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  1. Notify a mod+ in-game next time you are on to lift the mute. @Somebodyelse
  2. I can't find any context here.
  3. Welcome to the team friend :]
  4. I would only approve it as an event, if any.
  5. [HG] Saintblue52 [S] On his promotion to GMod Division Staff Welcome to the team friend :]
  6. No one has been interested in playing it, a population event can be done but nothing guarantees it will stay populated after that.
  7. Understand that if you have any issues it's best to stay away from the server, as this can happen. Getting your friends to stir up drama and sending threats on discord is also not the right way to get attention. I will reduce the ban's length but next time you pull out something like this you are going to have to wait it out, I don't have enough time to be bothered by your bad decisions nor do I want you to be bothering any one else's. ~Reduced

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