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  1. Monday, 7 June 2000 Damn Richie is eating all the meat rations, his starving all of us. We've gathered some survivors and the damn radio won't work! Now, I'm starting to think that the government betrayed us. Me and the team have been seeing some sort of portals opening up and when we approach it, just disappeared. Probably, the poisoned rations by the government. Pvt. James Alders 8 June, 2000 Roasterrock's team ecountered something strange, they discover a man walking sightly weirdly. They confront the man but discover... that his face was like as white as snow, the jaws were wide open and his stomache was clawed, the men were horrified and quickly opened fire on what they saw. The men stared at each other horrified and paranoid, James tells the men that it must be some sort of prank. One of the men tells him, "That's not an alien, that's not some sort of animal, that's a person!" The men calmed down and agreed to never speak of this moment again. 10 June, 2000 Roasterrock notices a strange behaviour of Private. Richie Morris. He was beginning to have frequent diarrhea, he always has some sort of pain in the head and has slowness. Roasterrock just brushed it off as just food poisoning. 13 June, 2000 Richie's condition is getting worst and is getting more frequent, a huge slew of drugs, pills and medicines were fed to Richie but had no effect. 14 June, 2000 While on a patrol, Richie and Litz were patrolling in the streets. Suddenly, Richie fell unconscious. He was dragged to the base where he began to mutate. Richie infected 2 soldiers and in return, the soldiers mutated quickly in about 4 minutes. Richie and the 2 soldiers are killed and are buried in a unspecified grave. 16 June, 2000 The radio is working again and the men called the rescue, and were promised by the United Nations that help will be coming, James is still distrustful of the United Nations. On 11:42 PM, the men heads to the instructed helipad and waited for the helicopter. It came but... Pvt. James killed the pilot and injured 5 of the soldiers, leaving the men stranded in a land of zombies...
  2. This is not my original idea, I am doing this for the fun of it because I'm bored. I plan to be some sort of minor writer.
  3. Boss Name: The Stalker Health: 2000 Playermodel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=753353801 Speed: Same as the Butcher Variant of the Butcher: Yes Upsides: The Stalker's x-ray vision is 10 times better than a normal zombie Downsides: Low Health, Anti-Stalk(Human Miscellaneous tool), Mostly useless if there's a main cade, Suppressed weapons Damage Per Hit: 40 Tactics: Stalker and Chrono Combo, Informant Appearance: The Stalker wears a grey jacket and ripped pants with duct tape. Description: The Stalker is a zombie boss who can see 10x better than any zombie, he can spot any human solo-cading or hiding. He/She can inform the entire team of the whereabouts of the solo cader/hider. Available On: Wave 2 - - - Boss Name: Ferocious Howler Health: 2700 Speed: Same as Howler Variant of the Howler: Yes Upsides: The Ferocious Howler's howl has a bigger radius, his howl effect can last 4 seconds Downsides: The Howler's attack speed is very slow Damage Per Hit: 42 Tactics: The Bunch-up Tactic(Where all the zombies bunch up, wait for the howl and then charge) Appearance: The Howler's appearance has not changed but only the head, the head is a skeleton(The Playermodel, not the prop!) Description: The Howler is a zombie boss who has a better and bigger radius, his howl effect can last 4 seconds. Available On: Wave 5 Howler Feature Description: Once, a Howler has howled, there will be a location marker which can last 2 seconds, he can locate zombies to his area of need. - - - Pukepus/Electropus Feature Pukepus Description: Once, a pukepus has been killed, he has 2 seconds before he blows into puke. Radius: 2 Miles Damage: 300 Cause: Pukepus' puke, Death Electropus Description: Once, a electropus has been killed, he has 2 seconds before he blows into electricity Radius: 2 Miles Damage: 100 Cause: Electricity, Death Miscellaneous Tool Name: Anti-Stalk Upsides: You are completely invisible to the Stalker Downsides: It will break in 1 minute of service and you must repair it with the Mechanic's Wrench Radius: 3 Miles Purchase: 50 Points EDIT
  4. Is because I have given up on the ideas, because they are shit, I am no longer suggesting any ideas unless I want to.
  5. This is my lore, I create what I want, criticse it if you want. I don't care. Btw sorry for being hostile..
  6. Stalker - Yes, I totally forgotten about it, I have updated it so.. yeah.. Ferocious Howler / Howler Features - You got me with the marker and the Howler Pukepus/Electropus - I DONT KNOW MATHHHHr3uh Anti-Stalk - Uhmm How about the lamp light, it does only 1 thing. Antidote - Is a 1 use item like the stone.
