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    Altough i am not really good at it, i like to develop in java sometimes, more a personal work than anything. It is almost like playing games for me.

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  1. Agreed with F00L the idea is good but we must not count for the entire map time, we dont want people joining at the end and win just because they entered lol, i think the first 10 min is great for every obj
  2. Not impossible to get a go down view though Kevinyock Zombie Master has it could be viable too .
  3. The way the spawn works today is very simple, the spawn closest to the humans, or the zombie closest to the humans (but not too close else you cannot spawn on the.)gets to be visualized first as a viable spawn, BUT is the closest spawn always the best ? Sometimes you want a spawn on top of the building to get humans without been seen while they are several floors down.. But the most viable spawn is not there. The thing is you can select a different spawn but it is very difficult since you have to always be cycling trough zombies and spawns my idea is that we add a optional Menu that shows a list of spawns in a way we can differentiate Ghoul spawns from zombie spawns, when you clicked the name of the person that placed it you would visualize and decide if you want to spawn there if not just click another one and see, else just choose a zombie that can be spawned on or the regular zombie spawns. Might be a very good addition, a lot of times I saw myself having to cycle trough because the nearest spawn wasn't actually the nearest.
  4. 1 - This is very useful would make players choose shade for the team more often 2 - I'm not sure if this is true but if it is then It would be a problem to fix 3 - I like the idea of increasing the jug chance but jug and his guns doesn't need one he is designed to be just like the way he is.. Plus we wouldnt get much benefit since you don't play him too often
  5. You mean they can enter inside the supply hit box ? That's annoying :t
  6. What if we change the aura to do the opposite? I mean, dissapear when close to him, but appear from a certain range ? Would that change your mind ? :t
  7. It is only hard to kill a Jugg when all zombies are running in a horde behind him, not the smartest thing to do, rocket launcher Reload speed is very slow if you want to damage him use this as an advantage
  8. bro u missing a opportunity, why not make anti stalk a item that hides every human in radius from the zombie auras ?? this is designed around every zombie, and if your stalker gets added its plus to you
  9. I was thinking about some different boss for humans... Came out with this idea that sincerely looks complex but i would love to see.. Stealth Master have stealth just like wraith, zombies cannot sense his aura from afar, only when they are 5 meters close to him Stats Health: 300 Armor: 300 Speed: Standard with both speed traits, quick and surged Passives: Wraith Invisibility, can walk the same speed in all directions, low hp does not affect speed, can jump 10% higher, switch weapons 50% faster and has massive aura reduction Arsenal - Knife - Just like the Knife but with Higher backstab multiplier and base damage Damage: 42 Backstab: 4x = 168 Attack speed: 15% slower - Sniper - Very precise, little recoil 100% penetration basicly shoot trough multiple zombies Damage: 350 Clip: 1 Reload Speed: 2.4 seconds - Grenade Launcher(Electric Ammo) - on explosion deals electric damage slowing everyone hit in its radius Damage: 180 Slow: 40% for 5 /s Radius: 6 Meters Clip: 2 Fire Rate: Standard Reload: 4 seconds/clip Movement speed reduced by 30% while active - Flash grenade - Damage: 0 regenerative ammo (when out of it regenerates automatically after 30 seconds) Blind enemies for 8 seconds Radius: 10 meters Movement speed reduced by 30% while active - Submachine Gun - Does not make sounds when shooting Damage: 45 Clip: 30 Reload: 2 seconds Good precision Enhanced Medkit - Medkit with armor regen Heal: 10 Armor: 10 Cooldown: 2 seconds Cannot move while using Medkit Using count as attack, wich turns invisibility down to 20% for 5/s Invisibility: Stealth Master has passive invisibility but when attacking or being attacked invisibility is reduced to 20% for 5 seconds( invis is partial, like the wraiths but instead of movement based it is fixed at 80%.) Stealth Master is designed to be a single target Killer and crowd controller, squishy but sustainable and full of tricks.
