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  1. Thanks for the donation big daddy ;)

  2. Thank you for the donation Big Poppa! We all appreciate it!

  3. We're doomed now... Just kidding. Congrats!
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88HJnar9e8w
  5. Fav member? Any of my homies in CSS division, Silly, Jaws, Pickles. Idk who else, if I forgot ya don't get asshurt Alienware isn't my dawg, but he's alright
  6. Alienware(MEGAMAN) is my dawg
  7. Pretty cool. Just got it and played for the first time today.
  8. I would like to see the old de_rats 1.6 style map.... used to play it all the time. I think it would be cool for sure!
  9. I feel like CS:S Crackhouse should have limited autosnipers and AWP's for each team. I've heard more and more people complaining (not HG members) in the server because of the amount of people camping with AWP's and autos (primarily on the CT side). I feel if the auto was limited to 1 per team and awp to 2 per team, you would hear a lot less complaining and make the game a bit more fun as a whole. Just my .02

    Motorcycle Gear

    Helmet: Harley Davidson modular (HJC rebranded) Cold weather jacket: OLD River Road full grain leather (weighs like 10 pounds) Warm weather jacket: WTF is that? Boots: Whatever I've got on (usually USA made Thorogoods or Justins, steel toe of course) Pants: Usually black Wranglers or Dickies work pants Headset: Sena SMH10 (only to communicated with my sgt @ arms) Gloves: Old pair of Tillman welding gloves
  11. Congrats on CS:S Moderator!

  12. Congrats on mod! Thanks for volunteering!



      Anytime! Ty!

  13. I guess if a mass ban is necessary, I'll take what's coming lol. Thanks guys!

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