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  2. Quite frankly, there isn’t that much incentive to get to the top of the leaderboard besides VIP. The only thing that needs to be added is something for the absolute bottom player. Top 20 get VIP, but the Bottom 1 should also get vip. Let scores go into the negative. Let’s have some fun with this.

  4. Pyro. Some people just want to watch the world burn. I am one of those someones.
  5. Working on a Righteous Bison event. Needs a name. Thoughts?
  6. I’m gonna be real with you, all I have is a laptop. I don’t even have a proper microphone. Lol
  7. Comment something and I might draw it. I will pick 5 of them, Mods and Staff take priority. Will post art when done. Be c r e a t i v e.
  8. What loadout do you want to get in tf2, either eventually or you already have it. Do you want a loadout of just tf2 cosmetics or do you want a themed loadout? If themed, who would it be themed to be?
  9. Question: Where would I find/use/spend VIP points? Such as the 10,000 I got from Second Place in the Scout Wars?

    1. Imperial Knight

      Imperial Knight

      They're usable in-game via the !store menu. You can purchase things like custom colored names, custom join messages, among other things.

    2. Misc2008


      Don't bother with stealth unless you have admin or the laser sights thing unless you play on CSS/CSGO.

  10. PORTAL 3. HALF LIFE 3. TEAM FOR— wait, no one wants tf3. What would you ask valve? Either about their games, tf2, etc.
  11. Update: I have been interviewed and also I now have today off. I think the interview went pretty good.

  12. Also, for anyone who wants to interview me for Moderator in tf2, I’m going to be mostly offline today and Friday.

  13. Yes, it would definitely take a lot of work, yes, it would be difficult, but damn, it would be great. It’ll be a niche group of people, but it’ll be great to see those servers back up and working. Opinions?
  14. Because it would be a great parallel to the Pyro’s Jungle Update (being Heavy’s Robo Update). And everyone has been wanting more mvm content.
  15. M      C

    e        h

    r         r

    r         i

    y        s





  16. (2017)

    Valve: Merry Smissmas! We added a cosmetic case, a warpaint case, and three new taunts!

    Community: Why did you add taunts? There are too many already!



    Valve: Merry Smissmas! We took in consideration what you said last year, and this year, we only added a cosmetic case!




    But, in all honesty, I’m pretty pissed that the Scorcher’s Solo didn’t get added.

  17. L a s t

    d a y

    o f

    m i d t e r m s .


    G o n n a 

    g e t


    c o o l

    u n u s u a l

    t h i s

    e v e n i n g .


    E c s t a c y .

    1. Skyrunner


      same bro i got midterms too.

  18. I’m not sure what mine would be, what’s yours?
  19. This question has been bugging me for a while, why aren’t there any good scout loadouts? Seriously! Every single one, in my opinion, looks terrible. The only paint that goes decent with a scout loudout, maybe, is Australium gold, but I legit cannot find a scout load out that doesn’t scream “I have a Schaudenfreude and I’m gonna use it when I kill you.” Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?
  20. What do you want for Smissmas? Reply to this saying “All I want for Smissmas is (insert what you want)”
  21. I got Second Place in the Scout Wars. Sweet.

    1. EddieCam
    2. Fred.


      I probably came last loool, grats buddy.

  22. I’ve been playing on HG servers for nearly my entire tf2 career. I actually started playing on HG servers when Jailbreak Gangs was really populated. I had a blast on those servers, finding the best hiding spots, rebelling, it was a great time. Then, I learned that HG had trade minecraft servers and I thought, “Well, I gotta go see what these were all about.” And I was immeadiately hooked on Trade 3. Oh the times I’ve had, using critz to their full potential, trading, the conversations. I loved it. So, I am very happy to be an actual recruit in this clan, and I hope that my HG adventures continue to develop.
  23. -hg- Clan Application Game Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Shadie Location Farmerville, Louisiana How old are you? 16 Which games (servers) do you play on? Trade 2, Trade 3, Trade 1, and I used to play on HG Jailbreak Gangs How long have you been playing on our servers? About 3 years What is your Steam ID / GUID? [U:140897161] Why do you want to join HG? I play on these servers ALL THE TIME. I’ve seen a lot of my friends join this server and I just said, “Eh, why not. I’ve been here for 3 years.” Plus these servers are pretty cool. All members are required to be on our TeamSpeak3 Server whenever playing on our servers. Will you agree with this rule? Yes Do you have any current VAC bans? No Who (if anyone) referred you to apply? -HG- Festive Sqratattack/SQ Any other information you want to include? I’m a cancerous Pyro main and I feel I have a cozy spot here in hell.

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