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  1. Happy 4th of July

    1. Admiral MacK

      Admiral MacK

      Thanks! To you as well.

  2. Happy Canada Day

    1. DivisionParle


      thank man Ah Happy Canada day Ay


  3. Happy Canada Day

  4. I think I might have something that might cut down on the spawn camping of Trade 2 and that would be to put in a door system like on trade 5 so effectively anytime a lever or button would be interacted with it would open the doors at the person's or team's digression. It could be put on a cool down of 30 seconds so someone can't troll or lag the server by repeatedly shooting the button. I think it would be easier to put in then some killing boundary or reflecting damage area near the spawns which has been discussed, and would minimally effect how people might play on Trade 2.
  5. Welcome to HG.

  6. If we had a Minecraft Server again, it should be modded because Regular Minecraft does get boring after a while.
  7. The AWPer Hand might be a good idea same with the Napalmer.
  8. Happy Easter/Passover

  9. Does any one else play civilization? If so what game did you play first? I played Civ 5 first.
  10. When I first played Fallout 4 I picked the Institute mainly because of their advanced technology and lack of annoying side quests. Though the main reason I chose them was to maybe help the people of the commonwealth though I didn't like finding out they would take a Western BoS approach and just hide until the surface dies which most likely without some terrible plague it won't.
  11. congrats on promotion!


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