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    Welcome back to the HGCE Newsletter! We'll be posting these every month so you can catch up on what you missed, and get exclusive looks at upcoming changes in HeLLsGamers! We started off 2021 with some changes all throughout the community. Let's take a look at what (or who, in some cases) is new for January 2021. Please welcome our newest community recruits: -hg- .nipz -hg- 1jenny -hg- bigb5wm -hg- bonkii -hg- BravoMan -hg- Cannibal Hunter -hg- Doughnut -hg- fatalpassage -hg- Frankster -hg- hello guys -hg- Icaema -hg- Jimothy -hg- limefrag -hg- LoveSosa -hg- Moose -hg- NoGoSnow -hg- ooyyeeaahh -hg- parallax -hg- Retro Nerd Gamer -hg- ru2t devin -hg- snaz -hg- SpaceGhost -hg- Suicide1 -hg- TheDarkViking -hg- TyGuy464646 -hg- XUnkempt Congratulations to our new [HG] Members from January: [HG] ArkAngelAngel [HG] caplep [HG] Face Guy [HG] G Loose [HG] Hobo [HG] K1lr0y [HG] Lucas15 [HG] Malice [HG] MaTt [HG] newasky [HG] optical [HG] RodanWillEatYourFamily [HG] SELERY [HG] Shpee [HG] spankzz [HG] Suburban Lastly, we'd like to congratulate these well-earned HG | Veteran promotions: HG | Excalibur HG | Flops HG | MikeTheDead HG | MrBubble HG | Sassy HG | Vesta CS:S Division News The Crackhouse and Iceworld Deathmatch servers have moved to our new Ryzen server box. The server IPs have also changed. You can find Crackhouse at and Iceworld at We hope to have more of our servers moved in the coming months. Keep an eye out for more IP changes! Congratulations to Blindy, LSD, and Lucas15 on becoming CS:S Moderators, and to LSD on his promotion to CS:S Server Manager! CS:GO Division News The biggest news from the J̶a̶i̶l̶b̶r̶e̶a̶k CS:GO division is the brand new Minigames server! You can find the map list and other info about the server in its subforum. Add the server to your favorites and join it at for a fun time! Look out for a TTT server coming your way soon! CS:GO leadership and HGDC have been hard at work getting everything prepared and set up. V6 of the Jailbreak map is on its way with some exciting changes! You can see some teaser previews here. Speaking of leadership, congratulations to Miles on becoming Division Leader, and IronClawZ and Panda Jankins on becoming Division Staff! GMod Division News Zombie Survival has always been a favorite in our GMod division. Jump on and try it yourself by connecting to zs.hellsgamers.com:27015! Congratulations to StaibraV on becoming a Trial Moderator for the Garry's Mod division! TF2 Division News The IP for Trade 2 has been added to our new Ryzen server box. Favorite the server and join it at! Congratulations to Alex Thunderhunter on his promotion to TF2 Server Manager! We'd like to welcome TyGuy464646 and xDMxJaklbit to the TF2 Moderators. Congratulations guys! Community Engagement News We'd like to congratulate our two new CELs! brgr. is over both Community Events and Social Media, while Alex Thunderhunter is handling Partnerships. A new role of Senior Staff was added recently. Please welcome EddieCam and JarJarBinks as the first Senior Staff for Community Events! HGCE added some new members to the team. .impulse, spankzz, and uncle steve joined the events team and Lucas15 and Sno joined Social Media! We have plenty of events planned for the future. Keep an eye on the calendar so you don't miss out! Events are very fun and you could earn some amazing prizes. A message from the Leaders and Directors of HGCE: We are looking for any members+ who are interested in CE teams! Check out HGCE's hierarchy page for more info. Development Community News January came with some new team leads in HGDC. Congrats to .impulse (GFX), Malice (Sourcemod Devs), Fortis (Server Managers), and JarJarBinks (Mapping) on the promotions! A handful of other members were added as well: Moose and uncle steve joined GFX Icaema joined Mapping Faze joined Sourcemod Development The mapping team is looking for new people, especially for making CS:S and TF2 maps. While they are looking for experienced mappers preferably, beginners are welcome to apply. For new mappers, JarJar has compiled a list of resources to get you started. You can find that list here. Are you interested in joining HGDC? Get started by submitting an application for the team you'd like to join! Gaming Divisions News One of the biggest changes in January was definitely our new Ryzen server box running on Anycast. Anycast is a network that will improve latency for players all around the world. Not all servers are moved over yet, but you can find the IPs of those that are in the divisional news above. Speaking of new things, EddieCam says we do have some new servers and gamemodes coming in the near future. Keep an eye out for those announcements soon! General Community News As a way to give