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  1. Depends on map to use that bonus effective
  2. I joined your anime squad look at my steam avatar

  3. Treehouse aegis cade wave 1-6 Repair/Support Main Rip @a white kleiner #HumanMain #FaZeUp
  4. Looking for somebody to make me a forum sig I have some ideas already if you are interested to help me out lemme know
  5. +1 Minecraft is super fun to play defo interested
  6. Humans get slammed 90% of the time mostly to new players not knowing a map or somebody not taking initiative to lead them. Zombie team is perfectly fine the way it is, also this is a zombie survival server not zombie escape server we have very few zombie escape maps and don't want to make it too in favor of zombie team. I'm a big NO for adding different zombie classes to this game mode not only will it make zombies over powered but people would just z main ze instead of playing human, we already lose most of the time as is.
  7. Abuse Report Abuser Name -hg- Evan Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_0:1:34033492 Where did this occur? GMod What server? Zombie Survival How long ago did this take place? 10:32 Pm EST 04/10/19 Give us a brief description of the incident. Was playing Test Facility on zs redeemed into getting juggernaut was in starting elevator which closes after wave one. Letting myself die to trigger hurt, Evan then decided to slay me and leave the server right after doing so. Proof Links? https://imgur.com/a/FOyf59u
  8. Humans are gonna get slammed, zombies get 50% off traits lmao
  9. Still not feeling it don't like the idea srry
  10. Zombies don't need free stuff they're already pretty strong lmfao

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