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Found 43 results

  1. Appeal your perma-gags and perma-mutes below. If there is an issue and you feel as you didn't deserve to be punished in this way, talk to one of GMOD Division's Division Staff or Division Leaders before posting here. These punishments should only be reserved for when a user is constantly punished for mic spamming / or spamming chat with toxic remarks. A lot of the time this is for the user's own good, as they would be banned for far longer than they are muted / gagged. Do not come here to simply say "pls get rid of my perma mute / gag!" You will be ignored. Please write a more thoughtful response. Do not post your appeal more than once if it isn't accepted until at least 2 days later. If you spam this post, you will stay punished for even longer. Keep in mind that you must be in-game to have this punishment removed. Contact a MOD+ on ZS about it if you have issues. These usually aren't permanent, so don't overreact, even if the name of the punishment seems that menacing. IF YOU NEED HELP FINDING YOUR STEAMID CLICK HERE Stick to this format when posting below: Steam Account Name: SteamID: Why you were punished in this way (If you remember): Reason why you feel as you should be unperma-gagged/unperma-muted:
  2. Whoever wins this poll will receive 200 ZS points.
  3. I made a private server (singleplayer) with SteamCMD and when i try to rotate props the props rotate but my mouse moves when i am rotating. Help me fix this problem please.
  4. Just to be clear we are talking about ZS Gmod Server.. So our wonderful staff updated the server yesterday & my favorite thing about it is the new arsenal crates, they look bad ass! Sad to say along with every new update spawns a new bug.. not anything major tho its just I joined in a ZS game right before I went to court today, which was a hour & a half ago took 30 minutes to get there, 30 minutes of talking & 30 minutes back, when I came back I was in a whole NEW GAME on WAVE 3 with no indication of being AFK or a kick timer I was just spectating & I realized it wasn't just me getting this AFK BUG because we had a AFK boss on our team the rest of the game & people kept making polls to get him kicked but nothing happened so I just made this forum so it could get fixed, thank you.
  5. Hey everyone, been a bit and I thought I would try something new and share my thoughts on some new additions I’d like to see added to the humans array of weapons, defenses and other elements. In this post, I will go through some new Worth Menu Returns, Force-Field and Turret ideas, summarising what they would do ingame and how they can further make the humans items more unique. NOTE: None of the statistical values I mention are exactly the amount they have to be (IE Cost, Damage, Health etc.), they are open to changing value based on user feedback and or other opinions. To begin with, the humans currently have access to 3 different Turrets and 1 Force-Field, and I think they could use a little more variety. The three turrets the humans currently have are the ‘Gun’ Turret which uses SMG rounds, the ‘Assault’ Turret which uses assault rifle rounds and the ‘Blaster’ Turret which uses shotgun shells. These turrets cover 3 of the 5 primary ammunition types (Ammo purchasable from the ‘Worth’ Menu), and the other 2 ammo types have potential to be turned into their own respective turrets. The ‘Sniper’ Turret and the ‘Mini’ Turret are 2 turrets which differ from the standard model. The 3 turrets currently available in-game are all suited for terrestrial combat, although they can be placed on walls and ceilings by some miracle. These 2 new turrets will be suited to becoming adhesive against walls and ceilings, again with the ability to be placed on the floor. They have a much more spherical and smaller frame which makes them weaker than the previous 3 turrets. As their names subtly imply, the ‘Sniper’ Turret would take sniper rifle rounds and the ‘Mini’ Turret would take pistol rounds as obviously, there are no turrets in-game who use either ammunition types. Each of the turrets are capable of 360° horizontal and vertical turns. They would both be available in the ‘Worth’ Menu and the Arsenal Crate for 60 points each. They can be purchased by anyone in the ‘Worth’ Menu but have a limited stock of 3 in the ‘Arsenal’ Crate respectively. The ‘Sniper’ Turret can perform said rotations as mentioned above, but moves and fires the slowest of any turret in-game. However, the turret deals 150 damage per shot and has a fire-rate of 1 shot / 1.5 seconds. This turret is capable of carrying 80 bullets, slowly and gradually firing each one and has an integrity of 80%, being slightly weaker than the 3 current turrets. The ‘Mini’ Turret can also perform, move and rotate as mentioned above, instead moving and firing the fastest of of any turret in-game, possessing a fire-rate of 25 bullets / per-second. The downside with this turret is that it deals 15 damage per shot and has an integrity of 70%. This turret can hold 350 pistol ammunition which can be fired out easily. Overall, these 2 new turrets will provide a new way to defend against zombies, differing from the standard 3 ground based turrets. The design can be experimented with more, hopefully retaining the same spherical shape, but is open to community ideas. Next up is the Force-Field, being a reliable and goto item in the Arsenal Crate, it's definitely got alot going for it. However, I feel it is due for some new additions of its type of deployable. The Force-Field currently comes in 1 model, being a basic rectangular plane with the ability to stop poison and other projectiles. I would like to see some new types of force-field in-which I hope will make using them much more flexible. Before adding these, I would change the name of the current force-field from Force Field Emitter to ‘Pane’ Force-Field so each new addition can be different from one another. But regardless, I would like to introduce these 3 new force-field types, the ‘Lower’ Force-Field, the ‘Curved’ Force-Field and the ‘Spherical’ Force-Field. These 3 new items should be added to make the current usage of force-fields more convenient for the human team. Each one of the caters to a specific entry point / cade holding position. Everyone one of these new force-fields would be available in the Arsenal Crate for their own respective prices, placing at a stock of 2 each. The ‘Lower’ Force-Field would cost 80 points and is shaped as an elongated rectangle, this force-field would work on defending smaller windows or entrances to the interior of a cade, this force-field is also somewhat weaker than the others. The ‘Curved’ Force-Field would cost 100 points and works on defending a primary attack point of the zombies, curving at a 90° angle and protecting more humans, however it’s has more exposure to poison and other projectiles. And the ‘Spherical’ Force-Field would cost 150 points and be able to hide humans inside of it, defending them from all angles, its downsides include the fact that it’s extremely vulnerable to poison at that. Overall, for these new force-fields will make use of unfilled niches in cades, preventing projectile based attacks further. And finally, I just wanted to touch base on some Returns for the ‘Worth’ Menu as I’ve also had them on my mind for a while and I think they would be neat new additions. Their value is up in the air and can be decided on if they’re given the greenlight to be put in ZS. - Asthmatic - Being near Zombie Gases will deal damage. - Paranoia - Adds a layer of thick fog around the player, limiting visibility. - Hallucinogenic - The players view will become more distorted and muffled based on the lower the health. - Entomophobia - You will take 2x more damage from Flesh Beasts. - Ostraconophobia - You will take 2x more damage from Headcrabs. - Homicide - You will take 0.5x more damage from all Zombies. - Teutophobia - You will take 2x more damage from Bullsquids. - Lophobia - When hit with poison damage, you will not recover lost health. - Schizophrenia - When more zombies come near you, your hearing will become increasingly muffled. - Insomniac - When more zombies come near you, your vision will begin to darken. - Dizzy - When more zombies come near you, your screen will begin to shake. - Aquaphobia - You will move 60% slower in water and have 50% less oxygen, with or without the Oxygen Tank. All comments and feedback are appreciated. (Sorry there wasn’t much explanation to those Returns)
  6. It's been a couple of weeks since I took a break from zs, and I just wanted know if anything has happened during this time. Like how everyone's doing, how's management, new updates, etc. Anything new?
