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Found 22 results

  1. So, I'm looking for someone to create a custom playermodel from my avatar. If anyone is fairly good at making models hit me up.
  2. Hey everyone! This is Snowyamur of the HeLLsGamers GFX Team! Today, I open my doors to making new digital signatures for people that are not only usable on the HG Forums, but on other websites as well, at least, websites that allow digital images for signatures. The signatures I'll be making are going to be different from the Animated Cards, Seyl Juice ID Cards, and Spinning Avatars that I've made in the past. These new signatures are inspired by @ForrestMarkX's digital signature, and based off of the founding design by @eXiTe, and have been custom-designed and constructed to be a modern inspiration and version of the original. I would like to give credit to both for coming up with a simple, yet slightly complex and intricate design for digital signatures. Today, I introduce the Tri-Portal digital signatures! If you have no idea why I named them that, look at my completed work below and take a hint with the name. Prerequisites So, before I jump into the request form, there are a few prerequisites that must be met in order for you to submit a request form: must be a Recruit+ of HeLLsGamers you have to make the request for yourself; you can't request for others must be able to receive your signature via HeLLsGamers' messaging system may only make ONE request form, thereby only ONE graphics request must be willing to wait within a 96-hour limit for me to make them (this doesn't mean you'll get your signature in four days; this means that you should expect to receive your signature in under 96 hours) Everything above must be verified and possible as it pertains to you or you will impair your ability to receive your digital signature with little conflict. It's possible for things to go wrong when I send my completed work to others, and in the past, this has happened numerous times. Please abide by the prerequisites to avoid complications. Application Okay, now we can get into the application-portion of this. You must fill out all the questions below in order for me to start working on your digital signature. Failure to do so may result in your request form being overlooked. NOTE: Feel free to copy-paste this into your Reply box below to answer this in a much-neater fashion. Refer to the completed Tri-Portal signatures below to get an idea of how I make these signatures, and to know what you want on them when you request for one. What name do you want to be displayed? What descriptive words would you like to be shown? What kind of theme do you want? (NOTE: it has to be a theme I can find easily on the Internet; going with something completely abstract or otherwise-unknown won't work) What character do you want on the signature base? (NOTE: it doesn't have to be a character; it can be a symbol as well, but expect something different for the base if that's the case) Would you like the base as a separate image file alongside the signature?
  3. Zoom out on your desktop/ laptop to see all the cards animate! Time to make this as brief as possible. Also, please read thoroughly so your order is correct. I am not part of HG's GFX Design team, but I like making stuff for the people of this community, as such, I created an HG-Powered ID Card. Mine looks like the one below, as well as others that I have made: If you would like to have your own, please include the following below in your order: 1.) Name (without HG tag) 2.) HG Position or Role 3.) Color of Seyl Juice (the glowing power-thingy on the left) 4.) Font Type and Color (for Name and HG Position or Role) (please include link for Font Type) 5.) Character Bar-Code (10-12 characters is the maximum to make it fit) 6.) Picture (cannot be a .gif file) 7.) *Optional* Game Icons (maximum of 5, and because we are a gaming community, how can you not have game favorites?) **Note:** - HeLLsGamers logo will remain red; I am not taking requests to change the color of that. - If you do not include a Character Bar-Code, I will just give you the tag "HeLLsGamers," unless that is what you want. If so, go right ahead. - Your picture should be as huge as possible because I can downscale it and maintain its maximum quality. - If you do not have an HG Position or Role, you can just put "None." - I am not changing the background of the card template. I've tried other templates and they looked downright ugly. - I am not accepting requests to change the color of the Picture and Character Bar-Code borders. The Picture background is practically an empty layer square I use to make the picture fit. - For the Game Icons, just tell me the what it is, I can look it up. - Please do not post random s**t and garbage here unless it is strictly requests for the cards or saying thanks for them. I can't have this thing cluttered up. - Understand that your picture will likely be minimized or maximized depending on how it looks. FAQ: When should I expect to receive my card? Since I'm off college on Winter Break, within 48 hours. Can you animate the power cells on the card in a different direction and/ or way? I spent 10 hours as a fresh animator doing this on Photoshop (more used to doing animations on Blender, Maya, Premier Pro) without understanding how to do this. It could have taken some a shorter time, good for you; I haven't been on Photoshop CS6 in 2-3 months, give me a break. Can I choose any game icon I want? Sure, if it's a game icon of a specific faction (Tal'darim from Starcraft 2, Guthix from RuneScape 3, New Conglomerate from Planetside 2, etc.) go on right ahead. Why are these free? Do you seriously want me to charge you? Is that seriously a question you just asked when I said this was free? The f**k?? Icon Credits: Valve - (Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, CS:S, Half-Life, Half-Life 2) Facepunch Studios - (Garry's Mod) Blizzard Entertainment - (Starcraft 2) Jagex Studios - (RuneScape 3) Riot Games - (League of Legends) Rockstar Games - (Grand Theft Auto V) xilefian - https://xilefian.dev...G-256-112989915 (Team Fortress 2) sony33d - https://sony33d.devi...eroes-556319013 (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes) Wolfangraul - https://wolfangraul....-Icon-186377782 (Left 4 Dead 2)
