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    Love any sci fi related games / movies.
    I love the Universe. Planets and stars and all that.

    I have been playing on HG ZS for around perhaps 5 to 6 years, it's hard to recall exactly. I had my stops yes, had a full year stop once. But I'm always returning. Now I finally decided to do something for HG, not only modeling but moderating and helping the friends I made along the way.

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  1. It's a nice map, but not made for this gamemode.
  2. I like the idea of both cards, especially the medkit. Upgrading the medkit could also allow perhaps more profit to be gain? So far healing people doesn't profit like it used to, with this card, this can change a little. Perhaps of just having the "medkit" card, we could add a Medic Card in general, that levels up how much you can heal with every medic healing tools. Exemple: Medic Card : +1 Medic pistol / +1 Medic Rifle / + 2 MedKit / +2 Healing gun (values here are just an exemple) Nonetheless, I like his idea.
  3. Devil is right, and he said something similar of what I was about to say. You have to pick up the most dedicated and best of the players on the zteam otherwise it won't work. Picking up the first player on the Leaderboard is more than enough, if you want it you have to try and get the best of your skills. Removing the 2 min is also probably the best option here, zteam can save that rare zombie by healing it if needed to, in case it doesn't get melted down by humans as soon as it approaches a cade in the first seconds for sure. I can say that I know how close the feeling of this zombie can be tho, I have once picked up every single HP boost on the blood crate and went ancient nightmare, I was able to obliterate their cade. I think I had around 5k hp or so (Idr) dealing 100+ damage. This means that this zombie is really not that OP at all. I like the idea tho, and I welcome it, in case it ever to be added.
  4. Berserker Flak requires skills alright !!! especially if you are the only one flak alive. so shhh.
  5. Maaan, wish you had won with us, best luck next time I got berserker all the way, almost died on the end of the tunnel, I would be pretty mad if I did LOL.
  6. Not used to do this but, congratz on promo! :P:) .

    1. Alienware


      Thanks!  :)

  7. Grats on your promos!

    1. Hugin&Munin


      Thaaanks a lot mate :P

  8. I like the ideas. I can't say that 5 nade is op tho, we have limited granades anyway, it's not like you can buy a lot of them. However I think that Detonator should be rare or very rare. This makes up for the 5 nades, as well as due to the rarity, we won't see alot of redeemers having it.
  9. congratz on yo HGDC promo bradda!!!!

    1. Hugin&Munin


      Oiii thank you mate, thank you alot bruh :P

  10. Congratz on Modeler!!!

    1. Hugin&Munin


      Thaaaaank you mate :P

  11. Whaa... my job is against the rules now?? I'll get banned by doing my job, I must hide Thank you a lot mate
  12. Gratz! :-)

    1. Hugin&Munin


      Thank you very much mate :)

  13. Good on ya m8

    1. Hugin&Munin


      Thank you :P

  14. Congratz on your :member: promotion!

    1. Hugin&Munin


      Thank you a lot mate :):P

  15. We had a small conversation once lol, I was surprised too.

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