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  1. Today
  2. Comment with the best tracks we would play during LR because I deleted my slam I wanna hear some good shit
  3. 07/18 Increased GL damage radius Disabled Zombines on T6 cades Added 'Hand Cannon' Bombshell Trigun Increased 'Defence Breaker' zombie trait to 7000 barricade points Added damage radius to Grenade Launcher cards Added 3 new crafting recipies - Stone + Explosive barrel = Grenade - Bottle + Newspaper = Molotov - Grim + Hurricane = 'Obliterator' Minigun Buffed 'Eraser' Tactical Pistol Buffed 'Alyx' Laser Pistol Fixed numerous typos Added Stone to arsenal for 3 points (50 stock) Reduced cost of Promethium Magnum to 180 Lowered Draft Chest to 500 achievement points Added Ultimate Draft Chest for 700 achievement points Added Headshot Multiplier to Deagle (1.25x damage) Removed unused donator models Added handcannon cards Lowered time needed between using bonus crates Revert Fast Zombie damage buff Reduced reload time for Fusion, increased damage Changed MP40 Increased damage, decreased fire rate Buffed Tommygun Revert Nightmare damage buff Revert Revenant damage reduction Changed the way card scaling per level works (Globally reduced card increase per levels) Reduced human card damage/reload/accuracy per level by 1% Reduced radius on jihad explosion per level Swapped Wendigo cards with Bonemesh Reduced Gold Scraps bonus to 1.5x, cost reduced to 6000 Added new VIP/Gold playermodels Allow Humans to suicide before wave 1 Added colors for more bonuses Buffed Zombine grenade - Increased damage - Increased radius - Decreased time needed to explode Fixed Hailstorm not working with berserker Removed bot bhopping Added command to set/create temporary zombie spawns (bandaid fix for maps with broken spawns) Fixed Godmode and Hero* rarities (same rarity as 'Heat Vision') Added more emotes Fixed givepoints menu color Made bots respond to being addressed by 'bots' Base HP increase for zombie classes (Bloated, Poison, Zombine) Added Autumn Achievement event Added new descriptions for zombie classes and bots, written by Genuline
  4. populate jb nowwwww

  5. This looks like it would be fun! Hope I can make it!
  6. Sounds like fun! Hope It will be!
  7. Malibu Rum+Cream Soda = Best smooth cocktail ever.

  8. Yesterday
  9. post here to appeal your ban https://hellsgamers.com/hgbans.php?i=234358-big-black-nibba
  10. It's not a bug. If your threads/ posts were deleted, it's likely the post count will drop.
  11. More Proof Edit: started to teleport people onto a boat
  12. Abuse Report Abuser Name gamer foxe Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_0:1:448403815 Where did this occur? GMod What server? Zombie Survival How long ago did this take place? ~10 min ago, 7/17/2019 ~15:30 Give us a brief description of the incident. OBJ Tanibus, third replay. gamer foxe decides to teleport all humans to the end, and does so. Proof Links? https://imgur.com/a/QyN2sdu
  13. Noice! Hopefully I'll be able to get on and enjoy Christmas in ZS early!
  14. Snowyamur


    H-main moment
  15. The_Real_Evan


    My potential has been unleashed Kreygasm
  16. welchnome

    Jump-Phasing in ZS

    Thats why you change the bind. Z for regular phaze V for jumpphaze
  17. Might be a bit late and necroing the post. BUT! Remember to have a bind of simply phasing or else you will be screwed on any level with a prop nailed on a ladder. Using the dummy one-step key will just make you jump off the ladder when you touch it.
  18. is it chicken


    1. Something you can eat

      Something you can eat

      It might be, depends on the person's diet most of the time though.

  19. Looks like a great event! Hope I can make it to this one.
  20. why doesn't hg do events with other communities? remember HG vs eGO 20v20..? that was a blast! pretty sure other game modes can be thought of if people aren't into a "scrimming" thing. have a universal 2v2 tournament again, the ones we had in the past in source and cs:go were successful. a lot of people joined it was very fun quick and easy..

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    2. Seymour Butz

      Seymour Butz

      Manpower. We don't have as many members as we used to have, we barely have enough to staff our divisions. There's no way I can see us expanding to another game in the foreseeable future without the help of a ton of new members. 

    3. excalibuR


      in order to get as many members as we used to have we need to branch off and try other things, because clearly what we are doing now isn't working. the thought seems to be "it didn't work in the past it definitely won't work now with less people". Obviously it will be "easier" to spread HG name and get a following through a actual server, but what is wrong on opening a division for a game for a "following/community" of people just for the game not the server ex. fortnite, rainbow 6, rocket league?

      i recommended Squad and i really think that WILL bring in many people, mature people. There are always players looking to play together and learn the game together since there are new players all the time to that game, most importantly to benefit us they are trying find a community. there are dedicated servers for this game.

      Another one I can recommend is FiveM but that takes some work. and for staff to run the new coming division if you choose to make one, let council run or other division leaders till there is someone fit to take the role DL for that division?

      tldr become a actual gaming community Pog valve = dead end. p.s. everything is easier said than done but many of us i'm sure would love to see an expansion of hg to keep the community thriving that would help any way possible <3

    4. Seymour Butz

      Seymour Butz

      This is why we have Clubs but there just hasn't been much of a push for recruiting since people just want to chill and play games together.

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