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  1. am i Nightstar91#3245

    am i Nightstar91#3245

  2. wait is this a redesigned of the whole map or is this an expansion? pls answer me @Aquadango
  3. Nightstar_91

    my zs map

    my history of all the zs map i made
  4. is that a trap trigger for both human and zombie? kinda interesting however that lighting in the storage room kinda looks bad, you probably need to adjust the lighting to make it look better
  5. that kinda look like rain and not snow tho
  6. The map looks pretty cool but some of the lighting look kinda weird especially the tunnel image, other than that looking good for a first zs map
  7. My map is better than urs ahahahahahah it’s called zs_daystar

  8. i mean is almost impossible to not lose with competitive mode on.
  9. Map Name: Zs_doomsday Current version: zs_doomsday_v3s New Version: zs_doomsdays_v4s Map Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wxluCfENfYQSksvTQZpU_DJrVbgYkvVY Changelog: can't wait for players reaction
  10. Here's the last teaser that i'll post about doomsday v4s enjoy
  11. zs_doomsday_v4 is in the work here are some screenshot that you can judge on Some stuff I added -finally have a working areaportal in the map to boost fps -added a new track in the map -louded the track so player can actually hear it -removed the duststorm event -added a new "doomsday event" to make the map difficult for the human -fixing the advancing zombie spawn for wave 3 -added vent to the middle hallway making it more forgiving for the zombie -added even more loot to the map -completely changed the skybox -added a new env_sun -added a 3d skybox to make the map more complete -change the overall lighting on the map -replace the steam room to a gun storage room -reworked some room to make it viable to cade -added wooden plank to the fence giving poison zombie a hard time to killing human -added one more battery -added fade effect to prop (boost fps) -added more ambient sound effect -added more decal to the map -pretty much making the map more complete -jesus i'm tired reason why this update is not done: HOW DO YOU WORK FILTER ON ZS!?!? (finally figured it out) btw thanks for reading this
  12. ok fine as soon as i finish updating zs_doomsday

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