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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Sometimes more geo is hard to manage, for example on the finger notches only use 3-4 edges to get the shape, it might seem like not enough but you should be using something like subdivision surface to get the final shape. I would look up tutorials for a modern highpoly workflow to get subdivision down and how to manage supporting edges to get the look you want.
  3. Ehhh having intel hd run secondary monitors can help with fps drops if you frequently watch twitch or something on the second screen while gaming (but can cause issues with some shit apps like photoshop miss detecting which card is primary). Edit: Nvm, super weird that they both won't work at the same time, maybe make sure you have the latest intel hd drivers installed as windows normally auto installs outdated ones.
  4. Nobody likes you.

  5. Happy Birthday, thanks for your work in HGDC

  6. Happy Birthday, Short!

  7. Happy birthday, Short!


    Have a good one.

  8. make sure to save the details to a plain text file
  9. throw some subd on that, your edges are not smooth
  10. blender is for plebs

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