  7. Hey everyone, been a while since I’ve posted on here and I wanted to make a little thread to get back into writing. This post will be my comprehensive list of all the classes which I’d like to see changes implemented into Zombie Survival. I’ll attempt to go in order through all the classes from wave 1 to 6, naming what I’d like to see added. There will also be suggestion classes and bosses at the end of each section. Any of the suggested classes / bosses appearances and aesthetics are not final and are merely conceptual. The bosses will be last so scroll down for those. All of my requests here have been from months of gathering information from the HG ZS sever, seeing what does and what does not work. Some of these are cosmetic changes, but most are for gameplay purposes too. There won’t be alot so expect a short thread. NOTE: This guide was going to include pictures to make it easier to understand, but it took too long to edit them all. I will mostly leave the design of these classes up to a short sentence written by me interpretation by you people. Keep this mind and I apologies for the lack of visual content. STANDARD CLASSES CLASS - ZOMBIE - WAVE 1 Make the animations less frantic and more fluid. They look strange limping around everywhere. Reintroduce the Civilian and Rebel Zombie models for variety. Having the same white model with different colours looks odd and generic. Remove the Player Colours from the White model. The flashy colours don’t fit with the HL2 theme. SUBCLASS OF ZOMBIE - MEDICAL ZOMBIE - WAVE 1 Make the animations less frantic and more fluid. Same as the Zombie. SUBCLASS OF ZOMBIE - FRESH DEAD - WAVE 1 Limit the models to humans to avoid confusion with other classes. Make the Fresh Dead exclusive to when a human is killed. They’re weak enough and serve no purpose as an offensive zombie. SUBCLASS OF ZOMBIE - GORE BLASTER ZOMBIE - WAVE 2 Nothing wrong here! An interesting and original Subclass. CLASS - GHOUL - WAVE 1 Make the animations less frantic and more fluid. Same as the Zombie Remove the alternate Green and Flannel models. They too look out of place. Remove the Poison that is ejected when shot. This is way too OP as it can easily damage players with little to no effort, dealing up to 50 damage in ½ of a second. SUBCLASS OF GHOUL - ALPHA GHOUL - WAVE 3 Repurpose the alternate Green Ghoul model for this subclass. Alongside the red colouration, this Subclass should also be different with its model to keep it interesting. CLASS - HEADCRAB - WAVE 1 Alter the hitbox so every attack taken isn't a critical hit. Headcrabs are too easy to kill and should have some resistance. SUBCLASS OF HEADCRAB - FIRE HEADCRAB - WAVE 6 Alter the hitbox so every attack taken isn’t a critical hit. Same as the Headcrab Decrease the amount of time humans are on fire from direct hits. Remove this Subclass entirely. It deals way too much damage and feels relatively cheap and unfair to fight against and wave 6 is far too long for another headcrab. Also a Fire Headcrab sounds very unrealistic. CLASS - FAST HEADCRAB - WAVE 2 Make the Fast Headcrab a Subclass of the Headcrab to free new Zombie spaces. Alter the hitbox so every attack taken isn’t a critical hit. Same as the Headcrab. CLASS - WRAITH - WAVE 2 Nothing wrong here! Extremely unique class. CLASS - BLOATED ZOMBIE - WAVE 3 Nothing wrong here! A well balanced class and simple class. SUBCLASS OF BLOATED ZOMBIE - SPITTER ZOMBIE - WAVE 3 Shorten the time taken to spit. It takes way too long to spit and does mediocre damage. Make the spit ball more effective (IE Exploding on contact, increasing speed and accuracy) On top of the time taken to spit, it deals barely any damage and travels short distances. Remove this Subclass entirely. This is a wasted subclass as it is not executed well. This would be more suited to a subclass of Ghoul more than the Bloated Zombie CLASS - FAST ZOMBIE - WAVE 3 Nothing wrong here! An interesting and needed class. CLASS - CHEM ZOMBIE - WAVE 4 Change the colour of the gas to a darker green. The bright lime green looks unnatural and cartoony. Change the skin to a darker Poison Zombie skin. This will make it look further distinguished. Change the name from ‘Chem Zombie’ to ‘Burster’. This will give it a more obvious name as to describe what it does. The name is also an allusion to the L4D Boomer. SUBCLASS OF CHEM ZOMBIE - LIQUID NITRO ZOMBIE - WAVE 4 Change the colour of the gas to a darker blue. Same as the Chem Zombie. Change the colour of the Liquid Nitro Zombie to a darker blue. This will help it blend in thematically with the rest of the zombies. Change the name from ‘Liquid Nitro Zombie’ to ‘Nitro Burster’. This will fit in with the Chem Zombie’s rename and sounds more solid, unlike ‘Liquid Nitro Zombie’. CLASS - FLESH BEAST - WAVE 4 Fix the size changing glitch with the model. Change the model to the Standard Antlion as it appears more insect like, therefore more suited to scaling surfaces. The Antlion Guard would be more suited towards terrestrial / ground based gameplay. Remove and Replace this class entirely. It’s just a Ghoul that can climb walls and can be executed with a much more interesting and effective class idea. CLASS - POISON HEADCRAB - WAVE 4 Change the projectile to a skull or an uneven sphere. This will make it look more natural unlike the bland sphere we currently have. Change the colour of the projectile to a darker green. Similar to the Chem Zombie. Shorten the drugged time given to humans. This too feels cheap and should be restricted to more advanced forms of poison based attacks. Make the Poison Headcrab a Subclass of the Headcrab to free new Zombie spaces. CLASS - POISON ZOMBIE - WAVE 4 Nothing wrong here! Good intermediate class for long matches. SUBCLASS OF POISON ZOMBIE - WILD POISON ZOMBIE - WAVE 5 Remove this Subclass entirely. The Wild Poison Zombie really doesn’t add much to the original, it's just