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  1. I'm not proposing a crazy buff, just giving him something like quick+surged so he can't easily get mobbed by regular zombies before he can get to a decent position. From what I've seen the most glorious jugg rounds happen when he has time to get into a good position (usually up high away from zeds) and by far the worst ones are on indoor maps where he gets a bad spawn and can't relocate to a more open area in time. I get what you mean. But even without that change, wouldn't swapping his health pool and armor pool, along with giving him vaccination, eliminate the defense breaker issue with minimal change to the codebase? But then, zombies would probably just buy blood warden instead. Maybe just make his HP (not armor) scale with the # of zombies?
  2. Swap his health and armor, spawn him with vaccination, make him faster. Would be a pretty minor change. Same EHP, but ensures that survival relies on good positioning and smart movement instead of spamming rockets at the ground when you get surrounded 5 seconds after spawning
  3. Very useful info, gave me a noticeable performance increase. Silly note: If you opt into the beta, you may not be able to launch gmod by right-clicking the Steam icon from your taskbar. You may now have to launch it from your library directly.
  4. Sweet deal, the ZS server really needed an upgrade haha
  5. Played Nox frequently from 2009 to 2014ish, quit gmod for a bunch of years, then Nox died. Tried Sunrust in 2018, but it's nothing like what my favorite version of Nox used to be, not even close So i came here instead; having fun so far. The spirit of the game seems to be alive and well here, even if my old longtime gmod buddies moved on to other servers or quit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Yeah this kind of always irritated me a bit. Not like I have anything against boomsticking fasties, but sometimes you just know you won't last long enough to make T4 worth it

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