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  1. "Halloween Themed ZS! (Such as Music, Textures of Crates, and more!)"Im hyped for some halloween mood
  2. Now we only have to spam new players with this
  3. You should change your name ingame .... abraham 

  4. Nice work, looks like some professional stuff
  5. One thing i know for sure is that yes indeed in the newer versions of minceraft trapdoors, doors etc dont create air pockets anymore
  6. Would be pretty nice if someone could change the bug that you lag for 20 seconds when tpping somewhere that isint in a 20 block radius from you
  7. i remember lofi, first friend i had on hg. Cool guy!
  8. i wouldnt be able to play for more than 4 hours without rdming 10000%
  9. he does it sometimes when the cade dies and he has to talk in order to survive
  10. KeanuV


    Bruh zmain event
  11. I espacially agree with the sentence " More communication and chances for players to interact with HG, and HG to interact with them in turn, will strengthen the player base "
  12. The idea really is cool and I like some of these ideas,the only thing bothering is the time. It's way too short on some of these especially the laser pointer one
  13. Like it says in the topic the damage boost is also for non backstabs there just not that high , me and aeux thought of something like a 1 second speed boost on a successful hit but removed that idea from our heads couple seconds later since its still supposed to be something risky that helps you out not something that will make you immune if you jump on a zombie and they cant do anything.

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