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    Music, Video games, Nintendo.
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    Hello i am Zoxard or you can call me Z i have been playing Team Fortress 2 since 2016 i am saving up for a Nintendo Switch to play Super Mario Maker 2
    if you want to get in contact with me and you are on my friends list please message me on steam as i am not online on the HG website alot. have a good day! :D

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  1. Zoxard

    My New Image

    i used a gif editor thing and i used snipping tool on it i think the website was called giphy sorry for late reply i never am very active on HG forums
  2. Zoxard

    My New Image

    Thought itd be cool to make a CSGO theme image with some flashing red lights on the top
  3. yo peeps i just finished making my profile picture and i just wanted to know your opinion on it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1790894313
  4. I would suggest a sparkling lugermorph pistol
  5. thanks! and yeah they probably could
  6. Hello i made a new Garry's mod screenshot its a slow motion action scout scene i made hope you like it here is the link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198331251032/screenshot/950731044562466664
  7. What is the worst casual experience you guys have experienced? have you experienced any of these: people who taunt after kill friendlys doing nothing and gets in players ways CTF match taking unnesscarily too long etc friendlys start conga lines and dance parties making the match a friendly server friendlys screaming in the chat after you kill them which is a normal part of the game and is the objective of the match/game snipers that hit instant headshots that are wearing expensive unusuals someone hacking that makes the other team win easily but gets vac banned right after the match
  8. I really like bohemian rhapsody becuase its nice and catchy but with radio gaga that song gets stuck in my head and i love it its pretty much a good song in my opinion its also my favorite
  9. never saw that movie what is it about? it sounds interesting
  10. I was pretty new to screenshot making so this is the first screenshot i made in gmod hope you like it i know its pretty bad but i tried https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=771211313
  11. What are you up to? listening to music? reading a book? how are you doing? well for me im doing good and i saw captain marvel today with my dad pretty exciting movie
  12. what are ya'll opinions on astronomy. cosmology. science. etc.
  13. Hope you enjoyed the spam on your profile also welcome to the community. :)

    1. Zoxard


      thank you and i did enjoy the spam

  14. do you guys remeber or know the love and war cinematic sfm? well here it is
  15. Welcome to the Clan @Zoxard!


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