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  1. Again, this is not what I'm asking for as a solution. we have..what? 6 or 7 servers? We can't come to a compromise for 2 servers to disallow BHOPPING? It's allowed on ALL of our servers? I'm not asking for a new server..I'm asking to cater to both the bhoppers and those who don't know how to, want to learn and can't "git gud" against BHops. Compromise. That's all I'm asking. Shit, even if we make it against the rules on ONE server, That would be fine with me.
  2. Also, you're missing the bigger picture, as I knew most of the people who would read this thread would. This is not an argument. It's a discussion to a issue that is literally killing our popularity as a CS:S Division. For instance..if we allow this on the upcoming GunGame or Defuse rotations. I will not be playing CS:S on HG servers any longer. Unfortunate but I will not support the idea of players speeding around to K/D Whore and get to objectives over your average player.
  3. I don't know why I bother with some of you immature little weasels. "lEaRn2bHoP" or "Cause most of them will prob slaughter you with or without bhopping." Are you kidding me? did none of you read what the fuck I typed? This topic WAS NOT ABOUT ME.
  4. I know I've said this in the past but I feel like I must say it again. BHopping is an issue in our servers. I've seen numerous players leave because they are being BHOPPED around and can't kill said BHOPPER. I was on Office again and was watching a guy BHOP and literally just tear the other player apart. That player literally said "Nah, you can play with bots" and proceeded to Disconnect from our server. This is literally hurting our population as a CS:S Division. I don't see why we allow it on our servers. It gives players a HUGE advantage. For those who say "They can just go learn how to bhop". No, knock it off, that's not a solution nor an answer. This needs to be dealt with. Have you seen other servers population due to lack of BHOPPING? sFa server is filled Daily as a Defuse rotation map, no Bhops. FGA server is filled daily as cs and de rotations.. Numerous GunGame servers filled/very active..no BHOPPING. If you want to increase our success in CS:S we need to disallow Bunny Hopping, PERIOD. So many people come on to join our DM servers to enjoy Death-match. Those same players leave and almost never come back because of Bunny Hopping. You can not sit there and tell me it's easy to learn..or to just get over it. You have no valid point in defending something that gives certain players an in-game, engine based ADVANTAGE over others. It isn't fair and it's not right, PERIOD. I find myself playing less and less because of this but this time, I'm not complaining about ME, I'm being the voice of those who can't learn or refuse to learn how to bhop and see it plague our servers. I've played..maybe for about 10 minutes in 3 servers over the past month because of how this plagues our servers. I don't enjoy myself when I'm getting slaughtered by someone who Bunny Hops and is able to literally SPEED his way through the map. Why do we allow this? I see it only goes one way, we cater to the people who can manipulate the games engine and BHOP around an entire map in less than 30 seconds. The normal players are stuck to what? "Aim better", "Learn how to BHOP"? No. This is getting very ridiculous - Knoxtane.
  5. Congrats on GFX. :)

  6. Congratz on GFX team!

    1. Knoxtane



  7. Congratulations on being accepted to the GFX Team @Knoxtane. Well-deserved!

  8. Grats on getting moved into the GFX team!

  9. Congrats my brother! on getting GFX staff

  10. Compatible with Bedrock edition? Aka Windows 10 Edition. That's the one I have. not buying MC for $30 lol.
  11. Graphic says "Clever" event is Cleaver..lol it's driving me insane

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