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  1. Congratulations on your promotion to HG Member!

    1. SigBussey


      Thank you, so excited to be a Member and can't wait to keep being a part of this community! 

  2. Awesome! Good job making Member!

  3. Either Baby Driver or Scott Pilgrim vs The World, both are great Edgar Wright films and he is underappreciated in general. Even some of his more popular ones like Shaun of the Dead and Baby Driver aren't that big. It's sad to see such a great director not get the love he deserves!
  4. SigBussey

    1.13 vs 1.14

    Don't get me wrong I LOVE the 1.13 Aquatic Update, but 1.14 adds SO MUCH amazing content with the Village and Pillage update, so why is the server running 1.13? I'm assuming it's probably to do with certain plug-ins that are running on it. Source of Picture: Just random from Google Images
  5. I've always been interested, but I have to wear normal glasses for my vision. So either I would have to wear two sets of glasses or see if Gunnar makes like a clip-on version?
  6. Sounds cool will see if I can attend. Might be doing something that weekend don't know!
  7. Gratz!

    1. SigBussey


      Thank you so much Misc, and to everyone else that has said Congrats! So pumped to be a Moderator, and a part of this community.

  8. Congrats on TF2 Moderator! Welcome to the TF2 Management Team.

  9. SigBussey


    I was only able to Donate $5, but anything helps right? Plus the Blapature badges always look super nice! Can't wait to get mine.
  10. I'm looking for a College class to take and in the meanwhile I just play video games all day, honestly.
  11. SigBussey

    Top10 VIP Awards!

    Hell yeah finally! I got Rank 2 on Trade 3 and 5 I think, also any reason that TF2's Trade 5 isn't listed?
  12. Few years ago I played on a Minecraft trade server that wasn't HG and it just randomly disappeared. Then while looking in the server browser I saw a server called HG Trade 5 and that's when it all began! I loved Trade 5!
  13. Damn that sucks because it just feels so different on Trade 3 with no Grapple like the others. I mean if the Spells still actually dropped it'd be different, but since they don't it essentially makes that item slot useless. Thank you though for clearing up why it's like that!

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