a yellow poison zombie with greater poison capabilities and glowing eyes. Another wasted slot of a Subclass. CLASS - IMMOLATOR - WAVE 5 Nothing wrong here! An interesting elemental zombie. SUBCLASS - CHILLED IMMOLATOR - WAVE 5 Nothing wrong here! Another interesting elemental zombie! CLASS - REVENANT - WAVE 5 Nothing wrong here! A good idea for a class without being too OP. SUBCLASS OF REVENANT - FRIGID REVENANT - WAVE 5 Remove this Subclass entirely. It’s an out of place elemental zombie type which could be used elsewhere. SUBCLASS OF REVENANT - BLOOD REVENANT - WAVE 6 Nothing wrong here! A good alternative which isn’t to OP either. I think It’s colour is broken though, it looks like a normal revenant which is probably unintentional. ZOMBINE - WAVE 6 Add back the alternative Combine Models. They provided interesting looks, not sure why they were removed. SUGGESTED STANDARD CLASSES SUBCLASS OF HEADCRAB - MOLTED HEADCRAB - WAVE 2 “Hardened by hundreds of shed exoskeletons, this Headcrab has proven to be a versatile opponent for any human to encounter it.” The Molted Headcrab is a larger and more bulkier headcrab when compared to the other variations. Its pristine beak can inflict deep lacerations which deal bleed damage on top of a slightly higher base damage.However, its size limits its overall leap distance while also making it a bigger target. It’s appearance is a deep orange and a larger frame when compared to the average Headcrab, but I would recommend using the HL2 beta skin, instead of recolouring the whole Headcrab. This Subclass would replace the Fire Headcrab if it is removed, but it can also be placed alongside it. SUBCLASS OF FAST HEADCRAB - SKITTISH HEADCRAB - WAVE 3 “Years of evasion and survival has made this headcrab the fastest of its species and a high impact force is enough to slow down most humans.” The Skittish Headcrab is a larger and faster variation of the Fast Headcrab, it is capable of leaping further distances than the Fast Headcrab and has a slightly faster base movement speed. Its attack is influenced by its speed, propelling itself like a missile to slow down any human it hits for a small amount of time. It’s downsides include the fact that its base damage does not change and again, its larger than the average Fast Headcrab. The Skittish Headcrab is larger and has a light green tint and I would also recommend using the HL2 beta skin for the Skittish Headcrab aswell. This Subclass would be added to the Fast Headcrab IF the Fast Headcrab doesn’t become a Subclass for the Headcrab. SUBCLASS OF WRAITH - APPARITION - WAVE 3 “After wandering for too many undisturbed years, a Wraith has corrupted into an Apparition, an aggressive and psychotic entity bent on the suffering of others.” The Apparition is a being of anguish who yearns to see the pain of others. The desire to haunt is unknown, but it’s good at its job. The Apparition doesn’t become visible based on movement speed, but rather stays at the same low transparency regardless of momentum. When it attacks, it reveals itself for a few seconds before vanishing again. The Apparition deals the same amount of damage as the Wraith, but blinds humans aswell. On top of this, the ‘scream’ attack can deafen humans for a short amount of time. The Apparition takes on the form of a ghastly skeleton, being slightly visible to the naked eye and would be a Subclass for the Wraith. SUBCLASS OF BLOATED ZOMBIE - SPITTER - WAVE 3 “Poison has brought distraught onto this human, being transformed into a chemical wielding menace, now spitting sludge like a bullet." The Spitter is a zombie who specialises in storing and using poison as a weapon against humans and barricades alike. The primary attack of the Spitter is a ball of poison, being launched at its targets, dealing large poison damage on direct hit on either humans or barricades. If the projectile hits a surface other than a barricade or human, it will explode, shooting poison in every direction possible. Its stomach has become a poison factory, meaning that when it gets shot it will leak poison quite rapidly. The Spitter would be a Subclass for the Bloated Zombie, replacing and improving the current ‘Spitter Zombie’. SUBCLASS OF FAST ZOMBIE - STARVED ZOMBIE - WAVE 4 “Driven insane by the taste of flesh, this zombie rampages around its environments, manically thinking about its next feast down to the bone.” The Starved Zombie is a Subclass for the Fast Zombie, being a far more thinned and desperate zombie than any other. This zombie is much more frail but causes greater deals of damage in short but impactful attacks. Its elongated claws give it the ability to deal bleed damage with either the melee attack or the launch / jump attack. The Starved Zombie is thinner and quieter than the Fast Zombie and obviously, will act as a Subclass for the Fast Zombie as it is currently lacking one. CLASS / SUBCLASS OF FLESH BEAST- BARNACLE - WAVE 4 “Due to a lack of prey, the Barnacle has started roaming around walls and ceilings of buildings and other structures to snare any unsuspecting victims off their feet.” The Barnacle is an class of zombie which is capable of scaling almost any surface it comes into contact with. The Barnacle uses several claws to cling and traverse across said surfaces while also having a sinister weapon on its side. Its melee consists of 4 elongated mouthparts with the addition of having a tongue which acts like a harpoon. When attached to a human, it begins to slowly pull the human towards itself. When in range the Barnacle can deal further damage to the human with its melee attack. When attached to a prop, it stays hooked for a few seconds, dealing damage overtime until it eventually unhooks, giving it a somewhat lengthy recharge time. Its downsides is that its tongue can't reach too far and the body of the barnacle is soft and vulnerable to alot of attacks in general and is very