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Found 15 results

  1. Just thinking of a few returns that could be interesting. Return / debuff values of course can be changed for balance. Anemia: +10-15 worth "Bleed" status effect does 1.5x more damage Hemophilia: +10-15 worth Every hit from a zombie applies the "Bleed" status effect Re-name the unable to receive heals return to "Trypanophobia" (fear of needles/medical procedures). Insecure: +5-10 worth The lower your health, the more inaccurate you are with weapons Similar to Palsy, but with Cone of Fire instead of reticle drift. Bad Shot: +15 worth Decreases your accuracy by 25% Similar to Faulty Loader / Finicky, but with Cone of Fire instead.
  2. Could we limit the amount of poison headcrabs allowed to something like 15% of zombies when first unlocked and then work towards 40%? Just as soon as this class is unlocked, ALMOST EVERYONE GOES THIS CLASS. Why? BECAUSE ITS EASY PEAZY, ZMAIN SQUEAZY! With one bite, you pretty much have one brain if you are the second biter. This always will bring OBJ to a swift ending. This is zombie survival, not Headcrab Frenzy. sorry for not putting this in suggestions sections, didn't realize until after posting.
  3. Either A) increase the curTime (Time between attacks/attack speed) or Speed up the animation of the revenant attack to match the attack speed.
  4. Hi guys, been a while since I've been on the server and it's great to see the amount of work that Forrest and the Dev team have done with the HG ZS server. Im having lots of fun atm, and getting Gen. Roaster as last human is awesome. Here are some balancing suggestions: +Balance Suggestions 1. Remove Poison Effect from Pukepus Reason: Puke is pretty OP as it is, the poison makes it a nuisance early on (Wave 2) and could potentially decimate most cades since most caders and gunners don't usually run Vaccination (especially new players). Also, it's much easier to trigger than Poison HC since the puke is much easier to aim. Also, some paranoid survivors might start running the Vaccination trait, and it would go completely to waste if zombies aren't using Puke. 2. Make Medic Zombie Drop More Gibs (Minor) Reason: The Medic Zombie is a great idea, but to increase the effectiveness, the Medic could drop 1-2 more gibs, or maybe make it so that it spews a bunch of gibs (5-7) on a longer cooldown (maybe to strengthen a push). Having it drop 2 gib every few seconds is nice, but giving Medic Zombies that extra push might make Medic Zombie squads a force to be reckoned with. +Quality of Life Suggestions 3. Make Spitter (Bloated Zombie Variant) Projectiles pass through Zombies Reason: The Spitter seems to have less effectiveness because the Bombs seem to explode on other zombies. Sometimes you can shoot a Bomb and it will immediately explode if another zombie happens to pass by. It also makes it much harder to destroy ventcades with a bunch of zombies blocking the way. Overall though, it's great to see people still playing ZS and I hope you guys continue making HG ZS awesome!
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=128089118 The link I provided is the weapon pack that is quite awesome I hope developer and stuff manage to put this weapon pack inside the game, more weapons , more fun, more choices Above all these are just suggestions, may be reject or accept Whether the Developer gonna add it or not Thanks I'm looking forward for the gmod zombie survival https://hellsgamers.com/servers.html/_/hg-247-zombie-survival-us-central-fastdl-hellsgamers-r12 BTW, I'm a girl
  6. I'm not too sure what to name my new knife... needs some help so please suggest some names! EDIT : It's a Forest DDPAT
  7. List: Less op knockback of grims Fixing Z spawns in vertigo_v20 (broken spawns) and lampdacore (exploit) For avoiding unfair games, add a limit of a type of weapon Removing the afk to avoid being zombie Zombie list sometimes is fucked up
  8. Trampoline added near or in doge house that gives the t's a way to escape by being able to jump onto the catwalk or any other idea to use the trampoline or place would work. Making fountain actually have water would be a nice addon. Have the buttons in the new control room do something when pressed such as close a blue room door mabye. Have control room be a choice the lead can select from to be where the warday will take place. Add 4 Square back! Mabye add a vent in the wipeout pool so the t's could escape to anyplace (most likely armory) Have stairs and a catwalk that goto Infirmary to lockers (the area where the window is above deagle cage) Make deathrun a lr choice 1 Way wall in kitchen that gaurds can enter from armory so it wouldn't really count as camping kitchen (if it still does then forget about this idea) Mabye add a button to put up walls in race area near the gun buttons Bhop game somewhere? (Best place I think would be doge house) A place made for pokemon day or gatekeeper day so it can be more controlled by CTs Bring back VIP Airbubble Longer bomb distance since the bomb is WAY too underpowered for its range Fix when the gun buttons kill a chain of people near it although only 1 person pressed it. (if its intentional then my suggestion would be to remove the kill chain effect) Welp, those are all the ideas I could think of to make jb somewhat better in my opinion! Any feedback would be appreciated, bad or good works! And have a nice day! -finaled DISCLAIMER : THIS IS NOT THE PAGE FOR CHANGES COMING FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE WHO DON'T SEE SUGGESTIONS.
  9. i have this idea for a long time. and because the servers are broken (the plugins) i fought lets do it now. so i played a long time on a other server a long time ago to but on that server there was a plug in for if you pick up a weapon that's droped or for pickup. you get auto you'r skinn that you have in you'r inventory. becuase like alot of other people they have stattrak skinns just like me. and i lose alot of kills on it . so mayby a awesome idea to do ? cus eveyone is beter with his own skinns right ? or is it just me... i hope we can to this will be awesome and i think is beter for the server(s) to peace out <3
  10. This topic is related to the one I just posted, so go there first before reading this one. All new zombie ideas for the UI go here, but make sure to not post anything that isn't well thought through. Criteria: Zombie name Zombie health Zombie damage Zombie ability that differs it from other zombies Other statistics, like speed, knockback, resistance, etc. Wave that the zombie is added in (can't be in wave 1 or wave 5) Solutions to problems in ZS that exist, or would exist with the addition of your zombie The overall look of your zombie The description of your zombie (description will be displayed on the other topic) What to consider: Difficulty of adding the zombie The importance of it when unlocked (if it would be used enough or effect the match in a unique way) Simplicity of the zombie (can't be too complicated, aka too many stats or abilities) The creators name and description will be included with your zombie's name in this topic here.
  11. You know how when you blow the crap out of a fastie and all that's left is a sentient pair of legs? I don't really see the point in having this in the game. It doesn't benefit either team in any substantial way. All it does is waste ammo for humans and waste time for zombies. When I become a pair of legs I usually just find myself suiciding so I can respawn with my body and abilities back. It's also bother to deal with as a human, especially in groups, because all legs do is act as bullet sponges and cheat you out of points and ammo. Yeah sure, once in a blue moon when all the planets align the leg may score a kill, but the only thing that comes out of that is simply "XD LEG KILL" being typed in the chat. Not really something I think enhances the HG ZS experience.
  12. HunterHunter

