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    I came down with Hodgins Non Lymphoma in Sept. 2019 and went through Chemo and Radiation treatments for 6 months and I lost 45 pounds. I had a Pet/CT scan 3 weeks ago and I am now Cancer free, but still have 3rd stage Kidney disease, Diabetes and going blind in my left eye, that's why I use a scoped gun. Other than that I feel great to being alive!
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    We all saw it coming. REGARDLESS, CONGRATS TO NEW TRIAL MODS FOR JAILBREAK! Eric Olo Lark ComputerChip slav 7Z. Nascarism ricericerice Kenji -Broken- Thicc Goth Dommy Mommy ScorchGamer123 Luntik Arrow Sassy KINDLY SEND THEM YOUR CONGRATULATIONS!
  3. 12 points
    HG Veterans, HG Members, and HG Recruits now have colored names on the Forums
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    You will notice a lot of space. This is because we focused on optimal cooling so that we can get the highest CPU speeds without thermal throttling. The 4 case fans on the front push cool air through the case and forces heat out the rear. The CPU cooler originally had only two fans in a push setup. Under stress testing it was found that thermal CPU voltage throttling was happening, so I added two more fans to the cpu cooler radiator for a push/pull setup and this solved the thermal throttling problem and success...we have managed to cool this beast of a CPU that is known to be difficult to keep cool. The CPU cooler static pressure fans push a lot of air through the radiator operating between 4,000 RPM - 6,900 RPM, depending on load. Under the highest stress tests we are able to sustain core boost frequencies without the CPU throttling down its CPU voltage. Its rock solid on all tests and there has been zero crashing or instability. Very happy with the build overall and glad everything worked out for our first HG owned server
  5. 11 points
    From discussing this with GMOD staff, @a white kleiner, gaming divisions, and internal directors: As stated, Duphin was warned 10/10 (10/11 in your time zone) in #admin-chat - a channel you are in and pretty active - for his launching, use of some binds, etc. I understand you may have missed this conversation, so I'll put that to the side. It isn't uncommon to gag/mute everyone when people are mic spamming - this is true on every server. Your screenshots lack any context, and are not enough to take action against (you likely know this, you've been around the block a few times) - this could have easily been addressed in the server by asking why he gagged everyone. The scaling of himself doesn't seem to have cause any issues in the server (although doing it too much can be annoying, I understand) - this could have easily been addressed in the server by telling him he's spamming commands, simply talking to him, or saying he's hurting the server play. Slapping players with 0 damage is usually viewed as not terrible abuse if it's not done too often, too much, etc - this could have easily been addressed in the server by the player, or other admins on at the time, if they felt he went too far. Calling a vote against another player and calling them a pedo I disagree with - harassing players and generally bullying them by creating a server vote to embarrass them isn't a good look, especially from a council member, and while I do understand ZS server is a unique set of players, I don't think this is in good taste. I am going to have a conversation with Duphin about his behavior and generally keeping his edginess down, even if he is playing in ZS. @Harle I know you have been in HG a very long time, and have been involved at many different levels. Of all people, I think you would know to talk in discord about concerns you have, or better yet, PM your DL ( @a white kleiner ) to bring your concerns to them. If this was done and not properly addressed, there are other people to address your issues with - but most of all, these are all just screenshots of discord, no in-game screenshots, no recordings to give situational context. Bringing this up in public, and posting is on the forums comes across as a personal grudge against Duphin, and feels to have been done in poor taste, especially knowing how much experience you've had in HG. In the future, I would deeply encourage you to record abuse if you see it, if you think any mod or staff went too far in their use of admin commands, speak with staff or DL, of even bring it up to a Director or Council. We are always willing to give our opinion on if it warrants an abuse report, or if it was done in the spirit of the game. You know well enough that we allow admins to have some fun with commands, if it is no affecting game play or giving a person or group a substantial advantage in the server. As mentioned, others in your same position had those concerns, and brought them to A White Kleiner, he promptly addressed them. If you have any questions on this, feel free to reach out to me. REVIEWED
  6. 8 points
    im gonna shit and cum at the same time
  7. 8 points
    Super excited to say that the Ryzen build is a huge success. Its now built and stress testing is complete. I will post pics soon before shipping it out!
