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  1. I'm maybe missing something that could make it op, but why would you spend 12k barricade points to deal 6 extra damage to humans(talking about hydrochloric acid trait)? spitter zombie would be banking off this but can be easily countered by FF and by the time you'll get 12k barricade points its either wave 4 or 5, there also better options at its price like Ruin. everything else about this seems pretty good, but I have a question for GOLD SCRAPS; how much do you gain, is it where the closer you are the more you gain?
  2. Molten Headcrab's larger hitbox makes it a pain to sneak through cracks of cades also usually punishes people for being unobservant/careless of their surroundings.
  3. The prophecies say, "Once the Korean talk, to whom-ever witnesses such event; will be engulfed with immense knowledge of the ways of a pro-Zmainer."
  4. I would remove the gravity guns ability to throw props and decrease the price instead of removing the gravity gun altogether. Gravity gun makes cading convenient when it's not being used to throw props, also my reasoning to decrease in price is to compensate for the lack of throwing props. Also, some people may say "people will just bring out the props or throw the props out", there's a rule that the server added to dis-premote this behaviour
  5. I can't play salt mine without crashing instantly when loading in; but for both maps, it's really annoying when you can't hit the cade when you're a Zmain. +0.99
  6. a butcher that's 30% faster would mean a half max butcher level that also has the 20% speed zombie trait would mean the butcher would almost 2x faster than a human with speed traits.
  7. Without the admin's many handicaps; the whole human team still get killed with the many traps in the map. Sure there are a few people who are skilled but the rest are a bunch of Kleiner's, in result to the people who lived will be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of zombies.
  8. This is all I can do and is willing do to
  9. Welcome to the community. Let me know if you need any help!


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