  4. I’m not part of HG’s GFX Division, so I don’t know if this is technically legal or not. If it is, then I’m happy to make your own HG Signature Card. What is this card? I couldn’t decide on a proper signature for myself. Aside from writing it, how I would display it digitally was an issue. I tried many ways to create a signature, then this came. The HG Card is basically a custom-formatted card that I created using Photoshop CS6, and it is in a .GIF format because I animate it through this software. For many people who use Photoshop, you all probably know well that this is not top-lined animation software, and this is because 4GB of RAM does nothing to support animation. However, it suffices when it comes to making animated .GIF files, as such, I thought this would be cool. The card will consist of the following: -HG Official Logo -Your Name, or Gamer Tag, and Position (if applicable and desired) -Picture of choice on the card -The actual card cover So, if you’re interested, you can submit a request form below. The following request form order must be followed to maintain organization if people do request these: 1. Your Name, or Gamer Tag, and position (if applicable and desired) Name will be placed right below picture. 2. Colors (for both your Name and HG Logo) It doesn’t have to be one color; it can be any color combination. The choice is yours. 3. Card Picture (can be a regular .JPG or .PNG, or it can be a .GIF) Limitations for images is that they must be larger than an image that is 250 x 350 Pixels, especially for the .GIFs. The larger the better. If you provide me picture file smaller than these dimensions, enjoy a low-quality picture on your card. Be sure to provide a link to the image in the request as well! It makes it much easier for me, also, I’m giving you a lot of freedom with this. Forgot to mention, BE WARNED! It's likely some of your chosen image will be cut-off by the borders of the card, but that is normal; I hope you are fine with that. 4. Font Choice (optional for your Name) Limitations for Fonts is that they must be from dafont.com. It’s easier to get fonts from there for me, plus, they have a wide-array of fonts to choose from, if you so choose. So, the request would look like this: 1. Name – Snowyamur 2. Colors – White, with an extremely light yellow hue 3. Picture – Elementalist Lux .GIF 4. Font – BatmanForeverAlternate And the result would look like this: Only one card per person, but if you want to change your mind on your card, I can switch it out for you. Your cards can look like these (Note: these are my Signatures, hence my name on most of them; I’ve made some for others as well) (will post in a moment; website screwing me over): I'll probably regret doing this for people if I get, I don't know, lots of requests (which is a great thing), but, I want to make something cool, and I thought this was cool. Also, I will try my best to get your cards out as fast as I can, but it depends on how many people want this. Forgot to mention, credits to @Alexandria, who may or may not be here, for animating the original HG Logo, of which I followed to make this possible. Thank you so much wherever you may be. Also, if you can't access your signature for any reason, please, LET ME KNOW!!! I have no problem providing an image URL. Furthermore, I would advise using these as Steam Avatars. I tried them myself, they don't work; better off using images without words.
  5. Time to make this brief. Also, please read this thoroughly. I was irritated by how many people requested incorrectly, f**king serious. Liked my power cards? I am sure you will find this next piece of simple, but cool and unique design interesting. I introduce the energy token, as shown below: But, I noticed some were tired of digital signatures. No problem! My cousin Syamur created these tokens using Var'kylan energizers so that you can have them as a digital profile avatar, as shown below: So you can have both an avatar and signature if you would like! If you would like to order one, please follow the request format below: 1.) Color Choices (up to 4; one of them will be the starting color) 2.) Image (cannot be a .gif file; include link; make it as large as possible) 3.) Signature, Avatar, or Both If you selected Signature: 4.) Name 5.) Font Style and Color (if you include the link for Font, really helps) Notes: Please do not post post random f**king s**t and garbage here. Need to keep this clean as possible to read. This is only for requests or saying thanks. I am not accepting requests for changing the casing of the token. Not taking requests for animating your name on the signature. Not accepting any bulls**t for stealing my creation, as I have credited the guy who helped me below. FAQ: When should I expect to receive my token? Within 48 hours. Can you flip the animation rotation? No. I spent 8 hours on this, figuring it out from scratch and restarting 4 times. No thanks. Can I have the avatar as a signature? ​Sure, if you would like to. Credits: Howard Pinsky - https://www.youtube....FBka3Zl0u7DGf0A (this guy is awesome and amazing! I recommend supporting and watching his videos to learn cool tricks you can use from Photoshop).
