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Latest News

Jun 19 2018 8:48 PM | DetectiveYellNow in HeLLsGamers News

Time to play for Bragging Rights!

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Jun 12 2018 1:50 PM | DetectiveYellNow in HeLLsGamers News

Brains, Brains, I won't Lie! I'll eat their brains 'till they're zombified!

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Jun 8 2018 5:47 PM | brgr. in Events

Come find out who's a traitor that wishes to stab you in the back in this Gmod TTT event!

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May 30 2018 11:07 PM | slav in Events

Come check this CRAZY event with some CRAZY graphics! It will be madness!

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Helping Hand

May 23 2018 11:30 PM | slav in Events

It's deathmatch... But with a twist!

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Silly CSGO GunGame Operation F.U.N

May 20 2018 1:29 PM | DetectiveYellNow in HeLLsGamers News

Opening a box of FUN

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Awp vs Awp

May 12 2018 11:29 AM | brgr. in Events

Come shoot everyone with an AWP in this action-packed CS:GO event!

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Ryze & B-Nye's RuneScape...

May 4 2018 11:35 AM | Hyperion in HeLLsGamers News

GFX Credit goes to: Ryze Hosts: HG | Ryze [D] & HG | B-Nye [D] When:Date: 6/10/2018 Time: 8PM EST, 7PM CST, 5PM PST Server: Runescape Please be in our Teamspeak 3 server 30 minutes before the event!How to play:RuneScape is an MMORPG and it...

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Challenge PUBG

May 3 2018 4:16 PM | DetectiveYellNow in HeLLsGamers News

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

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Hide and Seek

Apr 28 2018 6:26 PM | slav in Events

Will you be the last person to be found? Or are you going to be the first one out. Come find out!

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