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  1. for some reason when i try to join the server it keeps saying "connection lost" Disconnected after waiting for it to load and whenever i teleport somewhere i get 7000 ping my friends say that i joined the server but i get disconnected then
  2. make auto redeem disabled at the last part of the ze map ruins solo/duo wins and people just win by doing nothing
  3. its been a long time not touchin this website...

  4. oh shit this makes me interested to join hgzs again
  5. i have a better question why isnt it the middle finger??
  6. simple just ask people what it does or how to use it problem solved
  7. boys today im quitting hg... i wont be playing on hg but ill still be on forums respounding to topic it was nice to play with you all until 2014 to 2019 ive had great times with y'all and today its gonna be the last day ill play on hg 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. McLovin81


      Dude noooo.... ill take your points tho

    3. brgr.


      Leaving us?! That's rude :( You have no choice but to stay!

    4. Redr


      alright buddy, your gonna come back eventually. Even if it takes a couple of years. Your just gonna take a long break, no one ever quits zombie survival 

  8. No random is worse coz a newbie can get it and the whole zteam is fucked over its better for the good players to have it so zteam actually has a chance
  9. 1st zombie on leaderboards is selected as max threat boss if they are boss already they can either accept the max threat or give it to the 2nd zombie on leaderboard and if he doesnt accept then does to 3rd and goes the same thing over n over
  10. No 6666 hp is not op its not a lot for a max threat zombie thats rare i once had puke pus with 5,5k hp and managed to kill like 5 people coz they had no ff sure it takes a lot of dmg but its still a big hp pool and humans can easily melt down bosses since they have new op traits they can combine with shotguns
  11. heres another idea Corrupted shade : Has regular health 5500 and deals 55 human dmg on 40 pop every 1+ human the max threat boss gets +75 hp so 60 times 75 the shade will have 10k hp and also has AoE attacks when hitting a cade after the max threat zombie takes 1500 damage it has 3 secounds of immunity dmg and starts to gain buffs such as 20% damage and 20% swing rate and what i mean by AoE attack is when the shade hits the cade it also damages nearby props if shade deals 90 damage to the prop then it should also damage the left/right prop with 35% less dmg and gives debuffs to cades and humans on hit giving humans slow and defense down and giving the cade defense down

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