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Executive Council members are primarily responsible for overseeing the general direction of HeLLsGamers. While they do not necessarily intervene in daily affairs, every member is responsible for making large decisions.

Senior Director

Senior Director is the most prestigious rank awarded in HG Leadership. It is awarded to Council’s Board members after their second term end based on their overall performance and successful mentorship of a successor. Their main duties are to guide their respective departments in the direction that is best suited for HeLLsGamers. Senior Directors may go inactive and join the Advisory Board, and return to their position as Senior Director at any time. Senior Directors have no term limit.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board members are responsible for advising the Executive Council and providing insight when needed. This is not an elected position, but is instead awarded by invitation under certain circumstances based on merit and veterans status under the discretion of the Executive Council.


Members of the Council's Board of Directors are responsible for managing their respective divisional leaders and team leaders as well as working with them on day to day operations and decisions. They are able to provide guidance where a leader is not able to act in full capacity. They work with leadership on looking into new divisions, teams, servers, or other improvements. They are also primarily responsible for overseeing the promotion of new leaders. Finally, they are able to mediate conflicts with divisions and teams.

Division Leader

The divisional leaders are responsible for managing the day to day operations of their division. This includes managing abuse reports (that are within their power), dealing with intradivisional issues, and collaborating with their divisional staff to push forward their division.

HGCE Leader

HGCE Leaders are in charge of their respective HGCE teams. They are responsible for managing the day to day operations of their teams as well as bringing forth new improvements and changes.

Division Staff

Division Staff are responsible for coordinating with other divisional leadership to manage members in their division. They review and handle ban reports, t-lists, and blacklists. Staff are trained as advisors and management and they are the first line of support all HeLLsGamers members should be going to.

HGCE Staff

HGCE Staff are responsible for the various tasks assigned to them by HGCE Leaders and in their specific team(s). Teams include Recruitment, Community Events, Community Outreach, Community Partnerships, Corporate Partnerships, and Marketing. HGCE also includes ambassadorship for other communities.


Retired Staff are the ones that have helped the community in a longer timespan in the past and have put a lot of effort into their respective areas. They have proven their devotion to the community as well as shown that they can be trusted even after their leadership days have ended.


Moderators are responsible for moderating HeLLsGamers' game servers and mediating issues between players. Duties range from enforcing rules to ensuring that the player environment on the server is enjoyable and friendly.


Veterans are members in HeLLsGamers who have proven their loyalty and have become well-respected individuals in the community. They have either been in the community for at least one-year and received a recommendation for their excellency or they have achieved a high leadership status.


Members of HeLLsGamers have shown they are dedicated to the community by doing well in their two months as a recruit. Members comprise the majority of the community and are the standard clan rank.


Recruits are the newest additions to the HeLLsGamers community. They must prove themselves by actively participating in the community and can eventually reach member level after two months.