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  1. I dont think they need to go trough barricades... That would completly replace crono, i believe we could just add the ability to burrow anywhere and maybe boost the HP Regen for crab bosses aand that is fine.
  2. The Shadow shade potential is very good actually, it is the only boss that can be truly supportive without having to damage the enemy team.. We don need a lot of fancy changes, maybe little changes can change him a lot, like, transforming his right click on a med zombie flesh on steroids, and his left click in a temporarily defensive buff, like the howler buff, .. Dont need to create anything just put inside him.
  3. ... So we have this problem for a long time, the force field was created to be some kind of transparent wall to prevent poison to get trough, but this let melee attacks, bullets and projectiles travel its own hitbox, but we have some weird interactions with some things, like the Hammer, trying nailing something trough a force field is impossible because the force field works like a wall, when it does'nt make much sense since you can shoot trough and with the addition of the rejuvenator we've got another problem, i found myself using it very often, it is very useful and its a point fest on double points BUT, its kind of hard to keep healing lots of people with this weapon, and when we humans have a lot of force fields, jesus it becomes not impossible, but very annoying to heal anyone moving in and out or just close to a force field... I believe the same fix would be used for rejuvenator healing and nailing props trough them. Someone fix this please :c
  4. I completly agree with King Crab suggestion, having him burrow anywhere is the buff he deservers, i used king crab lots of times and i must say i already rampaged humans in maps that i could burrow, i simple killed one or two, then ran into a corner and burrowed again, the humans are like "tf wheres dat crab" so i just unburrow, repeat and get da kills, man that is real FUN. I also always wanted to heal everyone with shadow shade... But he is soo underpowered.. I Think he could get something more interesting than being a "AFK healing everyone here thanks", something like Left Click, gives all zombies around his healing radius Damage Reduction, Right Click a buff that increase Zombies Damage and makes any humans close suffer from a slowdown and blindness..maybe some damage too to have a way to defend himself u know :p, or maybe instead of an area thing, maybe a "shadow rock" that did this could be cool too And also... godamnn hes too squishy, his healing rate should be higher for himself
  5. Perhaps replace RTV with a Giv e Up command ? where 90% zombie meets true humans auto win or vice versa *Actually we dont need to replace rtv, just add a Give Up mechanic, natural selection have this feature and it worked very well. its not fair to RTV in these situations so its better to have a alternarive.
  6. Agreed with F00L the idea is good but we must not count for the entire map time, we dont want people joining at the end and win just because they entered lol, i think the first 10 min is great for every obj
  7. Not impossible to get a go down view though Kevinyock Zombie Master has it could be viable too .
  8. The way the spawn works today is very simple, the spawn closest to the humans, or the zombie closest to the humans (but not too close else you cannot spawn on the.)gets to be visualized first as a viable spawn, BUT is the closest spawn always the best ? Sometimes you want a spawn on top of the building to get humans without been seen while they are several floors down.. But the most viable spawn is not there. The thing is you can select a different spawn but it is very difficult since you have to always be cycling trough zombies and spawns my idea is that we add a optional Menu that shows a list of spawns in a way we can differentiate Ghoul spawns from zombie spawns, when you clicked the name of the person that placed it you would visualize and decide if you want to spawn there if not just click another one and see, else just choose a zombie that can be spawned on or the regular zombie spawns. Might be a very good addition, a lot of times I saw myself having to cycle trough because the nearest spawn wasn't actually the nearest.
  9. 1 - This is very useful would make players choose shade for the team more often 2 - I'm not sure if this is true but if it is then It would be a problem to fix 3 - I like the idea of increasing the jug chance but jug and his guns doesn't need one he is designed to be just like the way he is.. Plus we wouldnt get much benefit since you don't play him too often
  10. You mean they can enter inside the supply hit box ? That's annoying :t
  11. What if we change the aura to do the opposite? I mean, dissapear when close to him, but appear from a certain range ? Would that change your mind ? :t
  12. It is only hard to kill a Jugg when all zombies are running in a horde behind him, not the smartest thing to do, rocket launcher Reload speed is very slow if you want to damage him use this as an advantage
  13. bro u missing a opportunity, why not make anti stalk a item that hides every human in radius from the zombie auras ?? this is designed around every zombie, and if your stalker gets added its plus to you
  14. I was thinking about some different boss for humans... Came out with this idea that sincerely looks complex but i would love to see.. Stealth Master have stealth just like wraith, zombies cannot sense his aura from afar, only when they are 5 meters close to him Stats Health: 300 Armor: 300 Speed: Standard with both speed traits, quick and surged Passives: Wraith Invisibility, can walk the same speed in all directions, low hp does not affect speed, can jump 10% higher, switch weapons 50% faster and has massive aura reduction Arsenal - Knife - Just like the Knife but with Higher backstab multiplier and base damage Damage: 42 Backstab: 4x = 168 Attack speed: 15% slower - Sniper - Very precise, little recoil 100% penetration basicly shoot trough multiple zombies Damage: 350 Clip: 1 Reload Speed: 2.4 seconds - Grenade Launcher(Electric Ammo) - on explosion deals electric damage slowing everyone hit in its radius Damage: 180 Slow: 40% for 5 /s Radius: 6 Meters Clip: 2 Fire Rate: Standard Reload: 4 seconds/clip Movement speed reduced by 30% while active - Flash grenade - Damage: 0 regenerative ammo (when out of it regenerates automatically after 30 seconds) Blind enemies for 8 seconds Radius: 10 meters Movement speed reduced by 30% while active - Submachine Gun - Does not make sounds when shooting Damage: 45 Clip: 30 Reload: 2 seconds Good precision Enhanced Medkit - Medkit with armor regen Heal: 10 Armor: 10 Cooldown: 2 seconds Cannot move while using Medkit Using count as attack, wich turns invisibility down to 20% for 5/s Invisibility: Stealth Master has passive invisibility but when attacking or being attacked invisibility is reduced to 20% for 5 seconds( invis is partial, like the wraiths but instead of movement based it is fixed at 80%.) Stealth Master is designed to be a single target Killer and crowd controller, squishy but sustainable and full of tricks.
  15. What if instead of RNG it happens at a fixed amount of swings? like each 20 consecutive swings on a single prop (nonstop) maybe with 3 seconds between each swing maximum. and maybe instead of free repair what about recovering the props overall repairable health by a little bit ? Giving it extra survavability, maybe not even a percentage, a fixed amount like 20 or something close to it i dont know hammer attack speed but if we suppose each hit takes 2 seconds then it is 20 hp each 40 seconds .. could increase it since it looks a low amount to concentrate on a single prop, maybe 40 hp would do the trick :p editing again... damn thinking about it know, it could give extra repaif depending on how much repair you done .. like each 300 repaired damage x amount of extra repair ? Or buff whatever :p

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