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    Sometimes we're too focused on our desires that we forget what we were given.

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    This ^ Starts in One Hour!

  2. Congratulations to all who ran!
  3. Learning Liszt Hungarian rhapsody no 2 :)

    1. sweetbro
    2. Snowyamur


      Interesting. How difficult is it? I wouldn't know because I don't play piano.

    3. Uni


      @Snowyamurit’s one of the more difficult pieces by Liszt, hopefully I’ll be able to learn it before 2020 comes around. :) 

  4. Congratulations poopman53

  5. Im guessing you want the points back? Don't worry you'll make'em back in no time its only like 1000 points.
  6. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay while I do respect your kinks, no please......
  7. Thanks in advance, my handmade sig looks like poop, need help.
  8. Uni

    Forum Sig

    Oh god.........................
  9. should've done this a long time ago but I just forgot. the only thing changed is that railgun = gone
  10. New phone who dis

  11. btw heres my list of people who still play regularly. (NO PARTICULAR ORDER) 1. Fatbidus (Morb) 2. Big Panda Vietnam Noodles (Pho) 3. Acid0x (white kleiner) 4. 'WHO THE FUCK BOUGHT MY GRENADES" (Mclovin) 5. " I eat ZS 4 food" (KOR) 6. Big fluffy dog picture. (Talbot) 7. "Im on Season 2 Episode 7 of High School DxD, I skip plot and oNLY WATCH HENTAI NUDE PART" (Lammmmmmmmmmmmmbs) 8. Goat mannnnnnnnnnnnnn (Goatzy) 9. idk I add in future I cannot remember 10. ^
  12. @Old Bill hmmmmmmm isnt Wanderer just a weapon-pick-up robot.
  13. Massive congrats to everybody! Well deserved! I will be seeing that shiny on y’all now!

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