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Found 909 results

  1. Abuse Report Abuser Name -hg- Evan Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_0:1:34033492 Where did this occur? GMod What server? Zombie Survival How long ago did this take place? 10:32 Pm EST 04/10/19 Give us a brief description of the incident. Was playing Test Facility on zs redeemed into getting juggernaut was in starting elevator which closes after wave one. Letting myself die to trigger hurt, Evan then decided to slay me and leave the server right after doing so. Proof Links? https://imgur.com/a/FOyf59u
  2. Abuser Name [HG] Wonderland [M] Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_0:1:17029986 Where did this occur? GMod What server? Zombie Survival How long ago did this take place? About 12 hours ago. I went to sleep afterwards. Give us a brief description of the incident. Zlisted/Zlocked x2, muted x1, perma gagged a player. Just finished a ZE map, server swaps over to a regular map and I'm simply gathering props. Wonderland tells me I'm not allowed to cade. References a time when I caded my way to his solo cade and brought humans along with me. I get what is a warning to not cade or else. His reasoning was I "Nail props down and I don't cade". I respond and I get zlocked. Then that point on, all I get told was "Its a rule that I cannot nail props down without intent of using them" followed by a mute. Don't have evidence of this, I was zlisted by him the map afterwards for bringing people to his solo cade. Same reasoning was I nailed props down without intent on using them. I spent 1st wave gather props and was zlisted after he saw that I was gathering props. From that point on, I started to record in-case it happens again. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time stamp/pointing out key details to smooth out the report. -Video #1: The reason why I am not allowed to cade. Simply for reference when watching video #2. -Video #2: Begins at 6:40. Best to watch it from there and watch the chat. -Video 2 @ 8:40 - Perma Gagged someone for being vocal over becoming zombie volunteer shortly after my zlock. Screenshot #1: We talk via pm because I'm muted. I'm telling him I did not nail them down with intention of "not using them". Screenshot #2: I get told "That's what they all say". I believe this requires some evidence to prove I had no intentions of barricading rather then assuming I am guilty. Screenshot #3: Not as important. But I wanted to point out game tracker states I've only played as Zorga for 1 day at the time of being zlocked. I'm not sure where he got the last 4 days from. Additionally If he's only seen me cade once in the past 4 days, I don't see how it should have affected what happens in the future. In this case, the zlock. I don't recall doing such a thing to begin with. Screenshot #4: The props I was zlocked for. Screenshot #5: The first zlock. Same scenario. I wasn't recording at the time being so I only have a screenshot but I figured I'd include it in. Screenshot #6: Not as important but may explain the motive behind me being zlocked. Scroll to the bottom for the message. I do have a capture of this in video format if requested. Proof Links?
  3. Hello. I've been banned 18months ago on the 24/7 Crackhouse CS:S server. I was casually playing until I started getting mad for no reason and started insulting people in the chat, saying complete non-sense. I was not aware of the impact my insults could have. I've since then changed and now asking for an unban. STEAM_0:1:102921170 Steam Account https://hellsgamers.com/legacy/hgbans.php?i=228604-nlgger
  4. Steam name: Normie Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:70249960 Ban type : Console Ban date : 08/02/2019 I was playing bhop earlier today since i had gotten a new mouse and got kicked for bhoping fast,i tried to reconnect but the server said i was banned. I came back on and i'm still banned on all servers.I wasn't using a bhop script or any other type of hack but i did change my jump to mouse scroll down and had my wheel on infinite scroll with my g502.This shouldn't be cheating since it is just a mouse.