    Free To Play

    I just finished watching the movie and I thought it was great and im not even into dota2. But it would be nice to see other peoples suggestion to this film and especially from actual dota2 players.
  13. sorry guys its not the place sorry i reopen it here
  14. I would like to propose a rule to make it against the rules to own both Large and Small Store at the same time because it disturbs the gameplay not to have competitors. According to Tehplaayer there is no reason you cannot own both which I believe is a loophole and misusing the shops. Rule 20 says " Shops are for retail purposes only! (This includes Shop A-D."(PERP Rules). If you own both shops how does it help with retail purposes which leads me to believe that owning both shops break rule 20 ESPECIALLY when the other store isn't being used. You as a clan have a time to make a rule to prevent people from owning both shops 24/7. Also by letting this slide your saying you could own both shops, not use them and be growing for hours somewhere else. Overall, you have your chance now to fix this rule and prevent everyone from using this trick because it would suck to never be able to get a shop other than a strange one. Take the opportunity and patch this loophole before it gets out of control Methland contributed to this suggestion Suggestion given based on Tehplaayers judgement rule 20 did not prevent one from owning both stores.
  15. Hello Everyone, I am thinking about doing a computer build in the near future (about 4-6 months). Therefore, I am looking for parts to start comparing stats and get a GOOD build together. To start, let's look at that template: Budget? $2,300 (will have wiggle room but that would require another month or two) Brands? Intel, nVidia, Cooler Master (or Antec), Corsair, Razer Plans? Gaming, mostly fps games such as CSS, BF3, BF4, Borderlands, COD series and more. I would like to be able to record games as I play too. Surfing the web. I would like the computer to be as future-proof as possible, I know that is hard to do with today's technology. Slight chance I will have to do some AutoCAD work on there, but that will be 2D rendering and nothing extremely strenuous on the cpu/graphics. Buying from? Newegg (Tiger's Direct if it has cheaper prices) Re-using parts? No, I plan on starting from scratch. I have various parts I can put in if I got room (TV tuner, additional Vid card... ect.) Overclock? No, but want the option to without having to replace everything. OS? yes, Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit Current Idea for the build: Case: CM HAF X or Antec 1200 V3 CPU: Intel i7 4770K MOBO: MSI Z87 MPOWER GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 770 2GB or GIGABYTE Radeon R9 280X 3GB PSU: CM Silent Pro Plat RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB HDD: WD Black 1TB SDD: Corsair Force 128GB OD: ASUS DVD-Writer Cooler: CM Hyper 212 EVO or CM V8 GTS I am also looking to get a mouse (possibly a mouse pad also). I have bigger hands so I need one that is adjustable. I don't want my hand to start to cramp up because I am trying to hold onto this mini-ass mouse. This is the mouse I am currently using at the station I'm at: http://partsurfer.hp.com/ShowPhoto.aspx?partnumber=390938-001. I can handle this mouse so if that gives you an idea about the minimum size I'm looking for. I am looking for a good gaming keyboard also. I don't know if I like the mechanical ones or not. My Logitech keyboard and mouse will suffice until I can get something of decent quality that will last for a few years. Any suggestions will be welcome. <(^.^)> <(^.^<) <(^.^)> (>^.^>) <(^.^)> <(^.^<) <(^.^)> (>^.^>) <(^.^)> Thanks for looking and thanks for the help! *Let me know if any links are wrong or not working. Thank you.*

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