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  1. Human damage are less than it should be... which is gud. I like it when it was first released, LVL 1 Damage resistance card is basically alternative God-mode because the humans hit you for 1 damage no matter what weapon
  2. Make it below a minute since 1-3 minutes of warm-up is long, i want to see this to be added so people won't become zombie as soon as they join because bullshit first infection system chose newcomers the moment when they spawned/
  3. bruh i tell em' to go do some bhop servers. Same goes for people who need to go do some Surf servers cuz they die alot on skill_escape
  4. sad that i currently playing cracked minecraft because i can't afford $29.99... But yeah, i want a good ol' survival with mods sprinkle in-between to make it either easier, or more adventurous, or both (like Timber mod and Modpacks) and somee like occasional events to keep the minecraft morale live and well
  5. @A Imperfect perfection you get BP regardless the distance of humans, there's no bonus when you attack the cade. @Snowyamur Adrenaline does not stack and the boost is just 15% faster so yeah. As for Hydrochloric coat, for me i would say, it's just to bring back that old mechanic where spitballs deals overtime damage, but your idea of spitballs (Excluding Wild Poison cause' fuck that too) bypassing Forcefield seems interesting and hope to see it in the future. Also, if people here are bugging with the pricing of Hydrochloric coat then i could lower it's price to 7000
  6. 1st, Zombie Perks. ================================================================================================================= 1. Gold Scraps (3000 BP) - Zombies now earn barricade points regardless how far the distance between humans and barricade. (i like to earn up barricade points but yet it requires to be near humans :<) 2. Hydrochloric Coat (12000BP) - Spitballs (Poison Headcrabs, Venom Headcrabs, and Spitter Zombies [Excluding Wild Poison cause' fuck that and Ice Immolators too cause' why tho?]) now do 3 seconds damage overtime (-2hp per second, +1 damage per 0.10x difficulty surpassed) =================================================================================================== 2nd, The zombie that bothers me Venom Headcrabs - I made a previous post about this but it has no traction so i'll do it again. The problem of this particular variant is that it's performance is literally the same, no gimmicks, no tricks, and no damage-difference, it's literally the same thing but does nowhere as good or better than Poison Headcrabs. In my analysis, Poison does 11 on the first hit, Venom does 22 on the first hit, both damage overtime results in 67, Venom Headcrabs should be devastating because of it's negative attributes (Slower Lunge Time, Bigger Hitbox) that made him under perform it's chaotic duty, but doing the same damage overtime is literally just "Copy-Paste except players will experience a what-if Poison Headcrab when its nerfed into oblivion" So in my proposed overhaul, Make Venom Headcrabs overall capabilities and design based solely for players who preferably used the lunge mechanic more than the spit mechanic. 1st is to removed it's spitball mechanic, why you may ask? It's WAVE 5 and you know which spits balls better? Wild Poisons! Venom spitballs only does 5 more damage (that makes it 19) than the Poison Headcrabs, yet Wild Poisons damage is ranged 15-70 due to it's shotgun-like mechanic. Lunge Overhaul, keep it's negative attributes (Slower Lunge, Bigger Hitbox) For Comparison, on the first hit, Poison does 11 Damage, Venom does twice (22), but the damage overtime results are the same (67) which is underwhelming as an upgrade/side-grade to the Poison Headcrab, So my proposed idea is: It does 22 on hit, damage overtime is -5HP per second, and the poison effect should/or must last 16 seconds, but can be "cured" by any forms healing. With this in mind, any lazy fucks who got attacked by Venom Head crabs will die due to their procrastination as damage is resulting to 102 HP Lost as describe in it's description "It's venom can even kill an adult human" =============================================================================================================== 3rd, Human Traits 1. Adrenaline (30 Worth) - Humans get 1.5 second Speedboost when being damaged by zombie. 2. Demolition (70 Worth) - Increase explosive radius by 15% (Pulverizer-Users and Human version of Blast Cap)
  7. how about make it where it wont apply to ZE maps that have no traps (Skill Escape, Jurassic Park, Frostdrake and LOTR Helms Deep) and only applies to maps with traps and/or a very difficult boss (Tyranny, Fapescape, Santa, l0v0l, etc.) but then i again, the 2nd option would be only apply to ZE maps which 80% of players agree that is difficult or make it if you die again, the redeem requirement increase +1
  8. Do we really want to acquire that pistol THAT Early? There's a reason why getting Promethium early Wave 1 is balanced Also no stock? then whats the point of making a T5/T6 Pistol if it isn't on the Arsenal Crate?
