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  1. I think bhop is part of what makes these servers unique, bhop(along with the community) is the reason ive played so much on these servers. It brings a whole another dimention to the game. I actually learned to bhop on the cs_office server - watching other players, copying their movements and asking for advice, and I've enjoyed my journey from the non-bhopper that I was to the bhopper I am today. I think your argument goes both ways, bhop makes some players leave the server and makes some stay on the server - and its the reason I stayed. The servers wasnt just like any other servers. You can adapt to these bhoppers, killing players such as SMD, BOSCH, alienware, bhop scripts, sherlock, dragonslayer from the top of my head - that I believe have adapted, is not easy, even if I bhop or not. Many players also just picks up a para or p90 and completely obliterate me me when i start bhopping lol. And I would claim practising killing bhoppers will make you a better player in general, it makes you more alert and faster. It certainly made me better. I guess it's pointless arguing with you, looks like you have already made up your mind since you describe every argument defending bhop as not valid ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And im curious, do you remember some of these bhoppers names? Cause most of them will prob slaughter you with or without bhopping.
  2. -hg- Clan Application Game Division Counter-Strike Source In-Game Name Sound Location Ostfold How old are you? 24 Which games (servers) do you play on? cs_office cs_dust2 How long have you been playing on our servers? 1 year What is your Steam ID / GUID? U:1:24662974 Why do you want to join HG? I like your servers. All members are required to be on our TeamSpeak3 Server whenever playing on our servers. Will you agree with this rule? Yes Do you have any current VAC bans? No Who (if anyone) referred you to apply? [HG] SherlockPwnz [M] [CE] HG | DragonSlayer [L] Any other information you want to include? --

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