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  1. I just went over this with Eddie on Discord recently. I've been playing on this server since April of last year. And as of recently, I've been playing very consistently. And along with that, I also have been receiving hackusations frequently. I use a Logitech G Pro which does not come equipped with hyperscrolling. It operates like a normal scroll wheel does. As it goes for my awareness/game sense, I listen for sound queues as well as check my radar occasionally. Pair that with decent reaction times and you play against what is seemingly a wallhacker. Not really certain on what to say about the aim. You would have to spectate me sometime. Because as it goes with rifling, I find myself whiffing shots. And with sniping, I either underflick or overflick shots from time. For what it's worth, DragonSlayer and BOSCH have seen me around for as long as I began playing. I've helped with reporting cheaters on quite a few occasions last year.
  2. phaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

    1. jonmac5037


      if you're ever suspicious of someone scripting on a HG server you should use macrodox, some plugin which allows you to check the perf % of a players scrolls aswell as the scroll pattern they have. mdx_stats (player name) is the command and also check the the players fps max which can then determine if the player is simply lowering their fps to achieve more accurate jumps. both commands can be put in console so, mdx_stats (player name) for last log which is the players scroll pattern and get_fps_max (players name).

  3. PLEB!!!!!!!!

    1. Nazakomu



    2. DragonSlayer


      you damn Mario GHOST!!! :D


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