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  1. Congratz everyone! Our 3rd annual HG Elections is a huge success! Thank you to all the candidates that ran in this years election. If you were not elected, be sure to reach out to those elected to show your interest in becoming an associate or assistant Director. I'm excited to get started with the Council elects and see what we can all achieve going forward
  2. Order of Operations (Source) Assuming your fahrenheit variable is likely a double or a float. Lets say its a float for example: celsius = (fahrenheit - 32) * 5 / 9 (fahrenheit - 32) is executed first and results in a float value Next the float value is * 5, which results in a float type value again Next the float value is / 9, which results in a float type value again and thats the end result. celsius = 5 /9 * (fahrenheit - 32) (fahrenheit - 32) is executed first because of highest Precedence (Source) However next, (5 / 9) is executed and returns an integer 0 5/9 performs an integer division—that is, it always discards the fractional part—so it will always return 0 The integer type issue can be fixed by: celsius = 5f / 9 * (fahrenheit - 32) or if fahrenheit is a double, then: celsius = 5.0 / 9 * (fahrenheit - 32)


    1. Homer


      12 Nominees so far! :) 

    2. brgr.


      hype hype

    3. Miles


      ok liberal

  4. nno4Dc2.png

    is wifey an epic gamer too?

    1. Seymour Butz

      Seymour Butz

      the most epic gamer

  5. Website update: The Quote button on forum posts now works correctly. You can also highlight just the text you want and click Quote selection.

    1. Purplex


      Thanks homer

    2. SoTa



  6. Homer

    Top10 VIP Awards!

    Not enough competition for vip awards to be enabled on that server. Not populated enough @SigBussey
  7. Homer

    Top10 VIP Awards!

    Hey everyone! We have Top10 VIP now running on select servers (only popular ones). Top10 Awards are updated daily. If you are Top10 Ranked on GameME for one of the select servers, then you will receive FREE VIP+ perks and your name listed on the Top Player Awards page.
  8. Homer


    PM me the steamid that is connected to the other account that needs to be unlinked.
  9. No more 15second page loads. The website is now running on a brand new dedicated server. Enjoy!
  10. Homer

    Donations are back!

    Hey Everyone! We are getting close to the middle of the month again like last month having $0 donations. I post as a reminder because its very important we meet our monthly goal. I've just created a Donation Goal progress bar widget that will display on the top right of the website to hopefully make it known how we are doing with donations, and when we need your help. It looks like this: HG is working on bringing you new servers and website improvements. Please support HG by making a Donation Now: https://hellsgamers.com/donate/make-donation/
  11. Homer

    Donations are back!

    Donation goal this month has been lowered from $500 -> $350 due to increase in VIP+/GOLD+ signups! Thank you to our subscribers for helping HG each month. Lets complete this month's donation goal! Make a donation here: https://hellsgamers.com/donate/donations/
  12. Wow! Thank you for supporing HG

    1. EddieCam


      Thank you very much for the donation! We appreciate it

    2. BOSCH


      Thank you for your support!

  13. Homer

    Donations are back!

    Hey everyone! We need your help. We are over $400 behind for our servers bills due June 1st. Please support the community by making a small donation here: https://hellsgamers.com/donate/donations/ Every amount helps. Thank you!
  14. We love you


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