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  1. Exfro already updated the map where Omega is banned. Yet no action is taken to update it... FFS what's taken them so long it's been months now
  2. Chillsquid? Neat, No comment it's good on it's own. Gore Demon, overall this won't cut it as no one's gonna get out of the cade to get the bait gun due to the fact that in one weeks time alot of people is now weary about guns lying around. add more useful stats to it Headtaker, Good Late-end zombie probably Wave 6 or a possible mini-boss, or even a boss, since if it designed to superbly kill humans i suggest a very slow rate of fire and a base damage of ~40 so the zombie difficulty is a crucial factor. Yet the main idea of this boss might not appease the staff tho
  3. @Genuline Your Leo idea, very eerily similar or maybe a better version of Nerf. The only difference that it's main attack causes bleed and covers distance far less. Nerf is the boss that hunts down runners and always accessible in the 2nd wave, why waste BP to buy a "Better Bootleg" Nerf? Loxodonta i have no issues as it is a good viable charge-type zombie i could see being helpful against cade huggers @Unusual Memes Buying special bosses using BP is interesting and cool, especially the Bunker Buster Boss since i can find this a useful mini-boss post-wave 4. Many Potential Ideas, some are out of the blue and possibly cannot be added, i hope those said ideas can be expanded upon.
  4. Yeah Random Boss losses it's value I don't think if this was possible but if the random boss is reverted where it can choose even locked variants, i suggest that only 2 players have the possibility of getting the locked variants. Like when 2 players picked random boss, RNG will consider the locked variants and if the 3rd player chooses also random boss, then his/her RNG rejects the locked variants.
  5. I maybe focused too much of it's ragdoll aspect, as this is one of the Nerf's main abilities and removing it would make it a different boss. An AOE Nerf has potentiality in my eyes so here's my potential rework on its mechanics to fit your concerns @Snowyamur. Boss is available only to Wave 5 Tremor Nerf Base HP is 2300 Speed is 10% Faster than a normal Nightmare Bullet Vulnerability is 40% and Explosion Vulnerability is 10% Boss cannot be incinerated nor being slowed by zappers Left Click - Strike Does 7 damage in the legs, 12 damage in the torso, 18 damage to the head, and 24 damage base to barricades (Just to strict this boss to be only support) Fire rate is 10% faster normal zombie attack rate Right Click - Leap Launches yourself sky high Climbing Ability by holding right click Leap cooldown of 5 Seconds When against a wall, leap sends Aftershocks in which players screen will shake heavily for .50 seconds, will have dizzy aim for 2.5 seconds and unable to reload for 2 seconds. Range is 3.5 Arsenal Crates and can bypass barricades, props and even map walls, can be activated when leap is used against a wall and has a cool down of 5 seconds (So the boss has something to do when he's tremor is on a cooldown. Although if you still disagree with the AOE Ragdoll effect i could actually see the aftershock effect to be expanded and be the main focus of the Tremor Nerf) Upon Landing - Tremors Upon Landing will send a shockwave that ragdolls players, range is dependent of height traveled, the ragdoll effect lasts 3.30 seconds Tremors activates when height exceeds 12 meters, starter range is 2.5 Arsenal crates. If height were to exceed 20 meters, range is 3 Arsenal crates. And if height exceeds 27 meters, range is 4.5 meters (maximum range) Cooldown of 30 seconds, however hitting a human reduces cooldown timer by 1.10 seconds (to make the boss choose to attack the cade huggers therefore exposing himself to gunfire) Add additional 3 seconds to cooldown when damaged by explosions (so grenade spammers could benefit) Nerf's Screen will shake for .20 seconds, indicating that the player can use Tremors. Cannot Strike for 2 seconds after activating tremors (To prevent faster cooldown when hitting crippled players or nearby players) Bypass barricades and props, but cannot bypass map walls (removed bypass map walls) 60% Slow Movement Speed for 1.40 seconds upon landing (again, to expose itself to gun fire) There! I designed it so the Ragdoll AOE wont come so often and it will commonly easy to shoot the Tremor Nerf when exposed. as for me, any more concerns and i'll have to change a few things from here and beyond.