slow. This Class or Subclass could replace or be added alongside the Flesh Beast. SUBCLASS OF POISON HEADCRAB - VENOM HEADCRAB - WAVE 5 “The last of the eldest headcrabs, the Venom Headcrab has had time to alter the structure of its poison, making it a more potent and effective venom.” The Venom Headcrab is a variant of the Poison Headcrab, being larger, beefier and more dangerous than the standard Poison Headcrab. Its chemicals have had time to accumulate to the point where they have started to mutate, transforming into a far more deadly chemical compound. Its leap attack takes alot longer to execute now, but is alot more devastating. It inflicts 15 or so damage at first and slowly takes away 60 or so health in “afterburn” damage. And like the other 2 suggested headcrab Subclasses, the Venom Headcrab is a larger target, but the primary attack now takes far longer to initiate. The appearance is a larger and more maroon / browner headcrab and the Venom Headcrab and again, I would use the HL2 Beta Skin. The Venom Headcrab would be a Subclass for the Poison Headcrab IF the Poison Headcrab doesn’t become a Subclass for the Headcrab. SUBCLASS OF POISON ZOMBIE - POISON BEHEMOTH - WAVE 5 “Another victim to poison, this zombie has expanded to the point of no return, acting as a slave for the liquids it holds.” The Poison Behemoth is a larger than average zombie, being mutated and scaled up to a large and menacing stature. The Poison has been imbued into the flesh of the Behemoth, making it toxic to the touch. The melee attack deals both bleed and poison damage due to its large claws and its secondary attack involves its own body even more. The Poison Behemoth will tear off chunks of its flesh and use them as poisonous projectiles. Its downsides include the fact that it is larger than average, making it easier to hit. The Poison Behemoth would replace the Wild Poison Zombie as a new Subclass. NEW CLASS - CONSTRICTOR - WAVE 2 “A mutated zombie is enough to spell a bad time, as is the case with the Constrictor. Acting like a spear, its tongue can slow you from afar.” The Constrictor is a zombie with an elongated tongue which acts as a slowing mechanism. Its offensive capabilities include 2 attacks, the melee and tongue shot. The melee does low damage and is very situational. In order to make full use of it, the secondary attack must be used in quick succession with the melee. The tongue shot is a mini hook attached to the tongue of the Constrictor, upon contact with a human, the tongue will slow down the human and immediately retract. This will give the Constrictor the chance to advance on the now slowed human and finish it off. Its downsides include the fact that it deals small amounts of damage with its melee and its tongue shot only slows humans, not damaging them on contact. The Constrictor would replace the Fast Headcrab slot IF the Fast Headcrab becomes a Subclass for the Headcrab. SUBCLASS OF CONSTRICTOR - CHOKER - WAVE 3 “The Constrictors tongue has attached to several veins, bones and intestines to form the Choker, a new zombie with a vice of a grip. The Choker is a deadlier version of the Constrictor, featuring an upgraded tongue and a stronger melee attack. The melee still does little damage, but it now inflicts bleeding upon whoever it hits. And its tongue has become a whole lot stronger now. The tongue now attaches to the human, slowly pulling them in towards the Choker. The human attached can still look around and shoot, but is immobile and cannot move independently. The attached human takes 5 damage every 2.5 seconds while attached as is attached for 5 seconds. After those 5 seconds have elapsed, the tongue will let go and will recharge for 10 seconds. Its downsides include it being slower than the Constrictor. The Choker would become a Subclass for the Constrictor. NEW CLASS - BULLSQUID - WAVE 4 “This Xen native species has a taste for human as much as its zombie brethren. Armed with 5 tentacles and a potent spit, this creature is not to be messed with.” The Bullsquid is a type of zombie which acts as a ‘All In One’ class. The Bullsquid features a generous movement speed, the ability to spit and a menacing appearance. The Spit of the Bullsquid can be used while moving and acts as a fast and accurate projectile. This projectile doesn’t do alot of damage as it is used to ‘taunt’ / ‘temper’ humans. The melee causes knockback, but deals little damage. The appearance of the Bullsquid is the HL2 beta model as it is alot more detailed than the HL1 model. Its weaknesses include its small health and the somewhat low damage of both attacks. The Bullsquid would replace the Poison Headcrab space IF the Poison Headcrab becomes a Subclass of the Headcrab. SUBCLASS OF BULLSQUID - FLESH SQUID - WAVE 5 “When squid and human mutate into one, the Flesh Squid is the final result, turning into a hyper aggressive beast with a appetite for its own kind.” The Flesh Squid is a mutated version of a human and a Bullsquid. Its main defining attribute is its size, the Flesh Beast is a larger than any average zombie class and its abilities stem from that. Its melee attack does average damage and has the ability to knockback humans while its spit attack is a slower, but more deadly projectile. Instead of being made from poison, this projectile is made from blood and other internal fluids. Its appearance is a menacing stature with a disturbing head at the back of its body. Its weaknesses include the fact that its size limits its speed and makes it a bigger target. BOSSES BOSS - BONEMESH - WAVE 1 Nothing wrong here! Interesting boss idea. BOSS - DEVOURER - WAVE 1 Change the material of the lead to the cable material. The use of rope on a zombie looks out of place. BOSS - KING HEADCRAB - WAVE 1 Alter the hitbox so every attack taken isn't a critical hit. This boss can get annihilated just as easy as a Headcrab even though they both serve the