  10. What if instead of RNG it happens at a fixed amount of swings? like each 20 consecutive swings on a single prop (nonstop) maybe with 3 seconds between each swing maximum. and maybe instead of free repair what about recovering the props overall repairable health by a little bit ? Giving it extra survavability, maybe not even a percentage, a fixed amount like 20 or something close to it i dont know hammer attack speed but if we suppose each hit takes 2 seconds then it is 20 hp each 40 seconds .. could increase it since it looks a low amount to concentrate on a single prop, maybe 40 hp would do the trick :p editing again... damn thinking about it know, it could give extra repaif depending on how much repair you done .. like each 300 repaired damage x amount of extra repair ? Or buff whatever :p
  11. Instead of this complication tree, we could get a single EXP to increase levels, and have a point distribution system Strength: Strength and melee related traits Constitution: Resistance and health related traits Dexterity: Mobility and speed related Traits Intelligence: General weapons related traits/Cading Carisma: Points discount ressuply related Traits Wisdom: Healing related traits/trait slots And traits would need a X amount in its primary attribute to be usable, and also have trait slots, maybe 2 slots to start at a maximum of 6 actually its almost the same thing but.. You get it huh ?
  12. The Stalker itself is a good idea, just change it. It would have more sense and be more viable if it was some kind of wraith boss, always invisible but with some cool stuff like, Stalker bods scream makes close humans hear nothing for 5 seconds and blur the screen (not much tough) have a balanced health pool for its design, i would say something close to 1,200 hp, 60 damage same attack speed and behavior of wraith, but with higher range and have the ability to stay cloaked even when walking fast, or just barely visible when doing it. the antidote should. only be used onplayers that got killed recently and are still a fresh zombie also limit purchase the amount of antidotes to 1 2 or 3, but i believe its better to have only 1 as its situacional.. because you need the zombie to be a human that got killed and turned, not spawned the zombie would die and respawn at the same spot :) Electro pus ability on death its kind of... Stupid, would be just better to be a 10 meter electric slowness, slows everyone and deal minimal damage Damage: 1 second Slowness: 50% Target: Everyone in 6m Range (once out of range you are not slowed anymore Duration: 8 seconds Condition: Death That would be the stats
  13. About the Weak Spot trait, what if we changed it to only show the nearest zombie, in a Maximum of 5 meter radius ? I Believe it balances out for what i did wanted to reach. In fact i did wanted it to be used to only show the Health, mostly for giving a human a oportunity to decide if he wants to engage a zombie or multiple zombies with more or less of said health, but i must say i also like the idea of spying trough walls . Edit... So i have 2 versions i believe could be more suitable, Version 1: You can Spy at ONE zombie that is the nearest zombie in a maximum of 6 meter radius that has less than 40% Health - 25 Points - This version is very situational, mostly it will help against a zombie/boss chasing you, it will be hard to use inside a cade, since you will only see a single zombies. I dont know if its possible but if we could add a maximum of zombies we could spy like 2 or 3, it would be a very nice balance. Optionally it could give you vision trough walls, if it feels underpowered. Version 2: You can spy at any zombie that is at a maximum of 4 meter radius and has less than 40% Health - 40 Points - This one is more agressive and it will only show the health of any visible zombies at said range, very useful inside a cade, drawback is you need to be closer to the zombies, since in most cases zombies die pretty fast, unless you are being chased by someone this will mostly help against bosses, and it will also help you decide if you want to run or kill one or more zombies that are close to you. Would one of these be good enough to pass ? :v
  14. i Think the defender trait is very aggressive... I alone with advanced armament can heal a good portion of the team to 40% or more armor, if you aim those with 95 or more health you can increase armor gaining even faster, when a bonemesh is attacking for example, and its getting 1 to 4 damage to your team, you can armor up everyone in a single minute if no one is severly hurt (as the medkit always heals the one with less hp in range), but mainly when they're armored up already, cuz you take less damage to HP. But i think the cost for not healing health, actually kind of balances out this trait, the thing is, will it stack with advanced armament? and, what about heal time? i believe the efficiency should be low, that way we wont see the entire team with 100% armor every time, it would be kind of OP against zombies ... Btw, we should have a Mention to Healing Armor if defender is implemened hm ? Also i want to post a trait i thought of here, i posted on the General suggestion topic but i believe no one saw it
  15. well, i lost my old cards and already wasted more than 10k points with my new ones, because i tought no one would do anything about the lost cards.... Man life sucks

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