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    that's some bullshit An error was encountered while processing your request:

    This item is currently unavailable in your region
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    awww haha
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The crackwhores 3 event will be starting very soon. Make sure to hop on and have some fun tonight :) More info here: https://hellsgamers.com/calendar/event/1148-crackwhores-3/
Today, 05:36 PM
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ayy I got a new pc, now I just have to redownload everything
Today, 05:18 PM
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ValueSensei → Misterlol29

Welcome to HG :)
Today, 03:33 PM
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    Thank you sir/ma'am.
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Aerith Ashur

being sick sucks :(
Today, 03:12 PM
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Skrt Skrt Gaming
Today, 01:10 PM
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CYnth1A Ad4m5

Midnight Proj coming soon
1 - The Writings/Episodes and Designs.
Today, 07:37 AM
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> (22 September 2018 - 08:53 PM) tfw you log in to steam after weeks of not playing ZS and you see the server down
Today, 06:53 AM
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CYnth1A Ad4m5

I'm so excited, one of my friends that works on Steam is going to give me something soon. He's debating between giving me $50 on Steam or Festivized Night Terror Scattergun with the Unusual Effect = Hot.
Today, 02:11 AM
CYnth1A Ad4m5's Photo

CYnth1A Ad4m5

I finished a sketch of myself for when I do drawing livestreams on my YT Channel.
Note: I am going to be making a digital version of this for my thumbnails :D
Today, 12:01 AM
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skrt gang
Yesterday, 10:11 PM
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    be safe dear
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Do you remember, The 21st night of September
Yesterday, 08:59 PM
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CYnth1A Ad4m5

welp, note to self, don't let your bf control your life, and if you don't try to be friends with his friends because when shit goes down, you'll end up alone. rip me.
Yesterday, 07:40 PM
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CYnth1A Ad4m5

Nearly done with one of my assignments for the DGAC Program I'm in :)
Yesterday, 07:30 PM
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