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  1. Notify a mod+ in game to remove the restrictions.
  2. Staff doesn't want any more problems with you and it seems that removing the punishment was in vain as you got muted again not even 1 day after. Don't post in this topic if 1 week hasn't passed.
  3. I finally know what the floating aura was...
  4. If a moderator tells you to stop whatever action you are doing that is hindering their gameplay, you should listen, which you did not and resulted in the slay. ~Not Abuse
  5. It's okay Talbot, I got dis.

  6. The idea behind crafting decks is not to get more cards but to reduce the times you have to open them, since many individuals were complaining about not being able to open 50+ decks at once.
  7. I will lift the punishment, but be careful with what you do. Notify a mod+ next time you are in-game.
  8. @ChillWii Notify a mod+ to remove the permanent gag next time you are on, be warned this is the last chance.
  9. Apply again in 3 days, when you are serious about being unpunished.
  10. This is exactly what you said when you got permanent gagged the other day, what makes it different this time?
  11. Notify a mod+ in-game next time you are on to lift the mute. @Somebodyelse
  12. I can't find any context here.
  13. Welcome to the team friend :]
  14. I would only approve it as an event, if any.

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