Point is you guys think we might get the ray gun back someday?

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