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  1. We had a small conversation once lol, I was surprised too.
  2. Totally agree with Talbot here. Gravity gun is too OP no matter what is said agaisn't, I have seen maps where players were able to stay 5 waves outside the cade using that damn thing, and right now at the time of this post I just experienced spawn killing with it, I was on the human side, but I saw the struggle of the zombies to just walk away from the spawn. I can see gravity gun used as a helpful pick up prop tool without the ability of throwing them, but as a weapon it's just too much.
  3. Gratzz on Promotion!!!

    1. Hugin&Munin


      Thanks mate, sorry took so long. Finally got a new gpu.

  4. I agree with mostly of what Genuline said (with the exception of Wardrobe which I do agree about the"dragons" running around, I think Wardrobe with the suggestion I gave here, if well controlled, can avoid such things, I also don't agree that it should be removed at all) In anyway, I also want to point a mistake here: " I would add 2 materias, parkour elite and god mode, Parkour elite " . You said parkour elite two times. The granade variants was an Idea I already talked with Forrest together with other variants for around half month ago.. I don't know if it will ever be added, but he wanted to test those ideas just after we talked about it. I don't know tho if he already did test it or will do yet. Besides those 3 comments that I had to make, Genuline pretty much said everything that I would say as well about the zombies and weapons.. I also thought once of the Houndeye being added, the only difference is that I always thought it should be it's own class with its own variants, and not a variant of bullsquid.
  5. @Snowyamur Once thi feature is added as the new wardrobe (if added at all), we should try to get feedback for those who are checking the models. Nonetheless I think that for now we will have some small model request traffic once added, but after the members who request it are dealt with, it will not be a every day rush with very long model traffics that cant be dealt with. I do agree with one thing that should carry on based on your idea. Requests for a new model / workshop item should have a cooldown for each user. Something around "Every Gold+ member can re-request only once per week from the day of your last request" and even further in case this turns into a huge traffic to "only 3 weeks per month" This can reduce any future traffic with the requests. THIS WAY we make sure that you have to really pick up something that you really want to use for a very long time before re-thiking on picking something else. This would work nicely with the "1 workshop item with 5 player models" or the General model "able to use every model from every gold member requested including yours".
  6. @Snowyamur The old Wardrobe is already "trashed", Forrest is unable to fix it due to how bad the format of the code is, he said that " It's hard to read and figure out what's going on " so we won't have that system added back.. this makes my suggestion "something" to start with in a good direction. We could assign multiple mods for it instead of DL. I mainly said DL because of the reason that is well known by them and us. With multiple mods this turns out into something more flexible. At the moment my suggestion is the only one so far that can be added since we will no longer use the Wardrobe. It's also just like Techmo said, check if the models are fine in relation to the rules, get the workshop ID, add to the list, done. Any other option as for "Max of workshop item per user" or "'Max of playermodels per workshop item or per user", it's all their side, whatever fits how the server works and the performance of the server. Since this is alike wardrobe but not like it's system, we probably can't afford having tons of models. Now the number of models avaible can be fixed by what Techmo said just above.
  7. Seems like I can't quote anyone again, @Snowyamur yes it was me, I said it should be acid or corrosive, you said something about corrosive and then we agreed that it was how it should be to make it different. It was in-game so it's hard to remember what we said. @Lady Luck Random Boss can be fixed by adding all bosses variants again, but this would be either Forrest or Marco, I'm unsure who modified this since I never bothered with it and so never asked. About Spitter zombie, I can't give any feedback, never used it. I'm a "main main zombie player" I rarely select variants besides bosses (now I do, bullsquid and about to test venom) It's also very very rare for me to die as human, it happens when I'm stupid. Supply regeneration is both cool but too op sometimes.. we can find another way of having barricade points farmable, maybe able to gain points as medic zombie if we don't do it already? Either way we have to balance it.. otherwse we will have waves of zombies/bosses getting super strong to then just end every human alive. I think that "skills" has to be a part of this not just traits, everyone with traits can win a game. We also need to have a fun game tho, for both teams. As well as I think the same as @Snowyamur because, he is correct on this one. Humans are the ones that have to deal with the Supply crate HP.
  8. The quote button is again not working for me, so I'll manually quote Techmo. Yes, After the model is accepted, all that would have to be done is indeed add just the ID to the list and have it to be download on the next map change by all clients or by clients are about to join, this sure will reduce the lags or any future issue. Since I think Forrest was the one who made it, he would have better understanding with your comment than I, since I dont have access to the code nor knowledge with LUA. But @Techmo, I just thought, this could hit a problem with workshop playermodels that have more than one type of playermodel together with it (more than one playermodel.mdl files) This will end up with people having 5 or more playermodels instead of max of 1 or any max set per user. We could modify/fix that rule and add it as "1 workshop item per user" instead of 1 playermodel per user. Yet this can become a problem if someone request a workshop with a pack of 20 / 100 playermodels. This again comes to the "Gold+ playermodel request" forum section, the workshop item that will be reviewed by a Division Leader will now have a new rule applied, as for "max of 5 playermodels per workshop item" or something close to that to solve this issue. After all, if you really want just one player model that is a part of a pack of 20 or 100, you can just ask the creator or decompile it yourself (the user who wants to use it) and reupload it on the workshop with just the playermodel wanted in order to be accepted by the DL. This Idea would work nicely.