  5. Name: Hisoka (Banned under the name "Apex") Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:61261438 Explanation: I think I played your TF2 servers back in 2015, according to the ban I was prosecuted for advertising cheats which does sound like something my dumb 13-year-old self would do. I'd like to be given another chance to play on the Garry's Mod Zombie Survival server. I have changed and matured to someone who is willing to follow the server rules. https://hellsgamers.com/legacy/hgbans.php?i=163367-apex
  6. Abuse Report Abuser Name [HG] Wonderland [M] Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_0:1:17029986 Where did this occur? GMod What server? Zombie Survival How long ago did this take place? 1 hour ago Give us a brief description of the incident. So white kleiner and i were joking around and he said something in the lines off that im a sausage or a erika (erika is a german song and sausage is a food that we eat in germany allot) so i said that he was a baguette since baguette is a french food and he (white kleiner) said something about surrendering sausage/erika so i said that he was a fucking surrendering baguette . a couple moments after that i got instandly kicked for racism from wonderland after rejoining and asking him why he kicked me for that he just ignored me and the others the only thing he said was "the context says it".i dont think baguette is a race . Proof Links? https://imgur.com/a/CBhk73U https://imgur.com/a/v8XZDIQ
  7. Name:[HG]Wonderland[M] Reason:abuse by slay and kick and mute me because he thought me im trolling by giving a kleiner heal materia in ze mako (zombie escape) ok so i was have the heal materia and they told me to use heal,then i told them i will use it in the elevator part until i saw the wind materia,then i dropped the heal materia for the wind(i actually did a mistake lol)anyways,a whitekleiner got the wind materia,and sadly theres a kleiner got the heal materia,and then wonder land slayed me and the poor kleiner who has the materia(probably he didnt redeem him) i told him i wasnt trolling,i dropped the heal materia for the wind materia and he said''no its troll,u was trying to troll''and something like that,then i told him i have a video,i told him to redeem me,then he kicked me(for insulting and called him abuse). Proof : https://youtu.be/kn98Z0_P_T0 and i hope the 1:30 hour will do something nice,also how is that troll?
  8. Abuse Report Abuser Name Forrest mark Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_0:0:18807892 Where did this occur? GMod What server? Zombie survival How long ago did this take place? 2 hours ago Give us a brief description of the incident. Using noclip while being invisible to attack humans/barricades and gain barricade points in an easier way, he also used god mode since he wasn't taking any damage throughout the video. I really don't like doing this but honestly it's way too unfair. Proof Links?
  9. i have been banned for a really wrong time . please unban
  10. Abuse Report Abuser Name Big6Shooter Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_0:0:6148687 Where did this occur? CS:S What server? Crackhouse How long ago did this take place? 2018-07-20 02:28 PM Give us a brief description of the incident. Banning with out proof ( Demo / Screenshots. ) Proof Links? https://hellsgamers.com/hgbans.php?i=233321-xibobi Also issued him a warning / informed him to get proof 6 month prior to this ban ( see link below ) https://hellsgamers.com/hgbans.php?i=230758-look-my-profile-for-info
  11. Hello I am finding interest in a game mode this community provides. I have been banned for nearly a year now and I learned that experimenting exploits on this community's game is unacceptable and is taken very seriously. I really do wish to be able to play the games again. I will never attempt to exploit nor infringe upon anyone's gameplay experience again. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:48410987
  12. -hg- Clan Application Game Division Garry's Mod In-Game Name Ser Aland Location Stockholm How old are you? 14 Which games (servers) do you play on? [HG] Gmod Zombie Survival How long have you been playing on our servers? 1 year I would say. What is your Steam ID / GUID? STEAM_0:0:47939538 Why do you want to join HG? I was in the clan for a bit but didn't see any benefits being in at the time so I left. But now some people have convinced to joining it. So I wanna join it to help out the server (aiming for mod) since I'm so tired of people just being jerks on the server. All members are required to be on our TeamSpeak3 Server whenever playing on our servers. Will you agree with this rule? Yes Do you have any current VAC bans? No Who (if anyone) referred you to apply? Foxhound, Valuesensei, NorthGround, The Empathetic Peacemaker Any other information you want to include? In the ts I still have my recruit rank left for some reason so you don't get confused or anything.
