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    Suicide is a massive whore. Like he sucks two dicks at the same time kind of massive whore. And he likes big but and he cannot lie. xoxo - SKay

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  1. Suicide

    Who Is Pongo?

    Interesting concept, would be a cool idea to interview some old vets to see if theyd give thoughts about their leadership reign. ...the nonsalty ex-leadership though
  2. Well that was fast lol Nice job donators Let’s see dis new sick site
  3. ayeeeeeeeeee finally, grats
  4. JB tutorial: Go CT Find Archer Freekill him You win.
  5. Already capitalizing, good stuff
  6. It’s much much more than the map. Once upon a time in CSS we were on the same map without any changes for years but still 60+ players. The leads could definitely be an aspect of it. But with population comes along good leads.
  7. Best of luck bud, I’ve seen what your capable of so I’m sure you can do it. The quicker you can get started the better as summer is approaching. If you need any help funding some prizes I MIGHT be down, who knows. Hit me up if you need more ideas cause I got plenty of em. Oh hey thanks boi.
  8. While I do believe all CSGO servers need attention, they need to be taken one at a time, and I think jailbreak does deserve priority. It's an extremely important aspect to the entire division/community itself. Staff should also start making mods become a part of this repopulation process. The more people that just idle in the server everyday... the better. You'd be suprised how easy you build a population this way.
  9. I didn't see a removal suggestion thread so I'm posting it here: ttt_nukehouse_sg_fix1 Extremely bad map, looks like a 4 year old made it. Big as hell and has like 1 bed in each room. very dum ttt_nukehouse_sg_fix1

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