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A Imperfect perfection

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  1. until

    this is going to be worth playing, assuming that I'm not loading past wave 1.
  2. awesome suggestion, would love for this to be added into the game to spice things up a bit!
  3. @Laces115 Marco argued against that in discord apparently, if humans are allowed to cade an extra minute it could make things unfair.
  4. Hi gamer

    1. A Imperfect perfection

      A Imperfect perfection

      Hello professional free Vbucks scammer and mega gamer 


  5. Warm-Up Round Before Intermission This is why I'm making this: Recently I have tried to get help for I am loading during or past wave 1. People have suggested me that I should "get a new computer" they may just be right but "Marco" on discord suggested, "there could be a warmup round that reset the map before start", this is an ingenious idea and that is the spawn of this suggestion. A warm-up round would allow late-joiners to have a higher chance to play the main part of the game; zombie survival, this is what I'm looking for. What a Warm up round could be: 30 seconds to 90 seconds a round before to cause havoc on to the server while people join in; if you die testing something or fall off the map you respawn within 5-10 seconds. once the timer is up the map starts off like as if nothing happened Things you can do during a "Warm-Up" round : A chance to explore and strategize what to do and where to cade in a map test out weapons that would otherwise be locked by tiers. ○ This could cause lag if a group people decide to spam GL, Smelter, Gluon, Ray-Gun. Things you can't do during a "Warm-Up" round : Destroy props
  6. The only one that's decent that I see with my eyes are "Cold Dead hands", but it makes ice immolator useless since you keep the mobility and damage of a regular zombie or a Fastie
  7. it's a decent map, but not for this gamemode.
  8. @Old Bill, I like where you're going with this; being "The Rock" beating the living hell out of zombies, but the trait(juggernaut) is going to get obliterated by ranged attacks, zombie slowdowns, tickles, as well with being overwhelmed by Fasties or just regular zombie types. I guess its a type of trait where you know the human team is going to lose, but the price is so high that your better getting traits like armour, speed, heavy hitter, health, defender. if you're going to do a runner type, a melee build or want a higher chance to survive in obj.
  9. Bunny Hop can be op if you have a runner build, an open map or a weapon that pushes you (boomstick and tau cannon). especially when jug gets it in an open map
  10. I like the idea of a max threat zombie. I would add where it increases the chances of spawning depending on how easy the map is, if there is already an existing human max threat or how badly zombies are doing.
  11. fun > losing points that you could gain back within a few rounds at most.
  12. finally, an event that isn't double points; though zombies will have a way more difficult time just getting to the humans on certain maps
  13. that explain's why I was getting extra ammo from stores and why i was regening hp randomly with beserker.
  14. I agree with @Snowyamur's statement of point whoring, but the problem is if the supply crate is far away from the main cade, nobody is willing to hit it since its unrewarding to go all that way to go that far just to lose a boss slot all because you decide to help your team. Either it should give a low amount of points or give barricade points and boss slot points, with each repair of the supply crate it would decrease the number of points for BOTH teams by half or by any other percentage if see fit. This way the abuse of points for the sake of point whoring. Feel free to mould this idea into your view of how this should be taken.

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