  6. I'd like to have a signature so that I don't have to just have the steam profile thingy (It's boring) Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, I am in need of a new profile picture that fits the scheme of my current signature. I want my profile picture to have my name in it (probably shortened to something like TyGuy or Ty). I want the color scheme to be red/orange/tf2 color based I want something in the photo that corolates to TF2 Thank you so much, --TyGuy464646
  8. My sig currently is really old so I'd like to update it to a better one. Since my name is Love, I'd prefer it to have hearts, with a color scheme of shades or red/purple/black/blue. It doesn't have to be all of those colors, just preferred.
  9. Hi I never thought I'd be responding to this ban or even trying to be un-banned, but I've recently had a change of heart. HeLLsGamers Trade #5 has been and probably always will be my favorite server in Team Fortress 2. I've made enjoyable memories with friends there. Around 3 months ago that of course all changed due to conflicts regarding Captain Kitty and HeLLsGamers its self. I'd like to address those situations Regarding Captain Kitty (Rose): While I did not play a major role in her harassment nor was I ever a part of the "Bottle" steam group, I still contributed to the fire insisting minor harassment's. A few months back I got the chance to talk to her. I sincerely apologized for my poor behavior and the fact that I fanned the fire. Still to this day I don't agree with how things were handled on either side, those being my friends and her. However, that still doesn't excuse my absence of compassion regarding a victim of online harassment. As for my racial remarks and incessant behavior on the servers, I apologize. While I may not be offended by those I understand many others would be. I understand where, again, that was poor behavior on my part. I was actually shocked that HeLLsGamers had given many of my friends another chance. I'm fully aware that both parties are not too fond of each other, which is why the un-bans were even more shocking. Truthfully, I've only had 1-2 problems with HeLLsGamers and both of those are insignificant in the long run. In the past few days my respect for HeLLsGamers has been coming back in regards to these recent second chances and because of this I see no reason to continue to be antagonizing. If the staff are willing to give everyone another chance, I'm willing to change my behavior for the better. As for everyone else, if I am un-banned I will not cause trouble. I'll keep my personal thoughts to DM's and other forms of outside contact. Also like everyone else, if I am banned again I won't hold my breathe for a second chance. That and all of this is entirely up to the staff of HeLLsGamers. I hope my words reach everyone well https://hellsgamers.com/hgbans.php?i=198381-beanie
  10. Hey it's me urban italk im sry for what i did is it bin 2 year im older now and joining americorps in 1 month can i join back on probation i will not do it again i been throw a lot and i got my life straight i have my A+ cert and starting to think about college in the future i change a matured and now a person who completes it i dont hack nomore in game or off game because i have a future i want to presue. i bin studying for college so excuse my gammar i bin out of school since 2013 please let me back in I have No Vac Ban But i made a new steam account because My phone got stolen I am 22 now I am appoved for americorps so im leaving July 19 I am graduate Job corp I am take my meds every day never went off them since 10 months
  11. Dear Kigen and the Hellsgamers Community, Please accept my sincere apology for Impersonating leadership on 2014-10-07. It was wrong of me to Impersonate leadership, and I am truly sorry. I can appreciate how angry and frustrated you have been given the consequences of my actions and the trouble I have caused. I have taken full and complete responsibility for almost 2 years since I've been banned. It was wrong of me to behave as I did. There is no excuse for that type of behavior. I deeply regret it ever having happened at all and I am willing to do whatever it takes to correct the situation. Once again, I am truly sorry and humbly ask for your forgiveness. Sincerely yours, HAL 0:53845243 https://hellsgamers.com/hgbans.php?i=146410-hal
  12. So I want a signature with my name in and old computer text style font and has a background that is a box with a circuit board texture
  13. This is a thread of which you can ask and request for signatures. My job here is to make you content with the signature I've made for you, if it is not good enough. Tell me. I will only make it better. Information regarding signatures. #1 Be as specific as you can, unless you want my ideas to be the base of your signature. #2 I work with 3 programs, so I'm under no limits to what I can do. For drawings I use my Bamboo tablet. #3 It will take me between 1-3 hours to finish a signature, under circumstances where I have to draw it will most likely take a couple hours. Finished [HG] Delink [HG] WhataWackaMonk [HG] Jerm [HG] Snorlax Prime [HG] Claws [HG] Saggitch [HG] (Headband)(EG) [HG] MyMindIsBlank [HG] PersianSkillzz [HG] Mark [HG] Image Ex Lime Juice HG | Porkcow [HG] -Shift- GoKu HG| ASCII [A] [HG] Z3113_Jasper [HG] SHØT [A] [HG] SBPro [A] [HG] Herbert [HG] Silibrian [HG] Sauceome Awaiting response N/A Requests [HG] Acrasulter PunchOutTheGreatTiger [HG] Panda Jankins Slaughter House Subs [HG] KarmaOfPain "aQ" [HG] DeathShot [A] HG | Isaac -hg- JoshXy1 [HG] 7Z. -hg- JangoD'soul [HG] JehovahBeginsWith I HG| Diamelo [A] -hg- ChuChu Grimstrick100 Lilraets Spawn Matrix Snoopy Delink SilentGuide Ghetto Buffalo Mr.Triangle Bennyy GhostNinjaX MagicMan Comic King I have been drawing for a very long time. But here are some forum signatures I've made.
