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In August of 2005, three people formed a small clan while on a custom server run by a friend (known around these parts as Lex Talionis or "Lex"). Homer and the others laid the groundwork for what was known then as the HeLL-Ton!c (HT) clan. Running a small, homebrew, 16 slot custom server (dubbed "the nitro server") they ran the first of what would be the many servers of HeLLsGamers. They formed a small site on a bit of inexpensive web space to call their own.

What came next was revolutionary to the Counter-Strike gaming community. In November of 2005, they purchased a dedicated server box to run 3 servers: office, Dust2, and Surf. Homer worked hard to bring Counter-Strike: Source one of the first stable, high performance 42 slot servers (almost unheard of at the time). Though Surf was the first server to take off in popularity, Office soon came to the forefront. The clan expanded even further, and the HeLLsGamers community was born.

In the spring and summer of 2006, three almost unknown players from three different servers came to Homer wanting to help expand the empire. Clark, from the Zombie Mod server, Lamp, from the Office server, and DJ2, from the dust2 server all pledged their services to Homer, ready and willing to do whatever it took to put HeLLsGamers on the map. Each one purchased a server in which to run a new server type for HeLLsGamers. Clark purchased the very first HG Gungame server, which exploded in popularity. Within a week it was almost constantly full. Lamp and DJ2 brought the Glass maps and AWP servers, respectively. While neither one of those really took off, they continued to offer their services to the community in different ways. In fact, they are the progenitors of the HeLLsGamers donation system, helping to purchase upgrades to the overall network of game servers. They purchased HLstatsX, better web space, a bigger vent, and other things. HeLLsGamers continued to flourish. Over the years, we’ve grown bigger and bigger, adding more people and servers to our roster. We have undergone a few site changes, and created the HG clan, offered a way to be a part of this community for those diehards of our servers that haven't attained "HT" status. The clan separated into a few more subgroups along the way, forming the HG Council and Staff.

In 2007, bort joined the Council as a trusted adviser (Council). In return, he offers a dedicated server to the community.

Fast forward to 2009. This year brought groundbreaking changes. In the very beginning of the year, HG introduced a new server with a map custom made for the community. The HeLLsGamers Jailbreak server, running ba_jail_hellsgamers surfaces. In no time at all, the server was vaulted to the top, becoming the most popular jailbreak server in the entire world. Later on, HeLLsGamers opens up a TF2 division that quickly becomes popular, allowing the community to add an entire server box worth of game servers to the ever-growing list.

Today, HeLLsGamers currently runs over 70 servers across 5 dedicated server boxes located in various parts of the world (3 of them running on high powered 32 core systems)

Ever since the community began to thrive, the Leadership structure in HG was organized in 3 groups:
Division Advisor (dA; the lowest Leadership position; later went on to be renamed to Division Staff)
Division Leader (dL; the highest position per division)
Upper Management (uM; later renamed to Community Director)
Council (C; consists of Council Board of Directors and Upper Council)

On January 2nd, 2015, for the upcoming 10-year Anniversary of the community, Homer addressed the ongoing issues within the community and decided to spread attention on the matter. Changes were made to the core of the Leadership structure, to prevent position abuse, as well as general inactivity.

The previously known Upper Management (uM) position was renamed to Community Director (CD). The goal was to make sure CDs are involved in day-to-day operations, decision making and swift and clear communication with the dLs. Every CD is to choose which game they would specialize in, thus making them eligible to train their fellow dLs.

Division Leaders weren’t spared from an overhaul. Changes included a new, division-based, voting system that would be used only when the division is doing poorly. This overhaul granted Council and CDs the power to start a vote if they feel the division isn’t doing so well. DLs were also stripped from their LOA eligibility.

Division Advisors were renamed to Division Staff. This change gave the DSs a lot more permissions and roles. However, every DS has to train for each role in order to gain access to it. This allows each DS to be properly taught how to use things, be effective and what procedures to follow when needed. This is a major improvement because many times leadership go to higher-ups to get something done, when they themselves have the access and didn’t know it due to lack of training.

Homer also announced that for the first time ever, HG was going to have a forum available on the website for interested members to submit an ‘Interest in Leadership Position’. This, on its own, is a big deal because previously there was no way for intelligent individuals to apply.

One of the biggest implementations into HG was HGDC (HeLLsGamers Development Community). Their role, at the very least, is the most important one when it comes to source code development and map design. HGDC is the future of HG innovation, a place for creative skilled minds to join current and future proposed HellsGamers projects. HGDC would go on to have their own featured website listing the latest on development updates, list of current projects and its team members. HGDC is where HG develops new and unique game servers, mods and game modes for the HellsGamers community and its members.

At the same Council meeting, it was decided that the introduction of HG Office v2.0 would play a big role in executing some of the plans above. For example, DS certifications and training would be in HG Office v2.0. DS would have to pass training to gain access to certain features. This custom all-in-one control center would have hundreds of features for community management and leadership collaboration. One example, our own HG Chat; a replacement for Skype.

The whole of HG was in utter joy. Homer could not hide his amazement either!

‘Our 10th year as a community is upon us. Let's make it a great one!’, said Homer and so began a new era in HeLLsGamers.

On May 5th, 2016, Homer announced a transition to a second phase of the Leadership restructure. He decided to name it 'Phase 2'.

Phase 2 of getting HG back on track and addressing multiple issues among leadership involved the restructure and expansion of upper-management, which meant Council and Community Directors.

All divisional operations and structure of Division Leaders and lower were not really affected as HG underwent the transition of Phase 2. In April 2015, Phase 1, was when Homer addressed the issues in lower-management, which had worked out pretty well. The focus of the community was to be on the upper-management structure, which had been a great bottleneck to HG's operations and impairing lower-management's potential. Homer, himself, had been in need of help at the operations level, and by having expanded and aligned a new 'Council', HG was able to grow in the right direction.

Homer also addressed a brand new way of communicating with the Leadership, by creating a document for Suggestions from various members of both Leadership and the community.

Homer also announced a brand new system with Community Directors. The revamp was successfully brought to public notice later that year and HG was able to function as a big gaming community again.