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  2. As one of the answers on the survey said, fuck you @welchnome for putting up a random survey with no purpose, all because you were bored.
  3. Congrats on Recruit!! Love you!!! <3 Forever and ever mega best briend!! 

    1. deer<



  4. Congratulations on your promotion to TF2 -hg- Recruit! Glad to see you back.

  5. Please figure out what account you want to play on and associate it on the forums properly by going here.
  6. Only real gamers can phase jump through props like a pro :^)
  7. -hg- Clan Application Game Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name deer Location lake charles, louisiana How old are you? 15 Which games (servers) do you play on? all tf2 servers How long have you been playing on our servers? 2 years What is your Steam ID / GUID? 1:238218763 Why do you want to join HG? i was in hg a year ago and i got demoted due to a vac ban, my vac ban is 519 days old and today im allowed to rejoin, and glimtv is a good friend of mine All members are required to be on our TeamSpeak3 Server whenever playing on our servers. Will you agree with this rule? Yes Do you have any current VAC bans? No Who (if anyone) referred you to apply? Syn Any other information you want to include?
  8. ^ this is mine ^ this is what you said @Oskey. I said this weeks ago, and I said this with the understanding that this would be somewhat easier to code and less redundant to include.
  9. At least include the link to the actual guide at the top of the post and give credit to the person who first-made this guide @Univerous.
  10. Finally, a guide worth a read and is actually by a pro.
  11. Instead of a new weapon that inflicts damage to yourself, wouldn't it be more convenient for some melee weapons to have an alt attack that damages yourself? Like cutting yourself or damaging yourself with the wep.
  12. Human Team Step 1: Buy gun Step 2: Point weapon of choice at zombies head, unless you don't dps main like the pussy bitch you are Step 3: Shoot zombie head Zombie Team Step 1: Be normal zombie Step 2: Hit human Step 3: Buy eviscerator Step 4: Repeat step 2 unless you're a beta cunt that hits the barricade and actually helps the team win Thank you for reading Silent's guide to becoming a professional ZS players and #1 in ESEA
  13. U dont meed a bind for phase jumping XD UNI OMG. Just press z then crouch and jump at same time ez. Another thing is speed card is a must due to it making phase jumping super ez if it wasnt ez enough
  14. It fell out of popularity and couldn't maintain a stable population, so it has been turned off.
  15. that one is a bit confusing without screenshots and a REAL GAMER explanation, just trying to help peeps out who like photos.
  16. Worth menu items Weapons = None Tools = None Traits = Tough, Fit, Quick, Bandolier, Neuro Armour Returns = Anti-Materialistic By using the above loadout, you will have no weapons or any tools to begin the round with, but you will be a very tough character to kill with your total 135 HP, 50 Shield, and added speed bonus. Round: 1 Purchases = Ricochet Magnum, 10x Pistol ammo Total Cost = 90 Points Possible Profit By End: 50 Players or Below = total 95 points, 5 profit 70 Players or Above = total 120+ points, 30 profit Total Profit = 5/30 You will need to immediately find an arsenal crate after the round begins, buy the ricochet magnum and the ammo, then start farming some points. ( Remember to use the Resupply Box whenever possible to get extra 24 pistol ammo, so you won't have to buy any ammo even the round after that.) And you will need to pick the right time to reload, shoot, to get the maximum profit possible. [Quick tip, the ricochet magnum can easily 'penetrate' zombies, to make sure to stand in the correct position in order to hit multiple targets at once.] Round: 2 Round 1 Intermission Purchase = None Purchases = None Total Cost = None Possible Profit By End: 50 Players or Below = total 100 points, 100 profit 70 Players or Above = total 125+ points, 125 profit Total Profit = 105/155 Keep in mind that you will not be purchasing anything during this round, as it would only give you an extra gun and some negative profit. Use the ricochet magnum to shoot INTO the bosses, because the bullets would most likely bounce to the zombies around the boss, giving you some damage bonus. (KEEP THE MAGNUM IF YOU HAVE MORE AMMO TO SPARE) Round: 3 Round 2 Intermission Purchase = Multiple Purchases = Reaper' UMP, 2/10x SMG ammo box Total Cost = 216 Possible Profit By End: 50 Players or Below = total 200 points, -16 profit 70 Players or Above = total 275 points, 69 profit Total Profit = 89/194 You will definitely not make a lot of profit this round by spending a lot of the points on the UMP and the 2/10x SMG ammo boxes, but do keep in mind that you should NEVER EVER buy a third 10x SMG ammo box, because there is always that risk of zombies getting through the cade and killing you in the process, thus making you lose profit. (An important fact to keep in mind, do not spray it like a minigun, aim your gun careful in the chest area of the zombies.) (Also stay back, swamp legion is coming.) Round: 4 Round 3 Intermission Purchase = Possible Purchase Purchases = Possible 10x SMG ammo box Total Cost = 56 Possible Profit By End: 50 Players or Below = total 190 points, 134 profit 70 Players or Above = total 235 points, 179 profit Total Profit = 223/373 It is likely that you have some SMG ammo left over from the previous round, buy another 10x SMG ammo if not 2/10x SMG ammo, as long as you use up all of them in the end. (Sometimes you might run out of SMG ammo, SELL the Reaper' UMP and use the ricochet magnum and its leftover ammo if you still have them, if not, wait the last few seconds and get ready to snatch a good weapon.) Round: 5 Round 4 Intermission Purchase = A Lot Purchases = Photon' Laser Crossbow, 50 crossbow bolts. Total Cost = 400 Possible Profit By End: 50 Players or Below = total 350 points, -50 profit 70 Players or Above = total 550 points, 150 profit Total Profit = 173/523 HEY! Be careful! do not shoot the photo crossbow like you would an SMG, it is a weapon that penetrates multiple zombies at once, so make sure to line up your shot to get a lot of zombies with a single crossbow bolt. (My highest record with a single crossbow bolt is 7,251 with Double Damage.) Round: 6 Round 5 Intermission Purchase = Some Ammo Purchases = As many crossbow bolts as you need. Total Cost = 100-300 Possible Profit By End: 50 Players or Below = total 450 points, 350-150 profit 70 Players or Above = total 650 points, 500-350 profit Total Profit = Around 650 profit, Around 1100 Profit This loadout might take time to adjust to, but if you get everything right and the human team does not die before wave 6, you are going to make a hell lot of profit in just one game. If there aren't a lot of players on the server, you'll be making most of the profit during wave 6 so be sure to watch out for that. Round: 5/6 Alternative Round 5 Intermission Purchase = Some Purchases = Tau Cannon + 1000 Ammo Total Cost = 330 Possible Profit By End: 50-100 Players = total 800 points, 470 profit. Total Profit = Around 800 Profit If you decide to use this instead of the Photon, it also a very good choice, if you are a automatic rifle player, then this is for you. The Tau cannon does not need to reload which means you can hold down mouse1 for eternity. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That concludes Uni's pointwhore loadout #1, be sure to stick around for more in the future, I definitely have more to show ya. If you have any questions or concerns, leave them below. Also let me know how this worked out for ya! Credits to Pho for inspiring me to start using Photon. (Took me an hour of calculating, thinking, and typing, you better take something useful away from this.)
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