same purpose. Make the icon more differential from the Headcrab. They’re the exact same icon and a new one is helpful. SUBBOSS OF THE KING HEADCRAB - DOOM CRAB - WAVE 4 Remove and Replace this Subboss Entirely. It used to be a fun and gimmicky boss which could deal alot of damage and die just as quick, but is now a dumbed down version of the King Headcrab with a projectile which can be used for another boss. BOSS - LEGION - WAVE 1 Nothing wrong here! A good boss for higher areas. SUBBOSS OF THE LEGION - SWAMP LEGION - WAVE 3 Make the icon more differential from the Legion. A recolour is all that’s needed in this case. BOSS - NERF - WAVE 1 Remove and Replace this Boss Entirely. This boss has been an issue for literally a year now and It’s yet to be fixed or removed. The appearance of the Nerf is almost identical to the Fast Zombie, confusing alot of players by making them guess which type of zombie it actually is. This boss was intended to punish humans for being outside of cades, but fails at that. Its main attack is its secondary leap, which knocks down humans and keeps them down for a few seconds. This could work IF the recharge time wasn’t so long because of how hard it can be to hit moving humans, especially with high ping. It can be slowed down by bullets which handicaps it immediately and Its primary doesn’t work well with how the boss currently plays. Overall, this boss is no improvement from the Wendigo and should be replaced with a more straightforward and easier to manage boss. BOSS - NIGHTMARE - WAVE 1 Nothing wrong here! A reliable and solid boss. SUBBOSS OF THE NIGHTMARE - STEADFAST NIGHTMARE - WAVE 1 Remove the ability to slow down humans. The Nightmare is already dangerous enough and having a faster version seems unbalanced. Removing the slowdown can help it become easier to fight against. SUBBOSS OF THE NIGHTMARE - ANCIENT NIGHTMARE - WAVE 5 Remove this Subboss entirely. This addition to the Nightmare seems really unnecessary and I’ve never seen it being used ingame. Besides, wave 5 seems too late for another Nightmare and the Tickle Nightmare combines 2 good bosses, making the Ancient Nightmare obsolete. BOSS - PUKEPUS - WAVE 1 Alter the hitbox so every attack taken doesn’t deal as much damage. The Pukepus can be shredded in seconds, just as fast as the King Headcrab. It should have some longevity compared to the other bosses at the very least. SUBBOSS OF THE PUKEPUS - ELECTRO PUS - WAVE 3 Alter the hitbox so every attack taken doesn’t deal as much damage. Same as the Pukepus. BOSS - SHADE - WAVE 1 Nothing wrong here! A classic and original boss. SUBBOSS OF THE SHADE - OMEGA SHADE - WAVE 3 Move the Omega Shade up to WAVE 4. It’s easy to kill groups of humans with just some lose props, and by the time its WAVE 3, most humans would still be organising the cade. SUBBOSS OF THE SHADE - FROST SHADE - WAVE 4 Change the aesthetics from a ‘Frost’ theme to an ‘Electricity’ theme. The Shade would make more sense if it were made of electricity more than frost / ice. Change the name from ‘Frost Shade’ to ‘Tesla Shade’. See above. Move the Frost Shade down to WAVE 3. See Omega Shade. SUBBOSS OF THE SHADE- SHADOW SHADE - WAVE 4 Move the Shadow Shade down to WAVE 3. See Omega Shade. BOSS - THE BUTCHER - WAVE 1 Nothing wrong here! A solid and reliable boss. SUBBOSS OF THE BUTCHER - CHRONO BUTCHER - WAVE 4 Nothing wrong here! A unique and innovative boss. BOSS - THE TICKLE MONSTER - WAVE 1 Nothing wrong here! Another reliable boss. SUBBOSS OF THE TICKLE MONSTER - THE TICKLE NIGHTMARE - WAVE 5 Nothing wrong here! A good boss for long games. BOSS - HOWLER - WAVE 3 Nothing wrong here! A good new addition. SUGGESTION BOSSES SUBBOSS OF THE BONEMESH - FLESHMESH - WAVE 5 “While malformed bones created the Bonemesh, a severe mutilation of the flesh and muscles has resulted in the Fleshmesh, a gas wielding zombie.” The Fleshmesh is a subboss consisting of an extremely deformed body, teaming with tumors and other external handicaps. The Fleshmesh can still attack with its claws, though they deal little damage, its Blood Bombs however, are far more effective and are the goto weapon for the Fleshmesh. The Fleshmesh has 3 different Blood Bomb types, the ‘Tumor Bomb’, the ‘Gas Bomb’ and the ‘Soul Bomb’. The Tumor Bomb starts off as a normal bomb, dealing damage when it explodes. But when it explodes, it turns into 3 smaller bombs and when they explode, they too deal damage. The Gas Bomb is an upgraded version of the Bonemeshes Gas Bomb, having a higher damage output and a higher explosion radius. The final bomb is the Soul Bomb, when this bomb explodes, it deals damage and shoots out several faint skulls in every direction. When one of these skulls hits a human, they will go blind and move slower for some time. The Fleshmesh is weaker than the Bonemesh which is it's only downside. The Fleshmesh would be a new Subboss for the Bonemesh as it is currently lacking one. SUBBOSS OF THE KING HEADCRAB - QUEEN HEADCRAB - WAVE 3 “When the strongest of Headcrabs cant fight the humans, the Queen Headcrab comes out of hiding to finish the fight.” The Queen Headcrab is the Earth equivalent of the Xen Gonarch. Due to the different conditions of Earth, the female headcrab has had to change its final stage of maturity. The Queen Headcrabs main leap cannot reach alot of distance or height compared to the King Headcrab, but pulls off alot more damage on contact. The Queen Headcrabs secondary leap is a charged up jump, when the Queen Headcrab lands on a human, cade or the ground, it deals greater amounts of damage and does nearby damage to other props. Its size and movement speed are its biggest weaknesses however, making it a slow and easy target and it cant burrow like most other headcrabs. The looks of the Queen Headcrab are a more tame brown colouration with larger hind legs + mandibles and smaller front legs. The Queen Headcrab would be a