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  1. I guess I'll have to reinstall Minecraft.
  2. I'm down for some 10 mans.
  3. People bhop on all of the servers, it's much easier on certain maps for people who practice a lot. I can kind of bhop, but it's not something I usually bother with. I stab the people bhopping around the maps constantly, just had to up my sensitivity and practice, same goes for shooting these guys. It's just practice, practice, practice. It's not borderline cheating because someone can bhop very well. However, scripting amd Hyperscrolling IS cheating. When it comes to Iceworld, people probably bhop on there more than I've seen them bhop in office. It's a simple map with few obstacles, making it easy for an experienced player to get up to speed. I suggest talking to certain players for tips on how to bhop, that way you can even the odds. I've noticed that the more rules and regulations you add to servers tends to lower populations. You ban something and fewer people will play in the server. This goes along the same lines as banning the AWP and Auto Snipers, you do that and the server populations will tank. You can't please everyone. Also, don't take this as a dig at you buddy. Just doin' some 'splaining. Everybody has something that irks them in any server.
  4. Welcome to the club man! Looking forward to shanking your ass in game... nobody escapes the knife...
  5. Welcome to the club, homeskillet.
  6. Welcome Bud!

  7. Welcome to HG Buddy!

  8. Welcome back to the clan buddy! 

    1. otownhero


      Thanks SMD!


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