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Bart Simpson

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  1. Kongratz kiddo!! :member::thumb:

  2. Congratulations on becoming a full member of the community @Bart Simpson.

  3. Me I would those mugs look lit especially to logo @EddieCam
  4. Heres a few things you should know about me: my nickname is Jay, I have a dog, mixed with english bulldog im 13 almost 14 im in 8th grade and im a gamer cool right.
  5. welcome to the comunity saint
  6. Mine would be playing video games counter strike source mostly
  7. If anyone can help me with my awp skills It would mean alot.
  8. If anyone knows how to bhop if you can teach me and show me how to in a bhop server. ~Bart
  9. Hi I'm Bart I am one of the new recruits I look forward to meeting new friends thanks for having me.
  10. welcome to hell! s gamers :)

  11. Whats the css team speak code hellsgamers.com isnt working its saying faild to connect to server.


    1. JarJarBinks


      teamspeak is currently down

    2. Wolf


      we do have a hg discord


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