Subboss of the King Headcrab IF the Doom Crab is removed. SUBBOSS OF THE LEGION- TESLA LEGION - WAVE 3 “The result of a electricity shock and a legion is the Tesla Legion, a floating and telekinetic being, capable of flight and flinging props." The Tesla Legion is a Legion consisting of pure electricity. Coming too close to this subboss will begin to zap said human in short discharges. The Tesla Legion can pick up and throw props like a Shade, but retains its flying capabilities. Bullets have no effect on the Tesla Legion and it can only be damaged by flashlights and spot lamps. It has only one weakness, which is that it is extremely slow, making chasing down humans a hard time for this Subboss. The appearance of the Tesla Legion is a grim and dark blue with electricity jolting about it constantly. The Tesla Legion would be a Subboss for the Legion alongside the Swamp Legion. NEW BOSS - FLESH BEAST - WAVE 1 “Years of pollution and mere weeks of a zombie infection has mutated this Antlion into a flesh ridden monster of an arthropod.” The Flesh Beast is a heavily mutated Antlion, its exoskeleton has been transformed into hard red flesh, making it tougher than before. The Flesh Beast uses its sharp front claws as a primary attack, slowing and causing bleed damage on any humans it hits. The secondary flutter leap propels the Flesh Beast at humans, knocking them over and dealing knockback along with it. The Flesh Beast doesn’t get slowed down by bullets and has a well built up resistance to them. However, the Flesh Beast has relatively low health and takes more damage from melee attacks. The Flesh Beast would replace the Nerf as a new boss, correcting where it went wrong and hopefully putting an end to this issue. SUBBOSS OF THE FLESH BEAST - FLESH TITAN - WAVE 3 “The malformation of a thousand corpses, the Flesh Titan is a zombie who seeks to add onto its ever growing body.” The Flesh Titan is a large entity made of several bodies sewn together into one hulking Subboss. The Flesh Titan uses its strong body structure to its advantage, head butting its opponents with brute force which will cause them to take knockback damage while also being slowed. Its secondary attack causes the Flesh Titan to go into a running motion, eventually transitioning into a charging motion. When hitting a human while charging, the Flesh Titan will lose all of its momentum and will transfer it into the human it just hit, sending them flying in knockback, where they will stay on the ground for a small amount of time. Its large body reduces its turning abilities while charging and its size makes it easier to shoot. The Flesh Titan would be a Subboss for the Flesh Beast. Sorry there wasn’t much to look at or comment on. All comments and feedback is appreciated. I don't expect all of these changes to go through, but hopefully some.
  8. Please refer to the Google Document linked below for information about this ZS suggestion: Compound Z If you have any questions or comments about this suggestion, feel free to let me know below. NOTE: I didn't include FAQ in this document because I rather have you guys bring up problems with it, then I include FAQ, that way, it's more accurate.
  9. [HG] Zombie Survival | Trait Suggestion Thread | Updated. [HG] 24/7 Zombie Survival! |US-Central | FastDL | HeLLsGamers | [X] | - Wont Happen | Denied | [✓] | - Will Possibly Happen | Approved | [-] | - Undecided | Meh Human Traits Suggestions - Heavy Hitter. | Damage increased with 2 handed melee Weapon within reasonable % | Worth Cost: 65 | [✓] | Berserker. | The lower health the more attack speed you get. | Worth Cost: 65 | [✓] | Veteran. | Shaking when low on health is decreased within reasonable % | Worth Cost: 25 | [-] | Boxer. | Significant Boost to fist's attack speed. | Worth Cost: 20 | [X] | Parkour. | Reasonable Jump Boost Amount. | Worth Cost: 35 | [-] | Prodigy. | You figured out a way to fit a 5th nail in props. | Worth Cost: 50 | [✓] | Defender. | Medkit now gives Armor instead of Health. | Worth Cost: 50 | [-] | Ghoul Hunter. | Reasonable % Resistance to Ghoul slow. | Worth Cost: 45 | [✓] | Coward. | Aura is reduced by small amount when standing still. | Worth Cost: 30 | [✓] | Adrenaline. | Receiving Max HP damage within 2 sec gives temporary health boost by reasonable amount, if not healed player dies within 10 seconds. ( One Time Use ) | Worth Cost: 60 (as trait or item) | [✓] | Laser Pointer | Standard Flashlight is replaced with a laser pointer dealing double damage of ordinary flashlight with Thrice the length , Can blind Zombies as well in case you point it at other zombies head they will get blinded for "X" amount of time "Reasonably low" ( can only be active for 4 sec, 10 Seconds cooldown )( Limited Stock: 3 ) | Worth Cost: 55 | [-] | WeakPoint |You are a spy, Any zombie with 35% hp or lower will be visible in a 6 meter radius of the player, Even behind objects "Very Vaguely" will be crudely revealed somehow. | Worth Cost: 20 | | [-] | ​ Zombie Traits Suggestions Flesh, | Increase the amount you heal as Medic zombie | BCP Cost: 1500 | [✓] | Healing Spot | Ghoul Spawn now gives half healing amount of shadow-shade in a reasonable area | BCP Cost: 7500 | [-] | Offspring | Upon purchase, The player spawns as a stronger zombie for 1 minute and 20 seconds, if the player dies, Player Must Re-buy Offspring as it sells itself when offspring dies. | BCP Cost: 850 | [-] | Trait Menu Suggestion | [-] | Dividing Individual traits under the "Arsenal Layout in Trait Selection" as "See Below" [ Offensive ] - [ Defensive ] - [ Protection ] - [ Cading ] - [ Utility ] - [ Misc ] as in [ Tier 1 ] - [ Tier 2 ] - [ Tier 3 ] - [ Tier 4 ] - [ Tier 5 ] - [ Tier 6 ] Just like the arsenal Crate. ( Traits will still be Selected in the Worth Menu ) Suggestions? Write a comment Down below with Feedback or Your own Trait idea, or if you feel like something needs changing!