  8. 6 points
    It's been a bit since there was a map update, even with the lava and ice maps. Well, it's been a while because v5 has a lot of changes. When its done ill release full patchnotes and such but for now I just have some preview screenshots...
  9. 6 points
    reply to this for a signature and state what you would me like to include in it
  10. 6 points
    Abuse Report Abuser Name HG | Duphin [C] Abuser's Steam ID/Unique ID STEAM_0:0:57904678 Where did this occur? GMod What server? HGZS How long ago did this take place? a few days Give us a brief description of the incident. unnecessary usage of commands Proof Links? this is only in a span of a few days, there are more in zs-admin discord https://gyazo.com/989b917769293becd1463251fa2cabca https://gyazo.com/b74a06fed79d30b70096ac147f7efd05 https://gyazo.com/898b9badee82fc79e232415394bd48d7 he's already been warned before for doing stupid shit like this https://gyazo.com/004a7352cc810db9f02e98b18a3b4169 https://gyazo.com/d6ab379186c9e9a606750473b58c1cd6
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    If you're sad, sometimes you just need a little bit of ass in your life. Just look up some pictures of some nice round ass. You don't need to whack your weed, just enjoy it for what it is. It is art. Get a giant painting of an ass on your wall so you are never sad. I could also recommend cleaning your room. Taking a shower. Cleaning yourself and taking care of yourself makes you happy. Trust me. It's the little things in life. A good smelling individual with a clean room and good relationship with others makes one truly happy. Along with some ass, of course. Like many other's, if you don't have another individual to supply you with ass, that's ok too. It's ok to be single.
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    Alright everyone, go ahead and add this to your Soundpad/SLAM and thank yours truly for making the song :‎} !giveplayer Lark [amount] Thanks to @Kenji for knifing Emma Thanks @AllmyhomieshateEmma for screaming at Kenji & thank you @ricericerice for the clip.
  17. 4 points
    Thank you for the donation @EddieCam
  18. 4 points
    Participation badges handed out to attendees from TF2 Fast Food Flag event.
  19. 3 points
    We're honored that you decided to join our forums, Mr. President. Let us know if you need anything. Congratulations on your big win!
  20. 3 points
    @uncle stevethanks for the epic new signature
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  22. 3 points
    since everyone else is making introduction posts, ig ill make one; Hello everyone my name is Lark or Lucas and i like cars. I play cs:go, among us, genshin, and some occasional valorant. I am one of those guys who came back from 2016 like a lot of other people, and happy that jb is back :‎) i also like to work with pictures and make them look cooler n shit bald people
  23. 3 points
    Hello everyone, I'm 7Z. I like to play JB, Valorant, among us, and almost all other types of games. HG has been my home for a long time, and I'm glad to be back. I'm currently in college trying my best to not fail any classes. go hawks
  24. 3 points
    Hello again, Some of you may know me, some of you may not. For those who don't, I'm SELERY, formerly known as Queen Selery. I've been gone for awhile, but it seems like I still have my recruit tags from 2019, so I'll just roll with that. Not too sure how long I'll stick around. Life is unpredictable for everyone right now, but I've reached a personal peak and finally have some free time. Some things you guys missed while I was gone; -Finally graduated from a laptop to a full blown pc -Got one of my dream cars -I'm now a dog person (pictures of my dogs Lily and Luna below) While we're all here together, I've been inspired to make another map. It looks like ttt has been dead for a while, but all this Among Us hype has given me some great new ideas. So for those who remember ttt, what parts do you miss the most? And what would you like to see in a new ttt map?
  25. 3 points
    https://imgur.com/a/oaw6WC8 yo wtf congrats @Miles!!!
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