back to our amazing members and staff, we often run giveaways and raffles for some snazzy prizes. They will always be posted in the Raffles/Giveaways forum. You never know what you could win! We announced at the end of December our new partnership with Humble Bundle! You can get great deals and support both charities and HeLLsGamers at the same time. We rely on donations to help keep the community afloat. Thank you to these donors from the month of January! Asian State Trooper Blindy Blueshift clearlynotjake DAPPERxDUCK EddieCam Elmo'sWorld Lucas15 scottcjohn Snowyamur spankzz Zia. We appreciate each and every donation to the community! If you'd like to help out, you can do so by going here: https://hellsgamers.com/donate/ Did you know HG doesn't just exist on the forums? Check out our platforms at the link below! https://hellsgamers.com/forums/topic/135157-hellsgamers-social-media-more/ Check out our HG Discord Servers: https://hellsgamers.com/discord/ We have more than just the few servers you currently play on! Check out our full list here: https://hellsgamers.com/servers/ Thank you for reading the January edition of our newsletter. We'll see you next month!
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    Just kidding, that would be weird. INSTEAD WE HAVE NEW MODS! CONGRATS TO: GLOBAL MODS [HG] ComputerChip [GM] HG | 7Z. [GM] HG | Eisen [GM] MINIGAMES MODS HG | James [M] HG | bubbles [M] [HG] sno [M] [HG] Matt [M] [HG] SupaNipplez [M] [HG] clearlynotjake [M] [HG] Scorch [M] JAILBREAK TRIAL MODS [HG] clearlynotjake [HG] Jasssono [HG] Hobo [HG] hamood [HG] Sno [HG] Sqnch [HG] Shadowguard -hg- Amish -hg- Jimothy -hg- Dabking -hg- Ashe
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    Hello everyone, Now that this has had sufficient time to cool off.... @Eric This abuse report seems like a knee-jerk and heat of the moment type of thing. I do not at all believe Sit abused here. I know you all are friends, but enjoy triggering and annoying eachother, just try not to take it too far, and I mean that on both sides. My suggestions: Mute TS if you want to watch movies in peace - it's literally for chatting and talking. Don't no-voice or no-chat people for talking here and there or sending a few messages - they are meant for people spamming and abusing. Try to get along with each other and be respectful of others' requests while in a channel together. We are all here to have fun, socialize, and play games. We like to hang out, watch moves, and joke around too, but let's all be respectful and kind to eachother, please. NOT ABUSE
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    Most of you may or may not know, but we’ve been working on bringing our PERP server back. At this point, we’re ready to open up the server to our lovely community members to test. The server will only be open for certain amounts of time/days and is for testing purposes only, the server will be wiped(excluding playtime) upon official launch. This thread will help us complete the final process of completing PERP. In this thread we’d like you guys to post any and all bugs/broken stuff you find while in the server. Please follow this format when posting, thank you! Date of incident: Issue that occurred: Screenshot/video(if possible): How to replicate this issue: Known issues: - Everything about VC mod is broken aswell - FIXED - Impound should be unknownable - FIXED - tickets cost $2000 a piece instead of 200 - third person view doesn't work in vehicles - FIXED
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    I was enjoying watching a movie with my buddies and sit was I guess upset we were talking about the movie that we were watching and instead of using the mute function that is available and readily used in the program he decides to publicly state that he client sided everyone so I type 3 messages in chat and he assigned me the no chat server group for no reason. He also gave the no chat punishment to Bert at the same time. This is clearly an abuse of his power because I did nothing to warrant the no chat restriction. He also did the same thing to Sassy and Jake earlier in the movie also. This is shameful to see that a member who advises council members on the most important decisions in HG blatantly abuse his powers that he was granted. This clearly shows a lack of judgement and sense of responsibility. I guess he did not watch any Spiderman movie and heard Uncle Ben's famous words, "with great power comes great responsibility." This is not a meme abuse report, I am actually mad about this abuse of power. https://gyazo.com/2da7e3d6f72419711e997e1f1409dade https://gyazo.com/0e4687c85cc5ae42a21dff717cf04476 https://gyazo.com/bd6c7038b4b69f8f525367618bf170f2 https://gyazo.com/0b14799b172e82edeb967a2f8036fcc4
