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  3. mp9 the best CT gun for sure cause Ts don't have armor. I just use ak to give you shit cans a handicap 😀
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  5. A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded. Steam Cloud Fixed files being deleted from some games which have /../ path fragments in their AutoCloud configuration View the full article
  6. Single core performance of 5050X is massively improved over 3950X. Particularly the issue with 3950X is the cache. Of course when we first crowd funded the 3950X it was the best CPU available. 5950X has been released and thus is the superior option. It also stays on the AM4 socket so we only need the CPU, we don't have to change anything else. Single core performance tests. Article detailing cache improvements. The progression of CPU tech is one of those things that you could always try to hold off for the better CPU but then you'd be holding off forever. Since the better CPU is always going to be available within the next year.
  7. I personally prefer an AK47 in most situations. This is mainly because I use it more in comp and am better at controlling its recoil than the M4. It also kills unarmored Ts with 3 body shots so the slower rate of fire actually does not mean a slower time to kill. Using less bullets is relevant as I will often use the majority of my ammo in a full round. I use an M4 on CT mainly so I can have a real skin to track stattrak with (you cannot use real AK skins on CT with how JB works right now). I switch to the AWP/scout (from their main cell spawns) if I know there is a gun in stack as I will be going for risky headshots. Also if I know its an admin room round I grab an AWP in armory to go for the wallbangs. As for pistols I think I've decided that the elites are the best. The only time I use a pistol is if I'm out of ammo in my rifle, and that usually happens when dealing with multiple rebelling ts. This is almost always at close range and the ammo capacity is the biggest necessity at that point. Also if I'm bored it lets me draw on the walls or make gunshot music. Realistically all the other guns are better in such small niche scenarios that they aren't worth equipping. There's no economy in JB so just use AK/Elite every round if you care about actual effectiveness. JB is about fun, and while I enjoy hunting and killing rebels that doesn't mean anyone else has to. Play with whatever gun you find the most enjoyable, I use an M4 just for a shiny skin/number even though I think it's worse than the AK. Some people enjoy playing with non-optimal guns and I think you could make a whole other Tier-list about the meme value of every gun.
  8. I felt like I was in school for reading that long does this count as reading a book? nice job kenji
  9. You can find me on CS:GO: JB, TTT, H&S

    You can also find me on CSS: Crackhouse

  10. Event Proposal Name of the Event: Operation Office Day Event Division: CS:GO Event Date & Time: TBD Host(s): EddieCam/King Lime Who can play? Everyone Provide a brief description of the event: Players will engage in team deathmatch with the goal of rescuing the hostage(s) on cs_office. To be played out like regular Office competitive/casual. Win the round by eliminating the enemy team or rescuing a hostage. First team to 16 rounds wins the game. Event Rules/Guidelines: Have to stay the entire duration of the event in order to receive prizes and or badge. Prizes are restricted to HG Recruit+ If caught not trying at all in the event the said player(s) will be kicked from the event and disqualified as this is not fair to other participants in the event. NO cheats, exploits, glitching, or 3rd party tools that give you an unfair advantage over other players. NO ghosting. DO NOT be disrespectful NO sexual harassment of players. DO NOT be racist or use racist terms. NO useless spamming of the mic, text, or radio. That means no songs/soundbites, especially if fellow clan members or players are complaining. NO recruiting or advertising for other clans in here. DO NOT wear the -hg- / [HG] / HG | tag unless you are a part of HG and are assigned that rank. All HG Recruits+ are required to wear their respective clan tags. NO name impersonation of anyone. If you are caught trying to crash or lag the server, you will be permanently banned. Event Prizes: The top 3 will be determined by score, not kills. First place: steam gift card Second place: Choice of either a) HG mug + HG lanyard OR HG t-shirt from merch shop or b) 25k JB rep (21k provided by King Lime and 4k provided by HG) Third place: whichever choice second place didn't choose One person from each team will win a seasonal pass to either Six Flags (USA) or Canada's Wonderland (Canada). The winner is to be determined by the raffle.! (value of USD) (value of 0 CAD) GFX Specifications: I will be taking care of the GFX (Optional) Development Specifications: Map Options - Player Models - TBD Fortis can set up the rest and has everything ready to go from previous events of mine (Optional) Additional Details: Nothing!
  11. Damn this looks like a lot of time and effort was put into this. Well done Kenji!
  12. Thank you for the donation, Spock!

  13. I don't know much about CPU specifics. But, it seems like an upgrade from our current CPU so good job Homer!
  14. The single-core performance will increase going from our 3950X to the 5950X. ZS will see a benefit along with all the code improvements that Kigen has been doing. Rust will benefit the most as it uses up to 8+ cores
  15. no one will prove you wrong, but the cores are useful for all of the other servers that HG runs
  16. I don't play ZS as much as I used to anymore, but I will say this: keep in-mind that Garry's Mod uses single-core rendering. It doesn't run on multiple cores, and when we got the new server box, I don't think it helped ZS as much as intended. Then again, ZS lagged all the time due to the code, not the CPU. I'm no techie, but even with multiple cores, the new processor might not help Garry's Mod run more effectively because of how it is right now. If it does, I would like to be proven wrong.
  17. Damn rip minigames

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