  7. I agree, I thought I couldn't use it.
  8. They are crows, they can peck.
  9. May 16, 2000 - May 20, 2000 It starts in Black Mesa, an experiment goes wrong and triggers a resonance cascade, unleashing an army of Xen inhabitants. The inhabitants wreck through the Americas, conquering Mexico and the southern United States. The United Nations sends troops but are unable to re-capture the occupied territories. The Americas are in ruins, Canada staying alive and sending their own citizens to other countries. May 24, 2000 In a matter of days, the Xen army conquered all of the Americas, the increasing army of the Xen are mostly the headcrabs which are increasing their numbers and controlling more people. June 1, 2000 A month had passed and the Xen army's headcrab numbers are increasing, they are not called the Xen army anymore but the Zombie army. A few groups of resistance band together to resist against the zombies but are not that powerful. June 21, 2000 A search and rescue mission by the United Nations sent in hardcore military soldiers who have experienced combat. One such is Gen. John Roasterrock, he served in the invasion of Panama, the Gulf war, the Bosnian war and the Kosovo war June 23, 2000 No signal from Roasterrock's team.
  10. Wait, what? Yeah, the guy at the top is rekting me.
  11. cmon zombies end quickly so i can show these humans what a pro zs player can do Yeah, I agree.
  12. I'm a bit of an asshole but.. why is it called "Revole"?
  13. Zombie Name: Chillsquid Health: 264 Speed: Same as Bullsquid Abilities: Spits out frozen balls which slows down humans Weakness: Bullets, explosions, lasers or anything used by humans Description: A blue-like bullsquid that spits out frozen balls. In-game Description: A chill variant of the Bullsquid, it can spit a chilling frozen ball to slow down humans. Boss Name: Gore Demon Health: 2750 Speed: Same as Poison Zombie Abilities: Making a bait gun to lure humans. Description: A poison zombie whose skin has the same material as the Flesh Beast, the Gore Demon can create only 1 bait gun. This boss is great for luring humans after a wave. First-Person View: Same as Poison Zombie Boss Name: Headtaker Max Health: 2990 Health: 2000 Many Humans to Kill until Max HP: 9 Humans Abilities: Killing each human will make the Headtaker more powerful and faster. Weapon: "Executioner" Axe Description: A reddish Zombine who kills each human can get faster and durable.
  14. The suggestion I wanna suggest is about loadouts. This can be equippable in the arsenal crates. There will be a new category called "Loadouts" like for example "Guns" When they access it, they will see loadouts they could buy. You could only make 5 loadouts and does not cost anything but you can allow people to create infinite loadouts. I'm not stopping you. This does not effect guns that you have, you must drop in yourself by pressing alt and press "Drop Weapon" Description of "Loadouts" category: ------------------------------------------------------------------ Exname <----------------------------- Name Exwep1, exwep2, exwep3 <----------------------------- Weapons Buy: 3 points <----------------------------- Price and Buy option ------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Boss Name: Human Kicker Health: 2460 Playermodel Codename: models/Zombie/Classic_legs.mdl(ragdoll) Speed: Same as Zombie Description: A pair of decapitated zombie legs. First-Person View: None Boss Name: The Doll Health: 2700 Playermodel: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=171925253 Playermodel Codename: "models/vinrax/npc/doll_npc.mdl" Speed: Same as Howler Description: A huge and oversized doll figure. First-Person View: Same as Ghoul and Bloated Zombie [ I'd like to add a very scary feeling, what I mean is that. If the Doll is close, it plays a looping chilling music. ] Item: Butcher's Meat Used by: The Butcher Heals zombies by pressing LMB(Left-mouse button) and can heal self by pressing RMB(Right-mouse button) Reason for adding: To make the Butcher like a butcher, the word "butcher" is centered around food and meat, if he has no meat to feed, his just like a maniac. Description: Same to the rock(Weapon by human), it is painted red.
  16. Boss Name: Ricky Swift Health: 200 Armor: 750 Playermodel Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=121566734 Playermodel Codename: "models/jessev92/player/l4d/m9-hunter.mdl" Speed: Same as Fast Zombie Description: A person with an sightly-dark aqua blue jacket and a sightly-dark brow pants First-Person View: c_arms_citizen_hands (Citizen Hands) Weapon: "Akimbo Sprayer" Uzi 9mm Damage Per Hit: 29 Rate of Fire: 0.075 Number of Shots: 1 Clip Size: 80 Movement Speed: 225 Codename: weapon_zs_uzi_duel Weapon: Grenade Rate of Fire: 1.25 Clip Size: 40 Movement Speed: 232 Codename: projectile_harpoon This is the best I can do to overhaul it..

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