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    HeLLsGamers Rust is launching tonight! After a month or so of work and testing, I'm happy to announce that our brand new Rust server will be launching tonight at 6PM EST. Thank you to everyone who helped test the server for the past couple of wipes, I hope we continue to have the same momentum going into the launch and can get this server popped. The server will be a 2x quads server wiping weekly with bi-weekly Blueprint wipes, also with plenty of quality of life additions to it. If you have any suggestions forward them to the Rust suggestions thread or on the main HG discord. The connect info will be below. Open the console and hit f1, copy "client.connect" I hope you all enjoy the server. Thank you all, let's get this thing popping. Also a huge thanks to @zoomy for helping me set up this.
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    Rust Specific Rules All HellsGamers rules apply https://hellsgamers.com/guidelines.html Teaming Rules: The maximum capacity for teams on the server is 4 and is mandatory at all times. This includes but is not limited to; monuments, raiding, trading, roaming, countering, or gathering. Using the in-game team function is recommended to help track your teammates. Base Authorizations: You cannot have more than four people authorized on anyone TC/Lock/Trap or assigned to bed/bags. Allied Base Distance Limits: Allied Bases must be two full squares away from any other bases of your teammates or other allies. Creating a raiding base within two blocks of an ally is allowed as long as you aren’t breaking the teaming rules with them as well as only using the base to actively store loot/raid a base. External items made to be placed outside (Refineries/External Walls/Windmills/Large Furnaces) are not considered a “base” so these are not considered on their own in the classification of a base. Hardware/Software Cheating: We do not tolerate any form of hardware or software cheating (Recoil Scripting, ESP hacks) on our servers. If we determine that team members are knowingly benefiting from someone who is cheating on our servers they will be banned along with the cheater at our discretion. F.A.Q. What is an Ally? An ally is considered any player who is not in your immediate base team who works with you to achieve common goals. These common goals include but are not limited to: Trading, farming, roaming together, raiding together, or any other form of mutual benefit. Allies are constantly changing so something such as a small meeting or trade exchange can be considered a temp. alliance while continuous efforts to achieve mutual goals are considered full-fledged alliances and from this point forward, the teaming rules for maximum capacity must be considered AT ALL TIMES. Someone who is neutral towards other players is not considered an ally. For more information about how Neutrality works on the HG server, read more under the Neutrality section. How is Neutrality defined on HG Rust Servers? Neutrality or neutral players on HG servers refers to players who have chosen to not engage one another, but are also not directly benefiting from one other. For example, if one player is raiding another and a player comes to counter raid. The counter raiding player(s) should actively engage both parties and should not at any time be working to benefit one party over the other. If the counter raiding player(s) leave the loot of the party with which they are “neutral” with, it could be considered a violation of the teaming rule. I think a player is cheating, what do I do? If you believe someone is cheating in game, you can type /report ingame and include their name and a reason. For example, /report Spawn aimbot. Once we receive the report, a moderator or admin will be on the lookout. I’ve been banned and I want to be unbanned, what do I do? If you have been banned and you wish to appeal, you can appeal by going to https://hellsgamers.com/hgbans.php
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    1 months ago we were #11 Clan so this is nice to see we are now #7 and making progress. My goal is to get back into Top 5. I just added the missing servers to our GameTracker
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    Well, Brady is for sure not retiring but I can tell you who is now officially out of retirement! Spawn is our newest Division Staff member for our Rust Division! Go and spam his profile! Spawn [S][DC]
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    There is NO WAY (ZERO!) that Mail-In -1's will be anything less than substantially fraudulent. Mail boxes will be robbed, ballots will be forged & even illegally printed out & fraudulently signed. The Governor of California is sending Mail-In -1 Ballots to millions of people.
