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  1. Well i really am a point whore(at some maps) at the same time having a lot of fun (even with the negatives) lmao, I just want to heal every single player just to earn pts. Anyway I couldn't agree more with you now, explains why its not implemented lol. Anyway thanks .
  2. I think we all noticed that when ever a map has a low points reward players tend to not buy and to not defend at all anything, for its not worth the map, which makes the game very boring. I think it's pretty much self explanatory. I wanna suggest that when ever humans win on the map, all players with negative points will be refunded. In this way people will actually try and give their best on winning the map since, first all negative points will be refunded and, second they get to win some extra points on the map and achievements.
  3. would gtx 1050 Ti or probably gtx 1060 3gb least be fine? since i dont really have much of money
  4. Oh Thanks alot amber. i guess ill go with ryzen if that's the case
  5. what is your settings and average FPS on hg with 70 players?
  6. Hey I'm looking for a good computer mainly for Gmod zs,rp and I am planning to play rust on it too but probably just mostly ZS. I saw some post that gmod runs poorly on Good PC but im not sure if that applies to every good PC. I used to play Gmod at average 30 fps on gt 560 ti 2gb, 4 gb ram ddr2 Intel dual core i forgot which exact model but it was at 2.2 ghz. Sadly it stopped working So i decided to buy a Laptop at 600$ just so i could use it at school projects. The laptop has ryzen 3 2200, ADM radeon Vega 3, 4g ddr4 . I didn't test Gmod on this since i think it wouldn't run with this shitty gpu. So now i need help in picking the right parts that would give me 60 fps 1080p at high settings or maybe medium. Does anyone of you know a good specs for gmod?

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