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Seymour Butz

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  1. Happy birthday, man. That stuff looks sweet
  2. I think it “works” fine. We could make some improvements, sure, but we need a dev for that. The server status on the website is broken. The server has been up for a while and it’s doing well, but it can still improve.
  3. It was decided for us when TTT was the one with the population above 10 and everything else had no population at all.. for days. Keeping TTT up wasn't just decided on a whim. It was, and still is, our best chance to rebuild our population after a large portion of it left.
  4. You're comparing two completely different servers, though. It's a ton easier to populate our TTT server. We only need 3 people until TTT gets popped. And everything is chosen automatically. People don't have to reluctantly become lead warden and try to salvage the pop. (It's also a lot easier to KEEP the pop of TTT.) Until TTT gets a stable 20-person average night, I don't see the CSGO division adding back more servers. Edit: added in parenthesis
  5. Hey. So, we've seen a couple similar threads regarding the Jailbreak server and everyone has different ideas and changes they want to see get implemented.. but, for now we're focusing on getting a (more) stable pop on our TTT server. This doesn't mean jailbreak is gone for good, but we just want to give our most populated CSGO server a better chance at growing and maintaining its population. We don't have a lot of (active) people in our division who aren't already mods. At least half the population on TTT is usually comprised of HG members anyway. We don't want to split up our numbers just yet. There have been ideas thrown around in staff chat to make jailbreak a seasonal server because that's when jailbreak gets the most populated, but we're still monitoring the activity on TTT. Back to the topic: We've all seen similar threads to this before. People miss the jailbreak server. People remember the fond memories they had on one of the most popular servers in HG. People want to bring jailbreak back.. But, it's hard to convey how much effort is truly needed to really bring back jailbreak. The things that we need the most for a popular jailbreak is... people! Active players who play often! We need people to be on every day but we don't have that many people in this division to make sure there's a steady population everyday. If there weren't at least 12 people on the server, people would get discouraged and leave. There were so many times that mods or I have notified the slack CSGO mods channel and tried to get more people to get on but people are busy and can't get on everyday. A mod schedule was made so that the mods could designate specific times to get online and try to get more people to join but that didn't work out well. I remember mods like JarJar would pick specific times later in the day so that people could get on and help populate the server and some did join.. but the population didn't grow after that. JarJar also made a couple new versions of the JB map and, sadly, that still didn't help. We told our mods and other members to "not rebel as much" so that leads wouldn't get discouraged from leading.. that also didn't pan out. We were lax on rule breakers and made sure to give people many, many chances before kicking or banning them. We loosened up on playing sound clips and allowed music to have the n word again (obviously, inherently racist clips were still banned) and that still didn't help. What we truly need are people. Active people. People who want to lead. We need creative leads that don't do the same day over and over. TLDR; we need active players. I miss jailbreak as well, but if you don't want to put in the effort to try to populate the server even when it's not fun, please don't start blaming everyone else for not stepping up and doing it for you. (This is a general "you", not a specific person.)
  6. come play trouble in terrorist town, my dudes

  7. you've ruined my no nut november guess i gotta wait until next november
  8. Seymour Butz


    Congrats, buddy!!!!

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