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Seymour Butz

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  1. yo


    1. Seymour Butz

      Seymour Butz

      what up young blood


      i could go for a slurpee from 711 right about now

    2. welchnome


      why would you sipp, when you could


  2. hey my name is brgr and im checking your profile everyday 

    1. brgr.


      hoes mad

    2. Seymour Butz

      Seymour Butz


  3. No one really plays deathmatch on csgo but it's probably pretty easy to setup. Maybe a retake server? Or some sort of game mode where people role play as prisoners and guards?
  4. damn this title is depressing Congrats, Silly!
  5. I do not see more.. mhoXGgs.gif

    1. Seymour Butz

      Seymour Butz

      Don't ever talk to me or my son ever again 

    2. ValueSensei


      I can't top that I surrender :fattyrolls:

    3. B-Nye


      GOT EM

  6. congratulations my dear alienware

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