  13. CherryS


    Using my freebie. Basically a guy from Sweden named "hehe XD" started trolling on the TTT server and rdm'd me and called KOS. He started shooting at me so I shot him back, most of the time he shot and didnt hit and didnt call a KOS but when he doesnt shoot me he randomly calls a KOS mid game. Another RDM'r named yang higgers rdm'd me because I was "being a bitch" and complaining about being RDM'd. Its honestly such a shame as to was HG servers have become. When they start shooting I shoot back and the console picks it up and banned me for a week but not them. -hg- foxxy saw it as well as a guy named ertgurg or something like that. Thank you
  14. I was banned for spamming racial/homophobic slurs,I apologize and will be accounted for my actions. this was 2 months ago. steam id is: STEAM_1:0:142781330
  15. Hey, My Main Account is SeeMore, I was ban like 4 years ago... Can I like.... get unbanned? https://hellsgamers.com/hgbans.php?i=167466-seemore
  16. I'm not sure this is against the rules but every month you have 1 player " mayonnaise cannon" that racks up in the points to the #1 spot. He had over 3000 and now has 900, he intentionally does this to take a lot of points from players he wants to piss off. He repeatedly kills him self, I assume this helps take points away? It's very aggravating when you're trying to get top 20 for the perks and one of the servers better players is intentionally sabotaging you're efforts. He's done this 3 months in a row now, Ive said something to him, he thinks it's funny!
  17. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197978389923/ Not sure if I need more than this? I have never requested unban... I am not sure why I was banned as it did not happen while I was in an HG server. Many thanks!
  18. Abuse Report Abuser Name Bangthis Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_0:1:151669539 Where did this occur? CS:S What server? Crackhouse How long ago did this take place? Thursday April 19th between 11 pm and 12 am PST Give us a brief description of the incident. Playing with players in crackhouse (not very populated) Bangthis joined the server. Not long after he joined the server he started slapping Harold (bot) repeatedly for no reason. Bangthis went on to slap actual players once or twice and then started slaying/kicking bots. Other players weren't upset about these actions but were questioning why he was doing it (player name tt2468 had questioned why he was doing it) Bangthis never asked everyone in the server if they were cool with removing the bots he did it on a whim. Proof Links? -- bangthis.dem
  19. Abuse Report Abuser Name Ryze [D] Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_ Where did this occur? TS3 What server? TeamSpeak ZS Channel How long ago did this take place? 10 mins ago Give us a brief description of the incident. I used to talk to Ryze a lot, i even have his snapchat, meaning he added me, during the PUBG GCC tournament a while back. Months later, he is now Director and barely talks to any of us GMod players. I won't make any assumptions, but it seems that he and I aren't friends anymore. A couple days ago, we played pubg and i called him ****, his first name. Purely because thats what i do sometimes with people i know. He asks me not to, and i start calling him Ryze. He later says he would dreamwreck anyone who calls him by his first name because he prefers Ryze. I started off by explaining how i know his first name and why i initially called him by it. Other people call him by it and he doesn't care. I call Fume, Spanish, even Thorium by their names occasionally, even though Fume doesnt always appreciate it. I call fume by his old, not preferred name occassionaly as a joke, even though he ranks above me. Earlier, we were joking around, callinf Jc the Thorium of CSGO, and i yelled "yo **** why you ragging on my boy". No warning, he dreamwrecks me. Still am 20 mins later. If Ryze doesn't consider me enough of a friend to not DREAMWRECK ME, then remove me off snap and dont ask me to play games anymore. It isn't a rule to call players by their "preferred name", especially if the name you do call them by was freely given. 20 mins later im missing a 10 man, im unable to respond to Detective about an issue regarding my event, and im unable to enjoy my time in the ZS channel because Ryze wants to abuse his powers over something stupid and not on the rules. He even said "ill undreamwreck him when its time", and has a history of abusing his power on me. the ability to dreamwreck should be reserved for loud mic spam and soundboards, for an appropriate time, and yet he abuses it because he has power over me, not to mention that im in the bot desk and should have the ability to do things in general. I guarantee if Silly came in and did the same thing, Ryze wouldnt do anything or make a report. Its been 30 mins since ive type this all and im still dreamwrecked. I have read the above abuse report policy and have come to the conclusion that 1. the abuse affected my "gameplay" as i couldnt join the 10 man, couldnt talk to the people i was in the channel for. 2. used his power inappropriately because he could, over shit talking (disrespect) keeping in mind that it could only be considered borderline disrespect Proof Links? https://gyazo.com/346f1559486dbaf1dd6501b66547a7ec https://gyazo.com/65...b84ea70958802dc https://gyazo.com/f3...5c9c1971885b36f
