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  1. Today
  2. repair main during dh
  3. Never underestimate poison zombies in early waves, both as a human and a zombie. With cading, watch how others do it first, don't just jump in and nail any old prop. If you're unsure, try to get someone else to cover over for cading. Also use smaller props during death hours. large prop cades tend to get demolished fast.
  4. I never saw a warning. I know staff disrespect is a thing but come on "MODS = GAY" really that doesnt seem fair for a perma mute
  5. Congratz on vet.

  6. Grats on vet

  7. "We do not feel"? Well, I guess they were planning on having the event happen anyways despite everything that's happened following George Floyd's death, so they "feel" that in order to not piss off and drive away more of their consumer base, they pull a PR move with this announcement. Wording matters. That message doesn't really show a hint of respect for what's happening right now.
  8. Congrats to the both of you.
  9. You were warned for it. If you havent looked at our rules please do. Will review again in a week. @windowsxd18
  10. Steam Account Name: SteamedHams SteamID: STEAM_0:1:421424086 Why you were punished in this way (If you remember): I said "THUG LIVES DONT MATTER, GOD BLESS TRUMP" and "MODS = GAY" Reason why you feel as you should be unperma-gagged/unperma-muted: I am usually throwing banter when I am here, I am a dude who likes to engage and call out shit I dont like. My family and my town have been over run by rioters and thugs these past few days and I said what I said, I am not ashamed of what I said, I love Trump I always make fun of mods, I'm known for doing it and I have never been warned about it. It wasnt meant to be harmful I just call them out when they make their discord t6 cades I am guessing McLovin was just having a bad day, as right after he perma muted me he left. I was not even warned. Keeping me perma muted is kinda cringe
  11. So what you are saying is the radius of the bomb explosion killed most of the bots.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Server still in tweek stage? I ran only to one bomb site, only bought DE-nades-flashes, picked up weapons. Most kills were bomb explosions.
  14. Why does it seem that CSS servers bring dumbass people to them? I mean the game has been around for 20yrs. I cant not understand the shear stupidity when playing on certain servers. A teammate calls the sector clear so lets flash them, teammate needs help lets flash them, no one around lets flash, trying to fight out of a situation; lets flash, trying to find the downed bomb;lets flash. On top of that situtation then you always have a follow up text of mic message, like, oops didn't mean to, bad flash, it bounced wrong, it hit etc etc etc, blah blah blah. Im not perfect by any means but SOB the lack of brain power makes me wonder how people even function in the world. Ok, rant over about stupid.
  15. Happy Bday Friend! Don't party too hard!


  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. EddieCam

    CS:S Civil War

    Join HG!
  18. Zmain Tips - 1 - Upgrade your normal zombie card, and your bloated card first, these are the 2 zombies you will be using the most 2 - Bloated Zombie is the gold standard for an all around great zombie. 3 - If no one is going med zombie, it might be a good idea to take one for the team. Med zombies earn a shit ton of BP, and everyone will be thankful 4 - Never go Nerf or Normal Butcher, there is rarely a time you should ever consider it. 5 - Shades are vital for winning against certain cades. If the zombies are having an extremely tough time getting to a cade, bite the bullet and click shade, the Z team will be thankful 6 - Shade is what you should go, Omega Shade is when there are tons of loose props, as omega has way less health. Frost is for smaller cades to hurt the humans when the shield pops, and Shadow is for healing any of the other shades 7 - Communicate with your team. Ask for med zombies, and someone will go med zombie, dont just wait and die. Call out any runners, or anyone with god mode, etc. If you are shade, call when you are pushing up to the cade so the zombies know when to rush. 8 - Dont use Zombine grenade unless on a doorcade or something similar, claws will do just fine, and allow you to focus one prop rather than all 9 - Always get Gold Scraps, Extended Claws, Blood Armour, Eviscerator, Ruin, and if possible Devour Hope. These will make you a killing machine. 10 - Upgrade your cards. Unlike weapon cards, Zombie cards are never changing, they usually only add new cards for new zombies, so it wont be a waste to upgrade your cards, as they have a very slim chance of going away, unlike weapon upgrades, which may get nerfed or buffed weekly.
  19. always use third-person to check around corners before going out of cades or use a flashbang and a grenade. use phase jumping instead of normal phasing to get in and out of cades quickly. make sure you're good at tau/wicked/boomstick jumping, this is a must-have skill that's both useful and fun. never buy guns in the worth menu only spend your worth on traits. a few must-haves are vamp, cannibal, steadied footing, quick, and surged have a loadout made for every situation - Barricader, medic, gunner, melee, melee berserker, boomstick, tau jumping etc when you're running around make sure you have a boomstick and a melee ( t4+ ) upgrade your jump, speed, and health cards. get good at cading don't be stupid and never take any unnecessary risks
  20. Put some great advices or tips for ZS here, everyone will need it.
  21. Its not snowing here you liar
  22. Congratulations (despite I have no idea who you two are...) but nonetheless good job on receiving that nice veteran role!
  23. Nice, I like the monthly updates! Keep them coming...
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