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  2. just hopping onto the forums so you guys dont think im a no show i love the hg community and hope i never leave i recently got set back due to a car accident and im still trying everything to get back on my feet, with that being said im now working extra hours and getting to where i need to be! support from some of the members is just absolutely amazing and i just wanna say thanks again for having me. see you on jb!!
  3. Today
  4. Congratz on CE! You will do great on the Social Media team!

    1. Lucas15


      Thanks man!

  5. ֆpaceGhøst


    Does anyone here play?? Im on Leviathan Server and my name is Ganymede Zero. Looking for more frandz
  6. I would have to Go with Mortal Kombat. Its what got me into Video Games
  7. They just released the Original Fire Emblem on it and i think its fantastic
  8. I came across HG many years ago, always been a fan of the Servers on CSS and the community in general.
  9. This is my boy Oscar, I love him so. hims good boy
  10. Ive worked for Petco 5 years now.. I'm also a "freelancer"
  11. woah congrats on CE, welcome to the team. 

    1. Lucas15


      Yo thanks dude!

  12. Thank you very much for the donation! We appreciate it and are looking forward to seeing you around our forums and servers!

    1. Elmo'sWorld


      only forums


  13. with valentine's day in nearly a month, I will be accepting early applications to be my valentine in the form of a typed, times new roman, 12 point font, double spaced, 500 word minimum paragraph, 700 is the maximum word count. please submit this via email with the google doc link and give me commenting privileges. the subject of the email should read: last name, first name valentine's day application. any late submissions: past February 13th. 11:59pm will not be counted.

  14. Yo my dude! Congrats on SM :D 

    1. .lsd


      Thank you, and congrats on CE :nod:

    2. Lucas15


      Thank you kindly, sir. :nod:

  15. Yo congrats on the thing!

  16. Yooo we're getting a Whataburger near me boys! Let's go :pepper:

  17. you still a nerd


  18. Added Uncle steve to GFX Added LSD to CSS Server manager
  19. Congrats Friend!

    1. uncle steve
    2. Lucas15


      Yo what did I miss? Why are he get congrats?

      EDIT: Wait nvm, I'm a little slow lmao

  20. Admiral MacK's Event Proposal Name of the Event: Trade 2 Pop Event Date & Time: February 13th, 2020 at 7pm cst Event Host(s): Admiral MacK (looking for co-host as well) Who can join? Anyone Event Division/Other: Team Fortress 2 Attendance Location: TeamSpeak3 Event Description We pop trade 2 for 3 hours. You are only required to be there for 1 hour total for attendance. Event Prizes: Raffle: 1 gold account 1 vip account 2x 15,000 HG Bux (premium credits) I will be giving out 20 secret saxtons throughout the event and random players will receive TF2 items from it. GFX Description: This is the article to the previous T2 pop event he had for an idea of how the graphics should be. I do not want to reuse the old graphics. https://hellsgamers.com/articles/hellsgamers-news/events/trade-2-population-event-r716/ From our old Trade 5 revival event as well: https://hellsgamers.com/calendar/event/1269-trade-5-revival/ Development Specifications: None Additional Details: I will not be managing this event.
  21. +1 he's face guy so he should be vet

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