  9. I would hate if went away too, custom models is actually something interesting to have, it also makes it worth to donate and help the server in any way possible.
  10. If this turns into a thing, maybe you will, who knows lol.
  11. Thats something I thought of but I decided to see if someone else could get an alternative for it. If that person is no longer using their requested model (if they resquested any at all) and is using another users model instead, then if it gets deleted, he should probably re-request the model from that other user as their own.. Unless we change the max number of models per user or find another solution for it. Another more Individual alternative would be not allowing the models to be a "general model" and instead be avaible just for that user that requested instead. The problem of this alternative is that eventually someone will request a model that is already present for a specific user, this eventually would have to go through the "programming" side of things with Forrest or someone else to see what they can do about it.
  12. Hi there people! I'm here today to give an alternative that may not be as pratical, but yet still an alternative to the sadly failed Wardrobe. Forrest and I were talking about the wardrobe yesterday when he discovered that, after the introduction of the wardrobe for Gold and mods (were it before was just avaible for Division Leader and higher), caused a very a problem with the server that made it lag and run with one of the worst performances. The result of this lag, made his decision to fully remove the wardrobe from the server to no longer be added back, meaning no one will be able to use it, nor those who had access for it before. The reason of what caused such lag as commented by himself was " Highly likely it's massive bandwidth usage from sending constant huge net messages ", althought he said that it's really unknown. As said above, I'll now talk about my not so pratical, but at least more controllable, alternative for the wardrobe. Keep in mind the idea can be refined and further modified (or not in case of the idea being already fine as it is) by any of the comments below. My alternative is the following: - We already have a tab with models for Donators, which every one above and including Gold+ have access to. As a start, my idea is to change the name of that tab by calling it "Gold+" as well as a new Section on the forum called "Gold+ Playermodel request" What would happen as following, would be that any member above and including Gold, and I mean every member as for: admins, mods, staff, DL, Directors, Council, so on, will have to post a topic requesting a player model that they want to use in game to be added. As soon as the topic is created, a Division Leader would have check it in order to evaluate and test the model to see if it's not breaking any rules. After the model has been tested, it would be added as a general model that any of the Gold+ members could use, as an exemple: If I request a model and it is accepted, any other member present from Gold and above could also play using the models I requested. - Now something to keep in mind as a alternative in case people start to request too many models. All members have in total of a max of 1 MODEL IN GAME PER USER. Here is the exemple: I requested a model a week ago, Now I want another model to be added, this means that the LAST model I REQUESTED, will be deleted in order to add the new one, this does not affect models requested by others, as for each one has the right for 1 model. What was said above, is either to prevent a Gold+ member to resquest too many models, or to prevent the server from having models that no one really uses anymore, OR if the server somehow endes up with 50+ Gold+ members, to prevent having countless models by the higher number of Gold+ members present. Thats all I had to give about my alternative, thanks for reading and feel free to refine or modify it by using the comments. -Special thanks to Techmo btw.
  13. Besides of what I have talked with you on steam in relation to the feedback of those Ideas, it's a very nice Idea that I would like to see added to the game. Keep up that creative mind of yours.
  14. Pointing out that you should edit FleshMesh boss, you said 3 bombs but you repeated the name of one of the bombs instead of writing the 3rd one. Nonetheless, any idea that is refreshing for the ZS gamemode is more than welcome for me. We just have to be careful to make it fun and yet not to make everything OP for one of the teams.
  15. We have to consider that most of the starting zombies are actual new players or people that are still trying to understand how the game works. We have to consider that mostly of the humans killed either go AFK until the next map or leave the game. By what was said above, it means that mostly of the times, playing as a zombie is not fun, specially for those who don't yet understand how everything works or just simple find that the zombies lacks in content on the first waves. By adding this, I would think we would probably have to add a new zombie class or zombie classes (more than one) or really make the purchase of this armor expensive on the worth menu on the point of people having to either pick up it or the items they always had. we have to remember that humans have range attack since the first wave, while zombies are mostly melee, they either have to sneak attack the humans or wait until the unlocked classes are avaible to be able to actually do something, and adding this armor, removes comepletely their chance of redeeming or having a successful attack. If the Z team actually worked as "a team" zombies are indeed good and the human survavibility is lowered by alot, but yet mostly of the time people are just playing it by themselvs. In resume, giving one more layer of defense to humans would mean having to sacrifice what they could do if purchasing it, or either buff zombies or add more things to the zombie team in order to have a fun gameplay for both sides. Heres a good exemple, the armor perk on the health kit, the armor it gives just gives the player alot advantage and reaction time to escape death. the Tatical vest as well, it turns the player into something closer to a tank class able to escape any zombie, including bosses. A good balance for it would be having the player to be slower when having this specific armor equiped for exemple. The Idea is nice tho.

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