  20. Abuse Report Abuser Name dragonslayer Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_U:1:11528714] Where did this occur? TS3 What server? hellsgameers How long ago did this take place? 2minutes ago Give us a brief description of the incident. banned me from teamspeak for absolutely no reason. Proof Links? I was not recording, there is enough witnesses You were banned for 2 hours from the server by "DragonSlayer" (ASS muncher)
  21. spirt.demAbuse Report Abuser Name -hg- SPIRITOFGOD999 Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_0:1:275309674 Where did this occur? TF2 What server? [HG] Trade 2 Minecraft 2014 | 100% Crits | RTD | GameME How long ago did this take place? 25-30 minutes ago. Give us a brief description of the incident. I was tabbed out filling out a ban report and looked back to see if anything was happening within the server and noticed Spirit spam slapping a random player, himself, and me. I feel this was abuse because not only did this admin spam slap himself multiple times, but he also slapped me. Which I am also an admin. He also spam slapped a random person as well. As a -hg- Recruit, I consider this as unacceptable behavior. I am even more surprised by his actions because I had messaged this person links on proper Admin Procedures in-game earlier in TeamSpeak3 per request. PS: This is not the first occurrence with him slapping himself or others. However it was just one or two times. I still feel using any Administrative Powers without reason or need, is abuse. However I did not take demo/screenshot proof of this and I am aware requesting for logs is not allowed. But due to there already being sufficient proof from myself, I feel that either of the Division Leaders should check just as verification I am not lying. Anything found in their searches should not be used to back up this abuse report without consent of myself and the Leader. Proof Links? https://i.imgur.com/DU666du.png https://i.imgur.com/B1ZfP8t.png
  22. Abuse Report Abuser Name Strawberry Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID 1:65398394 Where did this occur? CS:GO What server? Trouble in Terrorist Town How long ago did this take place? 30 Minutes Give us a brief description of the incident. Middle of the round were Strawberry slayed roughly 4 T's. He then proceeded to explain he had it set to a key-bind. Proof Links? http://hellsgamers.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/6714455 https://prnt.sc/idcsz2
  23. Hello Over a year ago now, maybe more i let my little cousin have access to my account and never manged to make a un ban request, im ever so sorry for his actions and i am very aware of all the warnings as it is my account i take full responsibility for his if theres anything i could do to make it quicker let me know thank you, Sorry for all the greif, Cøff℮e,
  24. Abuse Report Abuser Name mediumSitMS Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_1:1:102866117 Where did this occur? CS:GO What server? -- [HG] Trouble In Terrorist Town How long ago did this take place? 11 hours Give us a brief description of the incident. This admin suddenly banned me from this server for ZERO reason. I was not typing in chat or even talking on my mic. I didn't break ANY rules. When I saw the ban, I visited this forum for the first time and saw that he had written "Talk to me in teamspeak" in the bans thread under "Dimmy" Steam ID: 0:35171329 Is he a new admin testing his ban powers or what? Please strip this admin of his rights as he 100% abused his powers. Also, even do I don't care much if my ban gets removed, as HG is a very low pop server anyway, I would like to be un-banned. But whats more important is this admin abusing his powers and I believe he could be destroying HG's reputation. I sense he might be banning players randomly to get them to come to other servers. My vague guess. Anyway peace. Proof Links? This was an immediate ban, the ban window just said you have been banned. There are no screenshots or video of anything as a) I did nothing wrong, b- the admin who banned me did not try to communicate with me or try to get my attention in anyway.
  25. hi im mymindisblank, ive tried to talk to someone on ts3 for like past 8 hours and no one has responded to me so this is my only option. i got a forum banned for posting no less than 5 words on my promo application, if i knew the rule i obviously wouldnt have done it but do i really need the ban? i havent done anything malicious or malignant since ive joined or even for a couple years now and i just get a straight up ban without a warning. no "hey man just letting you know, you cant post on here, alright bud? thanks". done deal with it there. if i was like rule breaking in a HG server where it was causing distress and making game play for other players difficult then I would understand a 2 day ban, but a 2 day ban for a post of no less than 5 words that didnt show any thing malevolent. can i have these points removed cause its ridiculous. t hannks.

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