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Everything posted by RageQuit

  1. How do I stay fresh like you?

  2. hi dad

    1. James


      sirius is my dad, excuse you.

    2. Sirius


      Hey RQ! How ya been?

    3. RageQuit


      Good, wrapped up all of college and got a job, so now I can start to learn how to adult properly. I hope you're maintaining order in the world here and that things are going well on your end

  3. shhhhhh, i'm sleeping

  4. why aren't you retired staff


    this is an outrage

  5. So, we're gonna experiment with having gang channels in TS3, provided they meet very particular requirements: Level 20 or higher The gang has either: A) existed for > 60 days and has > 60 members existed for > 365 days and has > 30 members Here is the current working template; please copy and paste this into your post with the appropriate proof that you meet the above requirements.
  6. what's going on, lads

  7. how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop

  8. i am looking forward to being independent in 10 months

    1. KarmaOfPain


      fuck yourself tim

  9. thanks for the thanks, lads

    1. Joe


      See you around Rage

    2. KarmaOfPain


      I wont be mean rage

    3. Tracer


      No, thank you man!

  10. It's more that I've faded away into the darkness.
  11. User in question never responded. Please PM a member of CSGO staff to have this thread unlocked for resolution.
  12. dat's a big pupper

  13. when you're superman and you just don't give a fuck

    1. MizzMadelyne


      Extra Y chromosome?

  14. oh canadaaaaaaaaa

  15. Normally, I'd say just to review this and this, but I'm just going to take a moment to reflect on the fact that you're now permanently banned for wallhacks. Thanks for the laugh.
  16. al of your statuses suck, fite me

  17. Vote in the poll as to whether you want Throwback Thursday brought back. This is where rep is disabled, making the mode entirely skill-based.

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