  9. Removing the bleed effect make this zombie no different than Fast Zombie so it means remove this variant altogether. My Nerf Suggestion v2 We could lessen its HP just i suggested, bleed stack should not exceed 10 seconds max, and initial movement speed is -50% and they have to continuously move for small seconds in order to regain normal Fast Zombie speed and it resets when you stopped moving; or They move much more slower when holding left click than a regular Fastie holding left click like -40% slower So when they hit you once, you can run off their range with ease without needing to use your Boomstick, unless your HP is below 30 HP Threshold
  10. Nerf its HP to 60 or somewhere along the lines, so you can possibly kill 3-4 starveds with a boomstick. Damage should retain the same tho
  11. Yeah i wish he does devastating damage on direct hits, current one's lackluster cuz AOE is a good gimmick but sub-par damage (what is it 7-10 surrounding area?) Old Doom crab was great, i wish they would just slightly nerf it where 3 or 4 hits could kill a fully healthy human on direct hits instead of making him a strict support class, or maybe making sure he's solely a support class that can also fight back one guy but can't handle a group of guys
  12. I wish when they're muted they could show duct tape on their mouths if we go by the gag-ball thing
  13. Then those crows are kleiners then, why prevent them from reparing when it doesn't reduce difficulty once it was fixed (slightly reduced, not a big deal) those free 100 or 150 so points is nothing compared to x2 or more difficulty
  14. So many comments and alot of concerns, im gonna reply by making some adjustments Proposed new reworks (Basing it off from feedback and adding more duration) Incineration - (60 Seconds) The first hit inflict zombies burn damage (-2HP per second, duration of 5 seconds) and make it so it doesn't stack. getting hit by it again won't reset the duration and zombies will be inflicted once more when the 5 second duration is up. I mean flaming bullets is a good idea and putting it on Epic Bonus Crates put it on the same aspect of Heroes and Zombie Bane from normal Bonus Crates. Time Stall - Improbable, Nothing to put here. Aster Touch - (30 Seconds) I mean the name Aster which meaning "star" and me getting Low gravity from Bonus crates is pretty bum. So getting mix messages here so it could either go Inflict 2 seconds of low gravity or 50% more knockback or if you're me and prefer both, 20% more knockback and 2 seconds low gravity Pica - Fine as it is, Split Bullets - (45 Seconds) An extra bullet means 1 bullet adds another bullet, so if Glocks were shooting 3 bullets, it would shoot 6 bullets and if Storm shoots 2 bullets it would shoot 4 bullets. so getting a shotgun to shoot 18 pellets out of 8 is OP hence restrictions were there. Boom Boom Fingers - (30 Seconds) It only damage Barricades now, and the AOE Damage is as same as Zombine grenade but it's damage is halved. Bloody Discount - (2 Minutes) due to i need to earn BP first then buy the perks i need during the duration, i feel like this should be on Bonus Crates instead, but hey that's just me and you can disagree on it. Laser Pointer - (60 seconds) Zombies version is fine as long distance means your spitballs almost shoots straight and arc-less, Humans in the other hand i could apply restrictions, and that being: T2: Ender Shotgun T3: Doom Shotgun, ShortBow T4: BoomStick, Sweeper Shotgun, Crossbow T5: Wicked Boom, Long Barrel, Destructor, Wicked Crossbow T6: Hurricane, Grenade Launcher Ghost Phase - well this is a doozy one and i'm sorry if worded this poorly, i'm gonna try again. (90 Seconds) Normal movement speed when phasing, but still cannot fire during phase (it requires to press Z now) and my opinion is shared with bloody discount as this could be a Bonus Crates feature as i feel like it doesn't deserve Epic Bonus Crates Tier Dunno if the duration change is acceptable now but i'll wait for feedbacks
  15. Why would you need a nail gun if you need to fixate props first...??? The way i see it this could increase the probability of a shitcade by ten-fold due to not properly placing props first and vulnerable to prop-to-prop cades.

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