  10. HELLO Can I give you a minute to talk about my new map called ZS_Abandoned_Theater this map is my first attempt on making a complete map i've been working on this map since march but haven't i gotten serious until aprÌ The map includes... -A parking lot area -Entrance area -Indoor Diner -FIRE -thats it... -did I MENTION FIRE1 !? [ �̴͎̈�̷͎̆�̷̜͛�̴͒Ì�̴̟͂�̶͖̓�̷̞̽�̵Ì̗�̴̪̿�̸͖̈�̵̈́Ì�̵̞̈�̷̢̉�̵̻̔�̵̦̂�̴̩̕
  11. Can someone tell me why tantibus is a forced obj from time to time. Like I mean forced that its the only obj on there and more obj won't come on the list until it is played. Can someone please explain why that is a thing. Because in my opinion, only skilled players like tantibus. And it sometimes causes people to leave, which i feel hurts the server. Can someone please explain to me what is happening?
  12. Today i opened a ultimate draft chest to my surprise after choosing all the cards he was going to improve them when i realized that i did not receive anything form the chest.
  13. ZS_ProjectHouse_V2 Public wanted to submit the map that me and our small team finished so people could give it a shot and hopefully get on the server Steam WorkShop Link
  14. Zs_AbandonedTheater This is my first map I ever made as it's been in development for 4 month I have made a post about this map here The purpose of this post is to get feedback from the community about my map (for example if you experience missing texture, low framerates, share opinion for area ) Here's the map file here The Map Feature -Parking lot area (which act like an arena for human and zombie -5 major room (entrance area, the lobby, the hallway and the 2 theater room) -5 minor room (the bathrooms, maintenance rooms, kitchen area, ticket booth) -5 hidden item player can find Screenshot about the map here If you don't know how to add the map using a bsp file is very simple just go to your file explorer and find your steam folder and follow this location Steam/steamapps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/download/maps once your inside the"maps" just drag the bsp file inside map folder and your done, just open your garry's mod and play my map. Thanks for reading my post hope you have fun exploring my map
  15. Recently there has been some problems with maps such as zs_yongen, zs_egypt, etc. and it seems like a poll would be useful to decide whether or not people really want these maps on the server. Maps with votes towards taking it off the votelist will be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not the map should continue to be on the server. Maps can always comeback after being balanced or changed to make the map more fair for zombies or humans Feel free to discuss below about possible fixes for maps, or reasons why maps should or should not be blacklisted.
  16. This map I found it while browsing the workshop for Clear Sky hand skins, found this very sweet, well detailed map! Here is the link: https://steamcommuni.../?id=861444149 Requires CSS, map fits pretty well with other Zombie Survival maps, its well detailed and as far as I saw, balanced. Not really much else to say other that I hope to see this map added in the future, from one of the my favorite game series. Thanks. Edit: I played the map abit more and for more details... It has couple of Melee weapons around on the map, it features 3 buildings with various props of different sizes on it, it contains 2 or 3 "Anomalies". Anomalies being 1 area with toxic barrels spilling waste on the ground, 1 area with a chemical anomaly that does damage on contact and 1 fire anomaly that does damage on the area, these anomalies are all close together.
  17. The idea behind this is to make one server ( current ) have point-saving meanwhile another server has a normal ZS gameplay/style (non-point-saving) , many people get bored from normal HG ZS due to the fact they have ridiculous amounts of points , and decide to join other servers that are non-point-saving , this idea should definitely increase the player base and make everyone generally happy . Thank you Chaotic
  18. Back in April I released my biggest obj map so far (Zs_Obj_Salvation) and although it received some success now that Im way more experienced in mapping I admit that the map kinda looks like shit, so in order to give the map the justice it deserved after a long while of mapping and loads of free time I finally managed to make a reality what I originally imagined back in the day: I present you: ZS_OBJ_EVENT_HORIZON The Map was build from the ground up and although the map takes places in a tower I made sure the map was as detailed as possible with almost all rooms having detail and a unique feel to it, it takes place on a crumbling ultra luxe tower in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, you've been stranded there with a group of survivors and its your job to safely reach the ground to be rescued, it wont be easy however as the rising zombie forces will constantly try to stop you. Even tho its possible to cade in the map, the low health props that make up the tower wont be useful for a long lasting defense forcing humans to use all those thousands of points to a good use in order to survive, zombies have the opportunity to become bosses by reaching purple lights to provide extra defense apart from secondary objectives zombies can do to gain extra advantage or remove a possible threat (for example zombies can destroy multiple machine guns placed in parts of the map to remove obstacles or destroy walls to gain more entrances to the room the humans are in) Just as its predecessor, Event Horizon is long (38-41 minutes aprox) but not nearly as long as the ridiculous 1 hour and a half Salvation used to take. Its Also divided in 4 areas, Top floor, First Checkpoint, Second Checkpoint and Third Checkpoint (Ground Level), all the areas are aprox 7-15 minutes. This Map is HG only. The Map is on da server right now, thx ATB. Credits: Map by NightShade (Salazzle) Custom textures and Models by yours truly Testing: Azona,Dank Narre,riiseabove, ATB, Cain and Harle. Soundtrack: [spoiler=Soundtrack]I decided to go for a more Rock Ambience with this map and what better ambience than the Post-Rock Band God is an Astronaut? Top Floor: ------------------------ God is an Astronaut- Paradise Remains God is an Astronaut- Helios Erebus God is an Astronaut- Suicide by Star First Checkpoint: ------------------------------- God is an Astronaut- Twilight God is an Astronaut- Shores of Orion Second Checkpoint: ----------------------------- God is an Astronaut- Worlds in Collision God is an Astronaut- Transmissions Third Checkpoint: ---------------------------- God is an Astroanut- Strange Steps NightShade- Horizon Tower Lobby (custom song for the map) God is an Astronaut- Agneya Pictures: [spoiler=Pictures of da map''] The Human Spawn Here's a pic showing the skyline from the Ground Level at the end of the map: Download: Mediafire: here Notes: This Map took me ages to make and I would really appreciate that if you like it you leave a like on the post thanks . Apparently there's a movie called Event Horizon but this map isnt based on that, I just chose the name because it sounded cool kek. I made a lot of posters and stuff for