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    Grosse Pointe, MI
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    US Merchant Marine Officer
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    boats, movies and video games
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    Play as [HG] scottcjohn on Steam
    Blizzard Battle Tag: Searos#1452

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    PowerSpec G703
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    ASRock B450 Pro4
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700
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    Ryzen Stock
  • RAM
    G. SKILL 16 GB 3600 MHz DDR4
  • Graphics Card(s)
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070Ti 8GB DDR5
  • Sound Card
    Onboard ELNA Audio
  • Power Supply
    Cooler Master 600W Lite
    WD Blue SATA M.2 500 GB, Samsung 860 EVO 1TB
  • Cooling
    Two Front Fans and One Exhaust
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  • Display Monitor(s)
    ASUS VE248
  • Headset
    Steelseries Diablo III
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    Microsoft Wireless 5000
  • Keyboard
    Logitech K480
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    Minimal RGB

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  1. Here is my desk and PC with specs: CPU - AMD Ryzen 2700 8 Core 3.2 GHz Mobo - ASRock B450 Pro4 Mem - G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 3600 16 Gb Video - Zotac NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Drives - WD Blue Sata M.2 500 GB and Samsung SSD 860 Evo 1TB Monitor - ASUS 24" 1080P Monitor (60 Hz) Onboard Audio as I primarily use a set of Steelseries Diablo Headsets Logitech Keyboard (nothing special) and wireless Microsoft Mouse 5000 Misc - Cooler Master 600W Power Supply; Wireless Network Card, DVDRW Drive Future plans include swapping out the stock AMD cooler for a Noctua NH-U14S Cooler, adding a proper NVME M.2 drive and eventually moving to 1440p gaming monitor.
  2. We only have to show the front right?
  3. Congrats on the big Member promo!

    1. scottcjohn


      Thank you for the support!

  4. Suddenly glad I didn't pre-order! I'll be waiting for it on Steam
  5. Congrats on becoming a full Member of the community @scottcjohn :D 

    1. scottcjohn


      Thank you! Looking forward to seeing everyone in the CSS servers

  6. Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2 are both good games. Insurgency looks interesting, although I've never played.
  7. Poor -hg- gunns getting owned at the end! Otherwise a good video showcasing most of the hg servers.
  8. That is a nice custom gui! Look forward to see what else you can do to improve the visuals! Keep up the good work.
  9. The bhoppers should not nerfed in crackhouse. Not everyone uses that strategy on the servers nor do many complain. I also think the advantage it provides is somewhat minimal.
  10. Let me know when this is released for pc! I'm sure a number of us are waiting.

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