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Latest News

Oct 12 2017 9:42 PM | kiyu in Events

Come play some deathrun!

Read More » Comments 14

Oct 10 2017 11:15 AM | Archer in HeLLsGamers News

Read up on changes within Gaming Divisions! New divisions and leadership positions! :devil:

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Oct 9 2017 8:35 PM | DetectiveYellNow in HeLLsGamers News

Fly Me To The Moon, Let Me Play Among The Stars. At Pyrrhic and Sits' Event!!!

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Oct 7 2017 8:10 PM | Harle in HeLLsGamers News

Come watch HeLLsGamers take part in Battle of Communities 2017!

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The Hostage Situation

Oct 7 2017 6:16 PM | Mr.Robot in Events

A gang of undesirables have kidnapped the mayor of Evocity, and have fled to Rockford!

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Crackhouse for Crackwhores!

Sep 26 2017 9:15 PM | Eric in HeLLsGamers News

Calling all crack addicts!

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World Of Tanks FFA Event

Sep 26 2017 2:30 PM | Menoch in HeLLsGamers News

Tanks, Prizes and More!

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TF2 Balloon Race

Sep 14 2017 7:40 PM | DetectiveYellNow in HeLLsGamers News

Come show us who the Captain of the High Sky Is.

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HG Leadership Council Results - 2...

Sep 12 2017 5:39 PM | Huejay in HeLLsGamers News

Come find out who's your new Upper Leadership! :]

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PERP Capture The Flag

Sep 11 2017 10:59 PM | Silly in Events

Come show your fellow players who the big dogs are in Rockford during this CTF event!

Read story →    7 comments    *****