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  1. Even tho I already suggested both of these but for the Roasterrock I suggested an rpg and mini gun card if I'm correct and the same idea for med kit. Yet I gotta give props on the idea of +25 health and + 50 armor, this doesn't sound too op and too underpowered and could actually be added into the server. Lets hope others agree to see this happen.
  2. @5000 foot tall Celestia Sorry but the crane part cannot be fixed. Its a gmod thing along with the fact that there is so many people on one small area all moving and shooting along with zombies too.
  3. Sorry i was talking about it with armor that gives you 50 my bad guys
  4. @Old Bill thats what he means, with 3hp a level health and with all the health boost traits you will have a total of 200 hp if I'm correct. That is way too overpowered, humans should not have double the health in the first place. I support this change on the 2hp card instead of 3 even tho I haven't played much or even seen it in action, but it sure as hell sounds balanced. Just stop whining and be happy that you can get health upgrades in the first place. That goes for everyone.
  5. @Genuline Im fine with that, I honestly enjoyed them both the same so its not a problem for me rather a benefit
  6. Very bad idea. Humans are fine the way the are right now. Pls dont make them more op, we already have cards for guns is that really not enough??? Along with the fact that it would need a lot of balancing to work in the first place
  7. I cant believe ppl forgot about talbot smh. If he gets his hands on storm its done for, or honestly any human gun. I have no knowledge about his zombie skills but from what i can tell they are good too. Just letting ppl know if they forgot. Talbot deserves some love too
  8. Add the old HG emblem before your name that was introduced like a year ago but removed. Bring it back pls....
  9. Pff, try getting a 3 man win when you join late, dont get redeemed even tho you crashed when joining at a late game and see snowy shitting his pants off on ur win
  10. Honestly the only way I can help you is maybe try deleting all the addons that you dont use or addons that are big. If I find any other way I will update you
  11. Getting raiker from a crate or ptrs will be something, +1
  12. Cogs, I have already suggested adding jug cards, alot of player models will be added in the next update and trust me they are fucking cool. From what I heard the swamp legion did get a nerf as of today, and a gun that can repair cades is very op in my opinion, even if it takes alot of ammo.
  13. Can we just stop with the rampage wins? This is gettting out of hand lets win ravenholm if pho adds it back or npst or horizon.
  14. Ok first of all talking about the hit reg and the extended claws, I agree with you that sometimes the range for this zombie buff goes out of hand and is sometimes class connected, but it does not need a removal but a slight nerf and like you said it only happens when the server is on high population. What I think will be an ideal fix is make it apply to certain classes, classes that do less damage will have a higher range that classes with high damage but the classes with high damage will still get a range increase but not as much as the weaker hitting zombies or just straight up decrease the range for all classes. Now for the ze part I completely agree with you in almost every point, more than that I hugely support you for talking about the lazers and how you need to jump earlier, like yesterday on tyrrany alot of players jumped but died just because of the delay. Ok now for the weapon variety I will have to disagree with you on the point about having all the weapons feel good and rewarding, there should always be a weaker weapon and a stronger weapon, along with that I get alot of satisfaction using a weak gun and making points with it because you shouldnt , thats something a gud gun never has. Now I play alot as a zombie and will say alot about this topic, gotta say giving a ballsquid a combo is honestly a good idea because now literally nobody is using it and that combo might save the class, lets be real here the only classes that people use are: zombie, fast zombie, poison zombie, bloated, and zombine along with poison headcrab, but what about ballsquid or other headcrabs? What about wraith or ravenant and flesh beast? Giving this combo might give some variety and add ballsquid to this list. Gotta agree on bloated too, before this honestly I thought he was good but now a fat zombie that is slow and big does less damage than a norm z? Wtf? I think he need to be alot more slow with more damage, a damage increase by alot. Now for gore blaster in my opinion its another retarded class, I think instead of him exploding and doing 30 damage to humans and getting zero to one point is stupid, make it so that the explosion damage is like 2-10 or a little bit more but make him get points for that explosion. One thing you said wrong is swamp cannot one shot without buffs or upgrading him with cards, he can come close to killing a human but not in an insta kill. Most of the time the human the swamp “one shotted” was already damaged, yet people think its a 1 not kill when in reality its not. He does need a nerf but saying how its op and can one shotnis just wrong, just dont get too close to cade or windows and dont aproach him with damaged health. Now howler you forgot to say how big of a range he has, its almost like a mini tickle if you upgrade him correctly. His range needs to be nerfed by alot. I completely agree that howler needs to debuff humans kinda like the doom crab but in a dofferent way, also I said this already but he needs to make points for howling.
  15. Who actually read all of that tbh? This is bigger than an essay

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