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  1. I know most will not see this little post, but hi. It's been a very long time hasn't it? I was just a small fry when I first joined HG and played on the servers. I've been just doing personal stuff while away. Not much else to do I guess. I was lucky enough to come in just in time for that player peak for JB (around 2020-2021 or so) and had such a good time. I quickly joined the community and loved it. Sad to see that there's not much activity anymore when it comes to JB. I don't play CS:GO as much as I used to, but I would definitely get on JB if enough people decide to start playing again. Been mostly spending my time playing TBOI and GGST (hence the new pfp lol). I hope that everyone has been doing well. I would love to catch up with all of y'all sometime. A lot of things can change in a couple years so it would be cool to see what's been going on and then hop on JB for a bit. dzy
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