the players who helped me in the creating of the map apart from funny references and stuff I also decided to experiment a lot with physics in this map to create realistic explosions and collapses since I haven't seen really many objective maps which play with the physics (Dont worry, I tested it multiple times, there shouldnt be any broken gmod physics since all of the explosions are timed events lol) The 3D Skybox took me ages to make. I didnt throw to the trash the original soundtrack I made for Salvation, I still have plans to use it on another bigger project im working on. There's about like 20 zombies spawns of which more than 10 have multiple options for the zombies to teleport to so expect a lot of variety in gameplay. The Music is really loud so it can be heard with 80 humans shooting their boomsticks so beware headphone users who want to test this in solo. lol Its based on the VYVE Apartment Tower in Mexico City if u wonder, lol. The Final area was kinda rushed and although everything works as its intended too I wasnt so happy with how the lobby ended up looking so I'll make sure to remodel it and make it look way better when v2 comes out. I think that I missed erasing an area portal texture that was visible somewhere at the start of the second checkpoint but apart from that the map shouldn't have any other issues. It should be fixed when v2 comes out. --------------------------------------------------- Please tell me in the topic if you find any exploits or bugs so I can fix them as soon as I can thanks
  19. They get you stuck, the hitbox is horrible, they are hard to see when running and can slow you down . The Poison Headcrab is ridiculously op in obj filth and the high school part is literally impossible in day zero because between the fasties, the ghouls and the headcrabs that constantly make you stop in cold and you cant jump over it becomes a massacre and its really getting tedious and annoying. A Fix that could possibly work is making the headcrabs not collide with the humans in obj to avoid people getting stuck constantly on headcrabs Nerf a bit the headcrab damage too, sometimes they do 11 dmg per hit and if you have enough headcrabs it just becomes a rape simulator. Also nerf a bit the damage of the poison headcrab on obj, specially on filth were there are a shitload of poison hit spots in the map and they have caused us to die without any chance because we cant see multiple times. Either that or lock headcrabs on objective because they are really glitchy and not suitable for obj gameplay. Thanks for reading. Hope you take this into consideration.
  20. A while back in an update a developer was making 2 new bosses to be added into the game. One boss is now in the game and doing fine, but the other one is nowhere to be seen. Is someone working on the boss? Is it too under-developed or is it just to op? From what I've seen with the little amount of testing it and seeing it in game it looked great. It might be a little overpowered, but it looked like it could have been a really good addition. Basically I am just wondering if it is going to be something that is getting droped from development or something that might make it's way into the game?
  21. When I go to the VIP Store there is a product category that is on the upper left hand side that you can click on. It says ZS Points and when you click on it there is nothing there. All I'm wondering is if there was an idea for this or why it is just there? Did someone not remove it yet or was there something in the works that never happened? Just thought I would say something, because it is just there. If there was a post about this already let me know and I can remove it or someone could link it. Also I don't know if this is the right place to post it.
  22. Just a few minutes ago I had an idea for an Obj map that could be made. They idea came about from Ryze saying something about steal the Krabby Patty fomula, which made me think of the krusty krab map. The Obj would be to start at the Chum Bucket and make your way to steal the Krabby Patty formula. It wouldn't have to be a long map and it would be up to whoever would want to make. I thought it sounded like an interesting idea and sorry it is so vague. Hopefully this is the right place to post it.
  23. Hey guys, scarce here and welcome back to another minecraft video. ok jk But for real, after a bit of work I decided to test a bit with the zs mechanics and bring you guys a new small map until my next big map comes out next month: I present you ZS_HUNDRED_MILES ZS_Hundred_Miles is a mini obj I would say that focuses a lot on doing objectives with very few resources, humans wont be able to buy weapons above tier 2 and zombies will be constantly unlocking new classes, this is mostly a experimental interesting map in order to test new features that I will possibly implement in my next map but its mostly for you guys to have a new small almost obj map that will hopefully challenge you for a bit, xd. Its is also my best looking map so far so there's that too. xd Credits: Map by Aeris (I have a name crisis help, xd) Thanks to: Cain, Dank_Narre, Ryze and Lunar for helping me test it. Download the map here Here's some image sauce: [spoiler='sauce]
  24. Im about to begin a massive operation to remake both old and recent zs maps in order to optimize them and make them good and up to date with the new zs mechanics And Because I care about your opinions guys I wanted to ask you all what maps would you like to see remade/fixed BEFORE YOU POST: *Please give arguments in case you want a map to be remade, saying "THIS MAP IS BORING" or "I dont like dis map" isnt an argument, please think about a map you would really like to see on the list again (example: I want zs_test_facility to be remade because it had a very interesting gameplay but poor optimization and the end is almost impossible to complete) *In case you want a map to be fixed post a picture or if possible a video of the glitch or exploit you want me to fix, Im not a genie so I need to know what you want me to fix. *Im open to all maps you have knowledge about, if you know a very good map from (insert gamemode here) that could be good for zs im open to it as long as you tell me why. *I'll take my time with them and I'll be giving them to ATB as they are completed so dont expect me to finish it in 1 day. ----------------------------- Current Map remakes im working on: * zs_rip_club * pn_vault_121 * zs_obj_reactor (yes the same reactor u guys fucking love to the end of times, xd) ----- Hope you guys like my initiative, In case I begin working on a map you suggested I'll make sure to tell you in zs or ts or wherever you want and edit the post so it includes it in the "Current Map Remakes Im working on" section so you know im working on it. K Thanks.
  25. What Is Your Favorite Loadout ? This is a simple thread which means to share your ideas and loadouts in the beginning of a Zombie Survival round . Mine varies , but I mainly go Medic using a Medkit , 150 extra med power (If I recall ) , then gather enough pnts and buy a Mosin , since the Mosin is actually very good when it comes to making profit .

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