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  1. I stop in about once a year, just to see if you've came back. I hope you're alive and well.

  2. Where are you man :(. Please T-List me..

  3. Where are yoouuu

    1. Sex Lies Audiotape

      Sex Lies Audiotape

      he aint here and dont wanna be here thats for sure :|

  4. I just want you to tlist me like the good ole days

  5. I can only think that things here would have been much different with you still here.

  6. I miss you as much/more than the people below me do. He said all freeze T's on Deazle Cage.

  7. Fuck man, I miss you. #Legend

  8. Oh Devilllll....Oh where are you???


  9. miss ya bro, i came back and your now gone also

  10. love u reddevil

  11. 1 year since you've last been on, we miss you


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