  6. Some Critiques! Orbit - How much HP per second? does it require med-power? neat idea and could help when the rejuvenators were sold out. Funky Bomb - 2 Stocks is good, yet 500 damage in 200m radius is kinda bad for zombies, i see this needs some tweaking. Scraper - Decent concept, i like it! Zeus - More balance needed, gonna be a pain when 2 guys keeps shooting the gun on a hallway. Reptile Howler - Bad concept when there was a boss that is designed to counter one gun, that's stupid when you think that wave 5 there should be this boss is absolutely needed because some couple of rich guys bought 2 Zeuses. Shield Rock - Maybe a good idea as a last resort when the final barricades were down but i think it needs few tweaks Stun Grenade - No i don't wanna go back to the Flashbang era of HG ZS, especially this could be easily spammed because it is super fucking cheap compared to a normal grenade
  7. Very useless idea but it's for the better to the jackasses that hogs the Tier 6s'es (or to me who likes scavenging weapons just to sell them all)
  8. Lava Pus seems fitting for a Wave 7 Boss... wait no never that's too freaking OP no
  9. A recent idea i came up, i'll make sure ill fill in most details... Boss Name: Tremor Nerf Unlocks at... : Wave 5 Synopsis - Nerf is bad, either remove to cooldown so it actually do it's job or rework it. Anyways Nerf main objective is to hunt down runners (as someone pointed out, the cooldown is what holding it back) but after the runner problem is done then what else? what now? Bonus crate food for the humans and zombies i guess... So i introduce a zombie that was born and mutated during a magnitude 9 earthquake... The Tremor Nerf The Tremor Nerf is what i seems an upgraded Nerf, it specifically designed to knockout a group of people in a single leap, albeit it works in a range where it could cripple the human offenses or be easy pickings for your zombie friends. It's attacks can knock a human aim out of sight which makes the Tremor Nerf hard to shoot at. Downsides of this scary being that it is heavily vulnerable to bullets in which it tries to quickly escape after a hard leap of earth-shaking damage and will try to regain it's strength to prepare for another attack. How does it works??? Tremor Nerf attacks its prey with its abilities, here's the mechanics Left Mouse Click - Strike Strike does 7 damage in the leg, 11 damage in the torso, 15 damage in the head. Base Cade Damage is 20~ Strike does an Aim-Punch on hit, Which throws off the aim of a human. Strike's Fire-rate is as same as it is. Right Mouse Click - Leap Launches the Tremor Nerf high in the sky much like the classic Nerf Cooldown of the Leap is 7 seconds. Hold Right Click - Climb Climbs Walls like a normal Fast Zombie Upon Landing - Tremors Upon landing it will send a shock wave in the range depending of height traveled. If it exceeds the height of a blue shelf, range is 1.5 Arsenal crates. If height exceeds 12 meters, range is 3 Arsenal crates. If height exceeds 25 meters, range is 4.5 Arsenal crates (Maximum Range). Nothing happens if height is below blue shelf. Humans within shock wave will be launched upward and turned to rag doll for 4 seconds. Loose Props also affected by shock wave heavily which it can use to deal collateral damage. Bypass Barricades, Props, and even Map walls Cooldown of 7 seconds (To prevent using the map to its advantage and repeated tremors) HP: 2100 Role: Support, Ambush, Offense Crippler Speed: 15% Faster than a normal Nightmare Defensive Traits: 10% Explosive Damage Resistance, 45% Bullet Vulnerability So this Nerf Variant job is to shut down both cade huggers and gun-cades that was surviving for 5 waves; it scares humans and cripple them to give time for zombie mates to reach into the cade before they died in a bullet storm. and since it's super vulnerable to bullets, an average Tremor Nerf could do 2 or 3 tremors before eating a ton of lead and dies, to balance it of course The Model of this boss is same as Nerf but textured to look like it came from the earth, basically rocky in appearance. So whatcha guys think? Neat little gimmicky boss or very powerful?
  10. Back then throwing props in the mine helps. Gives time for caders lol
  11. Because Exfro is a hoe to Hallway Cades
  12. Overdrive is nice, 12 seconds are great, an indication where it's gonna blow is good So my Questions here are: Would this boss has the same after-phase effect of chrono? (Green Aura emitted after phase and render immobile and unusable for x seconds based around the time of phase) as i could see this being troubling and make it a waste of worth. Would it have the sound played upon phasing? if so it is both or only upon entering phase or exiting phase? How would the Deployables and Utilities would look like when they were EMP'd? Would it still affects deployables when they were picked up before the overdrive then placing it back? Overall neat idea, i hope i didn't misread most of the document and missing vital info
  13. weird i can't edit my comments, so Mirror Shield if you're still unsatisfied well i'll go low for 9000 BP
  14. Alright, Alright @Snowyamur Blast Cap - Yeah let's settle for 10%, i wrote that before i saw the up the update that the thing was reduced, so i'll probably lowered it for around 3000 BP Bomb Training - You have to hit the C4s or SLAM or Claymores to activate the perk, if it was a succesful defuse, there would be no explosion (you gotta hit em, walking upon them still kill ya). 20% Chance of defusing is reasonable and won't hurt much to C4 Spammers Mirror Shield - So first the price i don't know but i'll lower it to 15000 BP. Next, Yes they reset also upon death due to the fact i can foresee that this would be exploited. So the calculations i think they would code like 0.20% per 30 Damage for the slow build up or what not... Fighting Spirit - 3 Seconds at best Thicker Skin - i might lower it right around 3500 BP if that's okay with you. Hmm you bring a good point about the first hit thing, i think we could settle with mirror shield like 0.80% per 30 damage, the reason being i want Bloated/Poison zombie reach the 15% Anti-penetration base on lower HP lemme know if there are more concerns so i can rework it

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