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  1. Will you just add new servers or replace some? Only of the dust2 deathmatch usually have people for instance.
  2. Are the servers normally restarted every day or something? After some time, a good lag starts to be noticeble. I noticed that mostly on the dust2 deathmatch server. Regarding that, I also noticed that there are some deagles lying around on the floor, and that should also impact the servers performance and also causing that lag.
  3. Would be a cool map for an event aswell.
  4. Update: added the files for download. If you happen to check any bugs/errors, please tell me. Thank you.
  5. Hey, I bring to you a simple fps config for CS:S, which has many commands from this steam guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1700892375 Credits to: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198158411342/ This config adds the following changes to his autoexec.cfg: cl_ragdoll_physics_enable "0" // added, removes dead players from the ground g_ragdoll_fadespeed "0" // added g_ragdoll_lvfadespeed "0" // added mat_queue_mode "2" // changed, enables multicore support r_pixelfog "1" // changed, disables some fog ragdoll_sleepaftertime "0" // added, removes dead player models almost instantly This is the config right now: clear cl_c4dynamiclight "1" cl_detaildist "0" cl_forcepreload "1" cl_phys_props_enable "0" cl_phys_props_max "0" cl_ragdoll_physics_enable "0" // added func_break_max_pieces "0" fps_max "0" g_ragdoll_fadespeed "0" // added g_ragdoll_lvfadespeed "0" // added hud_fastswitch "1" mat_bumpmap "0" mat_specular "0" mat_parallaxmap "0" mat_filtertextures "1" mat_forcemanagedtextureintohardware "1" mat_queue_mode "2" // changed mat_hdr_level "0" mat_filterlightmaps "1" mat_hdr_level "0" mat_filterlightmaps "1" muzzleflash_light "1" props_break_max_pieces "0" ragdoll_sleepaftertime "0" // added rope_rendersolid "0" rope_smooth "0" r_lod "2" r_staticprop_lod "3" r_3dsky "0" r_occlusion "1" r_fastzreject "-1" r_pixelfog "1" // changed r_dynamic "0" r_worldlights "0" r_lightaverage "0" r_maxdlights "0" r_PhysPropStaticLighting "0" r_dopixelvisibility "0" r_decals "0" r_drawbatchdecals "0" r_drawmodeldecals "1" r_maxmodeldecal "50" r_drawflecks "0" r_queued_ropes "1" r_queued_decals "0" r_queued_post_processing "1" r_threaded_particles "1" r_threaded_renderables "1" r_threaded_client_shadow_manager "1" r_renderoverlayfragment "0" r_shadowmaxrendered "8" r_drawdetailprops "0" echo "Fps config loaded" Hopefully everybody already have good computers to run CS:S but still who doesn't love to have even more fps? To use the config: -Simply copy the autoexec.cfg file provided below into your Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Source/cstrike/cfg folder. I also recommend the usage of this launch options for CSS: -console -novid -nojoy To set the launch options do: Go to Library -> Right-Click Properties on CSS -> Set launch options. -console Will enable the in-game console. -novid Disables some startup videos/movies. -nojoy Disables the support for joystick (Only set if you don't use a joystick!) Thanks, rebL. autoexec.cfg
  6. Hi there, I've been making a custom GUI for CS:S and here is what I have so far: -Added the server list for hellsgamers css on the main menu. -Added "SHOW STEAM IDS" option in the main menu and have them show up in your console. -Added hellsgamers logo as the custom background for the game and changed the loading screen when you connect to a server. -Changed the topbar of the spectator view, making it clearer. -Made the bomb more noticeable by adding a background around it. At the moment, I am waiting to know if we will have another custom background. To use this custom GUI: -Extract the file given below and copy the folder hellsgamers_GUI to your Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source\cstrike\custom folder. If you happen to already have a folder created in the custom folder, then simply copy the contents of the hellsgamers_GUI folder into that folder. Thanks, rebL hellsgamers_GUI.zip
  7. I can go but I'd have to check the schedule since I'm european.
  8. [OH MAN intensifies]
  9. I've learned this skills on my bachelors computer science degree: -Web development with HTML/CSS/Boostrap/CodeIgniter. -Object Oriented Programming with Java. -A bit of C.
  10. Hello and welcome to the community. :)

  11. Congratulations on becoming a Recruit, and welcome to the HG community @rebL.

  12. BOSCH

    Congratz on makin HG Recruit! :thumb:


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