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Senpai Abraham

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  1. Hi Senpai, congrats on member! :)

  2. Congratulations on becoming a full member of the HeLLsGamers community @Senpai Abraham :D 

  3. @bill it is actual post, my highest score is a 5 with 0 kills, u want proof?
  4. my highest score was a 5 with 0 kills =D ik ik. amazing. praise worthy. save the compliments for later x^)
  5. he bullies me ;~; #FreeSenpie;~; P.S 10/10 photoshop skills kek x^)
  6. Lol bhop scripts arent allowed, also its possible to gain bhop speed in ZS btw, just u cant get crazy speeds as in 800 velocity as I previously said, well 800 speed is just very very very hard, but u can get 300-600 velocity which is faster than the average velocity for humans. On the note of bhopping, its best to use spacebar I.M.O as the delay in scroll bhop is too long.
  7. Honestly, if u want to tell by speed, usually someone going at a velocity of 800 or more could be most likely scripting. Most bhoppers can go at a velocity of 300-600. (300 being basically a bit faster than butcher) To know what ~800 is, picture the auto bhop at end of map, once either team loses and going at max speed in ur bhops.
  8. +1 Im down to helping moderate the server, My first ever staff positions was in minecraft, Though im a little rusty, I partially remember some of the commands. I'll have to recheck on my knowledge, but overall i will play the minecraft server and if help is needed, will join in to staff.
  9. ADD So I suggestion a new trait to help with caders that I think would help a lot, though can be seen as OP for humans, I personally think should be added since the annoyance of splash damage from bloateds, bonemesh balls, etc... This new trait which WhiteDevil recommends is called "Grappler", basically allowing for humans to hold on their props despite incoming damage from zombies, making it easier to cade. Yes it may sound OP as this will allow for quick recades, but I must factor in the facts that should zombies come in, they can easily kill the cader, plus the time frame to re-cade is usually small once all props from the cade break. Additionally to counterattack how this can be seen as OP is maybe make the cost ranging from 30-50 worth points, though not past 50 as it may be a bit outrageous.
  10. Introduction Hello, my names Senpai and I've been cading for the server for about 2-3 years now, therefore all these tip and tricks are things I've learned over the years and can be improved upon by others. I'm only making this guide for all players, both veteran and noobs alike. So, start off, let's first define what the role of the cader is: The cader is someone who builds the cade for the server, we can either have multiple caders, or one cader. We are people who hold one of the most important roles in keeping the team alive and are also one of the most riskiest roles in terms of most likely dying as our main objective should be to focus on our cades and figure out how to improve upon our own cades, NOT healing the team, repairing the front, or defending the cade against zombies. Builds what are the things you need when cading? (traits,weapons,etc...) A Carpenter Hammer (50 worth points) Buff (30 Worth Points) - Allows you to move at regular speeds with heavy props (I.E: Shelves, Wardrobes, Tables, etc...) Optional: Prodigy - Adds more health to the props Health traits (Fit & Tough) - Provides more chances to survive incoming attacks Vaccination - Prevents adverse effects from poison (The distortion in view when poisoned is removed) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Getting Started Types Of Cades There are 2 types of cades people should be thinking about in my opinion. LAYERED CADES OR ANT CADES I'll explain each cade indepth, looking at its pro's and con's, as well as it's situational use ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To begin with, let us look at the most common cade people build: the ANT CADE. It's called the ant cade as it uses props upon props to cover an entrance, displaying that for each prop that is broken, there is basically another to take its place. Example 1 Reviewing: In this following image, there are 7 props in total, each blocking the door in it's own right. Take for example: #'s 5-7, they are the main props to keep zombies out with the other props from #'s 1-4 are keeping extra reinforcement should #'s 5-7 break. It takes longer for zombies to break through as there are many props to hit, and 90% of the time, the Z team do not aim for just a single prop. Another example of the ant cade which is far more common So now that I've explained how basically the ANT cade looks as well as the priorities that each prop has to the cade, let us look further indepth on the pros and cons of this type of cade as well as what situations should it be used in. Pros Provides lesser needs to repair Hard for zombies to aim for each prop More props around cade (Each prop blocking zombies from entering) Cons Harder to repair props Bloated zombies or any type of AOE damaging zombie can hurt all props ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now onto the other type of cading style: the LAYERED CADE. It's called the layered cade as it involves layers, prioritizing the full utilization off a props health and duration as compared to the ant cade. The utlization of this cade can reach its full potential should there be enough props that are thin or are in the right size for the cader to cover an entrance and use the full life span of a prop with room to spare for the other humans to shoot at the zombies. Example 2 1st Image 2nd image 3rd Image 4th Image Reviewing: In the 1st image, this layered cade reveals the prioritization of what zombies will usually go for into a cade. The reason why layered cades is so powerful is the fact that, with how they are prioritizing the bottom of the cade, the mass amount of props behind each other fully utilizes the life of a prop, which if kept repairing, the fully hp which stems around +2,000 for doors with full nails (not including prodigy) and repairs will amass too ~4,000 HP per door. Meaning with these 4 layers, you will have around +14,000 HP should all props be continuously repaired. Another example of the layered cade full utlization of props, albeit not the best cade, would be the 3rd image. Each number correlates to the prop which would be damaged the most in a regular match, with the crosshair revealing the main area for humans to shoot through. The only problem with this cade would be the fact that theres a main shooting hole, yet to shoot on the other side of where zombies can hit the cade, there is a narrow gap to shoot through. Though this cade utilizes props to it's highest potential, the defense towards zombies is a bit questionable. Pros A ton of overall HP for the cade Stops AOE damage towards all props Easy to repair, focusing usually on one prop to maintain cade Usually a large gap for humans to fire through Quite versatile (Meaning you can easily add props as compared to ant cades) Cons Easy for zombies to hit cade Depending on humans defending/repairing and zombie ratio, may lead to faster rate of props dying Sometimes layers may be in way to cause small model props like revenants to attack cade Takes a bit of time to fully make a "good" layered cade ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion Overall each cade has its ups and down, so to cade, it involves an insight on your location, the overall humans to zombie ratio, and how cades that are made behind or in front of your cade (For example: Whether the cade is front cade or back cade, or only cade made) Additionally somethings to note is that for caders, we should always note to look at the spots of where zombies will appear from and the shooting areas that humans can utilize to defend. Remember, the people who make cades work are the people who can damage said zombies. As well as to be a cader overall, you must be creative, have an open mind, and best of all hope your cade is versatile, its easy to add or remove props, as an ever-changing cade is much better than a cade that is still the same as wave 1. (Meaning use props that have more life compared to the ones that are close to dying.) (This guide is still incomplete, but I will continue adding onto this guide later on as I wanted to post this as soon as possible for caders to have levels of creativity in their cades and what to think about when cading, also sorry if this guide was a little bit messy, but I promise to make it better later on)
  11. If ZS is being deleted does that mean HG is now ZE server? Also congratz kek

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