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a white kleiner

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a white kleiner last won the day on July 12

a white kleiner had the most liked content!

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    Gmod gmod gmod gmod gmod gmod alllll day long

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  1. Congrats on member. So you're a Kleiner Member now..? wait

    that sounds bad.


    Congrats though!

  2. Félicitations pour ton promotion. :D

    1. a white kleiner

      a white kleiner

      Cimer Universalité

      (its "ta* promotion)


  3. Congrats on promo Universalisation
  4. give me best anime suggestion, I want OP main character and magic and cool stuff

    1. a white kleiner

      a white kleiner

      overlord is the only one i can think of omegalul

      but also isekai cheat magician 

      and ok maybe also maou-sama ? 

    2. Uni


      okay okay thanks thanks

  5. @Snowyamur I know i was just saying that because there's no "Sky Rise" on ZS but i just saw that you corrected yourself so all good
  6. Do you have the privilege to give us the N word pass? 

  7. maintenant votre tete est sur la guillotine, congrats!

  8. congrats on promotion kliener

    1. a white kleiner

      a white kleiner

      thank you mistur rustles

  9. Congratulations on your promotion to Moderator for Garry's Mod @a white kleiner. Do us proud.

    1. a white kleiner

      a white kleiner

      Thank you, i hope i will :)

  10. Congrats on mod :) 



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