  14. Hello again Everyone, Well, I finally bit the bullet. Seems like a ways away since we've been in contact, both HG and the "unmentional" group. I think enough time has passed to join you guys once again, whether it be in JB or mini games. Cheers! Also, my account wasn't in the ban forums so here you go. "PhizZle" STEAM_0:1:2324265
  15. Hi, I left the SlayersGAming steam group, could someone unban me please. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49897094
  16. Hello everyone! I am very new to HG but I noticed we did not have a forum for ArmA 3. Not sure if this is a new division of HG but I figure I would ask. A place to discuss tactics, report bugs for our running servers, suggestions that anyone may have for addition to the modded ArmA 3 servers, etc. Just a suggestion and this may be in the works already for all I know lol Anyway; That's my piece.
  17. So This is my old desktop. http://i.imgur.com/JiUE9S5.png I'm going to try to build one my own this time. I don't have much experience and will be looking a lot of how to videos. 1. Budget $1500-2000 2. Brand preferences None-unless a brand is known to have a lot of problems. 3. What do you plan to do with the machine? Gaming 4. Is there a place where you'd like to get the parts from? Does not bother me, I will still be taking an extra look to compare prices. 5. What parts (if any) do you have already that you don't need upgraded? None 6. Do you plan to overlock? Possibly If I have someone show me but for now I will say no 7. Do you have an OS (e.g. Windows) that you can use for this computer? No but would like to stick to windows 7 because of a lot of incompatibility with windows 8 etc etc Keep In mind that I will be buying part by part slowly and will not be a one shot deal. I would also like to have room for future upgrades when the time comes.
  18. I would like to have a signature geared towards GMOD with a black lamborghini (with yellow brake pads and blacked out windows if you can) and the HG symbol with my name like [symbol] -hg- Captaincracker. I'd like the colors to be black, yellow, red and any other bright/warm colors. I would appreciate this so much, thank you! If you play PERP, I will offer 100k perp cash for a good job!
  19. demo.dem This guy was speed hacking and punch whoring. Sorry but I couldn't see the name clearly. See if you can figure out who he is.
  20. Requesting is currently: OPEN! Just follow the template (at the bottom) You can request a profile picture, TS3 avatar, and of course, a signature! I will do my best to make what you want, and if you dont like it, i wont be offended here is some of my recent work: http://i.imgur.com/ZV42lPV.png http://i.imgur.com/BipchwW.png http://i.imgur.com/1FGnrir.png APPLICATION ----------------------------------- 1: TS3 avatar/sig/profile pic: 2: What color background/style: 3: What pictures/ focus point (i.e soldier, stun stick, ak47, e.t.c): 4: What should it say?: 5: Links to pictures/ fonts/ backgrounds you may want: 6: Extras :
  21. So, my friend got banned from the community and the PERP server, and he would like to appeal. I've searched high and low for a proper place (in the forums) for him to appeal his ban but I found no such sub-forum. So before he goes about making another forum account and screw up more (though he didn't screw up in the first place, his parents are a**holes) I thought I might ask where he should put it. And, please go easy on him, he didn't do anything wrong. His parents apparently (forgive me if I'm wrong) contacted HG and asked to have him community banned. And now he's banned from PERP, too, but I don't see his name on the bans list...

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