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    abuse. https://streamable.com/kbwlzo https://gyazo.com/a57da04440aad55f575f2f7412fc9ef9
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    Rust Management Division Leader(s): N/A Staff: spawn ooga Moderators: Bert Sassy Malice Nxsty
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    got a number one victory royale yeah fortnite we bout to get down (get down) ten kills on the board right now just wiped out tomato town my friends just got down i’ve revived him now we’re heading south bound now we’re in the pleasant park streets look at the map go to the mark sheets chorus take me to your xbox to play fortnite today you can take me to moist mire but not loot lake i would really love to, chug with you we can be pro fortnite gamers verse 2 he said hey broski you got some heals and a shield pot i need healing and i am only at one hp hey dude sorry, i found nothing on the safari i checked the upstairs of that house but not the underneath yet there’s a chest that’s just down there the storm is coming fast and you need heals to prepare i’ve v-bucks that i’ll spend more than you can contend i’m a cool pro fortntie gamer cool pro fortntie ga- chorus take me to your xbox to play fortnite today you can take me to moist mire but not loot lake i really love to, chug with you we can be pro fortnite gamers bridge la la la la la ee a la la la la la ee a la la la la la ee a yeah you be my pro fortnite gamer pro fortnite gamer verse 3 can we get a win this weekend take me to loot lake let’s change the game mode and we can disco dominate we’ll top an atk take me to the zone i’m running kinda low on mats i need to break some stone dressed in all these fancy clothes he’s got renegade raider and he’s probably a pro he just shot my back i turn back and i attack i just got a victory royale a victory royale chorus take me to your xbox to play fortnite today you can take me to moist mire but not loot lake i really love to, chug with you we can be pro fortnite gamers
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    The latest from our Steam group: HellsGamers has just released a new division: Rust! Give a huge thanks to spawn and zoomy for setting this up. The server will be a 2x quads server. Wiping weekly Bi-weekly blueprint wipes Quality of life additions To join, do this: Open the console and hit f1, copy "client.connect" If you have any suggestions, forward them to the Rust suggestions thread or on the main HG Discord server. Forum post Rust suggestions Rust changelogs HG Discord server If you need any help or have questions, please contact our current division staff for Rust: spawn Enjoy & Have fun!
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    A little update for our PERP server + some info!
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    We hit over 165 players concurrent tonight on the Rust server, thank you to everyone who came out and joined! We're still popping at 110 players! rust.hellsgamers.com:28015
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    Moving to Dallas and popping the rust server.
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    Here you'll find the commands you have access to as a moderator. They are very limited in order to reduce abuse and to allow you all to continue playing the game like regular players. If any abuse is found to happen with any of these commands you will be removed immediately. /kick name reason /ban name/steamID/IP time reason /adminchat - toggle once you toggle it on you will be chatting in adminchat until you toggle it back off by typing the same command. /mute name time reason /spectate name (/spectate - to stop) Examples /ban spawn noob -- Will ban spawn permanently with the reason of noob /ban spawn 1m noob -- Will ban spawn for 1 minute, you can also interchage m with h for hours or d for days. /kick spawn noob -- Kicks spawn for reason noob. /mute spawn noob -- Mutes spawn indefinitely until you unmute them for the reason noob /mute spawn 1m noob -- Will mute spawn for 1 minute, you can also interchage m with h for hours or d for days. /spectate spawn - Will spectate spawn until you stop. (You will lose hunger/water/health while spectating so make sure you are full health before starting to spectate someone).
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    Imagine jb with player collisions turned on
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