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Halloween story I know its late

Posted by GodFather , 06 November 2012 · 1,292 views

During halloween night me and my friends were going trick or treating and I was trying to ask out one of her friends (who has a nice rack) so the whole night my friends helped me with her but she was on her period so she was bitchy the whole night. So after we went trick or treating we had to walk to her aunt's house because they were celebrating her...


My balls

Posted by GodFather , 18 October 2012 · 188 views

This girl in my school kicked me in the balls cuz i broke up with her friend it fahkin hurts and i said spiders when i was walking home and she kicked me in the balls again cuz shes paranoid when someone mentions spiders


Suspended without proof?!

Posted by GodFather , 15 October 2012 · 169 views

Me and my friend might get suspended for terrorizing kids first if all we dint do shit lol and we werent even there. My school is pretty dumb what do u guys think?


HG membership aproved!!

Posted by GodFather , 14 October 2012 · 162 views

I would start by saying thanks to evryone who supported me with my application. Im so happy it got approved thank u all fr eing supportive:D


Fuck homework

Posted by GodFather , 01 October 2012 · 185 views

Like its not bad enuf that you have to go to fucking school for 9 hrs and they still give u tons of homework that you just freakin learned:kill::omgimmad::gtfo:



Posted by GodFather , 01 October 2012 · 196 views

Is it normal when a 14 yr old gets angry or depressed for no fucking reason:confused:



Posted by GodFather , 11 September 2012 · 189 views

So today at school i accidentally walked in the girls locker room after PE because I was talking to my friend.



Sad day

Posted by GodFather , 01 September 2012 · 199 views

Today is just horrible so much people rebubeling :pwned:


New PC

Posted by GodFather , 03 August 2012 · 185 views

i got my new pc hellz yea no more lag on bf3 like a baws:spam::spam::spam::kill::kill: